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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. RipVanWinkle1989
    Ordered for my CA Andromeda! Hope I find that treble extension.
  2. Colors
    Probably some of the best tips out there along with Spiral Dots.
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  3. garcsa
    Dear Customers in Japan,
    Symbio Eartips and iBasso AMP9 audition!
    ・ Date: Saturday, June 29, 13:00 to 18:00
    ・ Place: Nakano Broadway 3F
    Fujiya Avic PART3 Store
    Inquiries: 0120-189-248
    (Reception: 10:30 - 20:00)
    ・Closest station : 5-minute walk from JR · Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Nakano Station


  4. k_j
    I went ahead and ordered a pair of Wn! (Order number: 2229)

    Was wondering how long does it usually take for the package to arrive to Sweden?
  5. garcsa
    PM sent!
  6. Choy Wei De
    Hi, currently I’ve made myself a few IEM and trying tip rolling as part of my turning. I have a couple of models the treble is slightly on the hot side. Would Symbio W able to cut the treble? I’m using a tweeter driver as one of my drivers.
  7. garcsa
    Will not. Try some foam tips or narrow bore tips. Cheers!
  8. Feedbacker
    Just popping in here to thank @garcsa - my small Symbio Ws are superb on Noble Kaiser Encore and Savant. Really good fit and sound. Fantastic customer service too!
    garcsa likes this.
  9. k_j
    I finally received my pair of Symbio Wn ear tips, thanks to @garcsa 's excellent service!

    I compared the Symbio Wn ear tips against a pair of Comply Foam Ts-400 ear tips, SpintFit ear tips, and KZ ear tips (star shaped ones).

    The Symbio's retained the sound of SpinFits & KZ ear tips while maintaining the noise isolation & comfort of Comply's. The foam is also more study & durable than Comply's.

    Symbio Wn's are indeed amazing and would highly recommend getting them!
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  10. nekromantik
    which ones would fit the campfire audio polaris 2?
  11. garcsa
    nekromantik likes this.
  12. nekromantik
  13. SilverEars

    Are you still shipping from Hungary? No online retailers for the US?
  14. garcsa
    Yep, EU HU.
    We are looking for US/North American retailers!
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  15. nekromantik
    just placed order for the Ws SSM.
    I hope its right size. normally use size M for spinfits but people saying these should be 1 size smaller.
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