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9/13/14 Lawrence, Kansas Headfi meeting Impression.

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  1. LimeANite
    Great meet-up!  Lots of cool setups and great headphones.  I think I was most impressed by the HE-4s and the Ghettofabulous MS-1s.  The HE-4s because they're something that you don't hear much about, especially given the hype around most of the other HiFiMan phones (which, at least in my limited listening today, the HE-4s bested), and the MS-1s because Thujone managed to make me like a Grado, which is something I never thought I'd say.  Also, Bill, I only just now realized why we couldn't get the Magnavox amp working out of my Mini.  We were plugged into the right jacks, but I was changing the inputs, not the outputs...doh [​IMG].  If we'd just plugged it in and gone, it would have worked perfectly.
    Would be nice to have everything in one room the next time though - I didn't get to hear as much as I would have liked because I didn't want to leave my stuff alone in the other room for too long.
  2. mrscotchguy
    Today was a blast. Short and sweet doesn't begin to describe our time, but it goes without saying how much fun it was!

    Thank you for everyone who took part setting the event up. Totally worth the drive out.

    I will post some impression soon. I really appreciated the Stats and the Ghetto'd Grados (super smooth).

    Btw, I hate you all for making me want to buy a bunch of new gear! :cool:

    Thanks again
  3. madwolfa
    I've missed the Yamaha. :frowning2:
    Any impressions?
  4. gmahler2u
    That goes without saying!  Sorry for our wallet.  I need to save up for Abyss...LOL if I can save up, I need to feed 4 children and wilfe....LOL  dreaming dreaming!!
    Anyways,, it was pleasure to meet you Devin.
  5. Thujone
    I had a great time meeting all the folks that came down, I'm glad we had a great turn out! We definitely had more gear than we had time for but I got to listen to some gems that have been always in the back of my mind.
    LCD2/3 - These were no disappointment to say the least. The new fazor LCD2's were wonderful: lush, smooth, intimate and polite. The LCD3's shared a lot of the same qualities while having a bit more treble on the top end for extra crisp snares and high-hats. In the end though, I think the LCD2's may have fit my preferences more, though they don't compare to the aggression and space of the HE-4 which is what I long for.
    TH900 - The Fostex line has always intrigued me. The T50RP is nothing to overlook but the TH900 was phenomenal in so many ways: craftsmanship, comfort, and most of all, sound. These had more presence/body than my old D2000's but they shared very similar sound sigs. The TH900 was one of my favorites at the meet because nothing can compete in its dark yet refined ballpark... it handles the bass quantity with perfect quality, and I didn't find the mids to suffer as a result.
    HE-400i - I was most excited to listen to these since they were in and out of my online shopping cart several times last week [​IMG]. At first listen, I focused on the characteristics of the HE-4 that I find bothersome and I immediately concluded that the HE-400i did it better (especially the treble). After talking with Scotchy some more, I started listening to some other tracks and listening to them as a whole. The upper mid energy of the HE-4, especially in regards to electric guitars, is not shared with the HE-400i. As a result, they are also not as open/spacious sounding. I won't say the HE-400i is a compromise of several other HFM offerings but I can see where most of its influence comes from the HE-400 and HE-500. This is still a great headphone for the price, no doubt, but I don't know if it would get more head time over the HE-4.
    HD800 - This was the second most anticipated headphone for me and it didn't disappoint. I was excited to find that Maxlva and I shared a lot of music interests, allowing me to dive straight into the HD800's. The amount of space and finesse was something that was not shared by any other headphone. While they are nowhere near as warm as even the HD600, these do not lack bass in the way I was imagining. Most importantly for me, even Maxvla's unmodded pair did not seem to fatigue me at all in terms of treble. Headphones like the HE-4, TH900, and D2000 all have a pretty relentless 8-10kHz treble region that I find quite fatiguing but I didn't experience this at all with the HD800. As I drove home last night I found myself considering the HD800's more than any other cans for my next purchase... wallet = [​IMG]
    MA900 - Also a headphone that has intrigued me over the last year. These are great! Holy cow! I can see why Maxlva's got these side-by-side with the HD800's; they are two great headphones that excel in similar areas (space and staging) but perform very differently (sound sigs). The MA900 was possibly warmer than an HD600 and very punchy. I was thoroughly impressed with how they performed while having the open back, can't say I understand it. I guess it's those 70mm drivers?
    Aaaaanyway, those were the cans that stood out the most to me. I wish I'll have more time in the future to simply try different equipment instead of just headphones but, heck, I had a great time. I hope Scotchy and I could convince a few of you to grab a pair of HE-4's ([​IMG]), they still remain my planar of choice.
    For those of you who got a chance to listen to the Ghettofabulous-Grado's, here is the thread that I followed: http://www.head-fi.org/t/323271/alessandro-ms1000-and-ms-ultimate-diy-modding-56k-warning. The hardest part is getting the distancers, everything else is quite easy. You can also buy some GS1000 knock-off pads for less than half the price of the normal set, search for them on Amazon (mine had the real GS1000 pads but I have a pair of both). Here is a post describing the mods done to my personal pair, along with some measurements.
  6. satwilson
    For me the biggest surprise at the meet. 70s vintage, modded by Bill. Looked over the hill, old "sorry Bill, sounds like a description of me, LOL), BUT they sounded great. Classic ortho sound. 
  7. satwilson
    Thanks to all that attended! Kudos to James for making it happen. Really a watershed event for me, I live in my own little modded T50/Lyr world and all the gear everyone brought expanded my horizons. Still trying to process it all, need to take notes next time. Now I can make a realistic choice regarding new gear. My initial thoughts regarding faves: Amps, Chris's GS-X-mk2, wow, beautiful, state of the art SS, PS as big as the amp! Sounded great with his HD800's. Peters Woo WA6-SE, sounded great with all the cans I plugged into it. Still love my Lyr, and starting to realize I prefer tubes over SS, for sure. Cans, HD600s, DT990's, at that price point, HE-4s, HD800s farther up in price. Thanks to madwolfa, and others for all the great pics. Thanks to ZMF, OPPO, Nordost, etc for the support and gear. More details to follow, satwilson (Steve)
  8. gmahler2u
    In short time we spend, to my ears TH900, and LCD3 were the most memorable cans.  Of course, I still love my HD800.  TH900, it was close can, that made me more interested, because I was looking for closed can.  If I were buy next headphone, TH900 would be choice.  LCD3, yes, this can exceed my expectation, so I want it bad.  With this in mind, another upgrade for the amp and dac.  It would be 3 or 4 year down on the road.  For planar magnetic headphone, I would get this one, if i had couple more thosand dollar I get Abyss...LOL (dreaming!!!) 
    Anyways, thank you anyone!!  miss y'all already..
  9. LimeANite
    HE-4s are surprisingly inexpensive given their performance level.  Not easy to find anymore since they've been discontinued, but the listings I could find for them ranged from $350-$450.  They've tentatively moved to the top of my upgrade list, though I think I'll need a better amp.
  10. mrscotchguy

    Hifiman hasn't discontinued them yet, so feel free to join the HE-4 club and buy em direct!
  11. Thujone
    Also, while they do require more power than the rest of the HFM lineup (except the HE-6), you'd be surprised. I've had good luck powering them with quite a few "low power" amps.
  12. gmahler2u
    I forgot to listen to your Grado...
  13. gmahler2u
    Surprisingly, Good!!  I was stuned by the headphone!!
  14. madwolfa
    Well, it looks like I've missed the highlight of the show. Downside of having a meet split in 2 rooms. :)
  15. gmahler2u
    next time, I'll get bigger room or get somewhere has bigger room [​IMG]
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