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9/13/14 Lawrence, Kansas Headfi meeting Impression.

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  1. satwilson
    I am a personal friend of GMahler, James, and he is a passionate, serious audiophile. I can tell everyone here he expressed to me his desire to spend more time with his family, and for now withdraw from HeadFi. We have to respect his decision for now, hope this helps to understand the situation. I really enjoyed our first meet, it was a huge learning experience for me. I hope we can continue our dialog here and will offer my support and time for another meetup in the future. Lawrence is a central location for many of us and a larger single room is available at the library. 
              satwilson, Steve.
  2. 2K9R56S
    Good to know.  Glad is wasn't anything serious.
  3. aertoria
    Wish you guys consider Kansas City next time.
  4. billinkansas Contributor
    You organize and host - we'll be there.
  5. billinkansas Contributor
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