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.Spent 25 years working in the Natural Foods industry, currently drive a city transit bus.

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100+ Head-Fier, Male

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Jun 24, 2017
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    .Spent 25 years working in the Natural Foods industry, currently drive a city transit bus.
    music, playing guitar, audio, fast cars, lifelong natural food/medicine devotee.
    Natural foods and medicine, camping, hiking, climbing, collecting wild mushrooms.
    Headphone Inventory:
    . Koss ESP 950 with upgraded power supply,(sold). Fostex T50RP self modded BMF variant, ZMF T50RP's with jack and cable upgrade
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio GD NFB12, variable filters, set at 96/24 soft knee minimum. Chinese SR-71A clone sold as Blaze S-1. Schiit Lyr, tubes listed below.
    Source Inventory:
    mainly Dell W7 lap, Winamp, upsample lap to 96/24 in windows,Bifrost Uber wGen2 USB, Flac rips w/EAC and a few HD Tracks 96/24 downloads. Portable rig Sony Xperia TL>USB out>HifiMeDiy asynch Sabre DAC with Teralink USB isolator, Blaze amp
    Cable Inventory:
    Wireworld USB, Tara labs, Mogami DIYs with Neutriks, DIY silver plated OFC mil spec wire with Switchcraft connects.
    Power-Related Components:
    DIY balanced, isolation AC transformer.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home audio, Sony ES SACD, dbx DriveRack DSP, B&K preamp, Anthem MCA 20 power amp, Boston VRM80/50, Carver PM-900 driving 2-12" Fi Audio subs. Car audio, Boston and Alumapro component speakers and sub, Memphis and JL Audio amps. Sony TL >Sabre DAC for source
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Tubes for Lyr: been through 18 pairs in the last year. My current faves:
    "1" 1960, 7308, NY A mperex, D-Getter
    "2" 1962 Dario Miniwatts E188CCs large "O" GETTER
    "3" 1974/75 Reflektor SWGP 6N23Ps
    "4" 1966 Telefunken E88CC's, Upscale Platinum
    See post #4355 in the new Lyr tube rollers thread for detailed descriptions of my tubes.
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz, rock, classical, acoustic or electric
    Longtime audiofool. I was building Dynakit amps and Karlson horn enclosures in the 60's.
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