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9/13/14 Lawrence, Kansas Headfi meeting Impression.

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  1. gmahler2u
    Peter, I miss the meeting already...LOL
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    I see, thank you.
  3. gmahler2u
    Man, Time flys...already it's been a week since our meeting...miss the gangs and gears....
  4. Thujone
    I ended up buying a pair of HD800's because of you guys. The wallet is on life support.
  5. madwolfa

    Ler me know how do you like the ones from newest production batch. How does it compare to LCD? Any harsh treble?
  6. mrscotchguy

    Good lord welcome to the club... how'd it sound on your ember?
  7. Thujone
    Ember has nothing on the Valhalla for these puppies. The Valhalla has an incredible amount of resolution with these 300 ohm Senns. I'd love to give it a try on some 250/600 ohm beyers at some point. I'm going to do some HD800 listening on the Crack + Speedball today but I tend to lean towards the Valhalla in that matchup (at least with my HD580's). Speedball is more technical, maybe more dynamic, but the Valhalla has better resolution and space, albeit being a bit creamier sounding.
    Compared to the LCD's, these definitely don't have the luscious bass of the Audezes but the treble is incredibly detailed. I tend to have treble issues in the sibilance area (8-10kHz) but these don't fatigue me at all in that region but they do fatigue me a little lower down, maybe around 6kHz. I can listen for quite a while though, just at low volume. I got some modding materials coming in and I plan to do the Anax 2.0 mod to lower the treble shelf a bit.
    EDIT: I don't know much about the new production vs. old production.
  8. gmahler2u
    Good job Thujone.  This will last rest your life...very very good headphone, I had this headphone for 2-3 years, It was good when I got it.  It's getting better and better.  Also, with your Valhala, very good combo.  Enjoy.
    Ps.  Also, you might also upgrading the headphone cables (aftermarket cables like DHC cables, cardas and so on).  That'll also help improve the sound of your music.
    Thujone likes this.
  9. gmahler2u
    I was looking into Stax 009 and blue Hawaii amp (not buying).  Also, looking Cavalli Liquid Gold with Abyss/LCD3...tooo much money..
  10. gmahler2u
    If I didn't get Roxanne, I would get LCD3 or th900 but I alrady got Roxanne.  Good pair of iem though, no regrat.
  11. gmahler2u
    Mrscotchguy...did you get any new gears? or planning to get one?
  12. mrscotchguy
    At this point, I'm trying to fit a silver Oppo in my budget. I'd like to get some good cables as well. I might be putting up a forsale listing to get rid of some old gear.

    As for cans. I think I might pick up a dt770 (maybe the 600ohm if I can find one) for work. Beyond that... I've got my end game until I can afford some used staxs.

    .... but I did promise the girlfriend, the HA-1 would be my last HeadFi purchase of the year :eek:
  13. mrscotchguy
    ... then again, I'm curious about the mp4nation.com 3D printed cups for my NVX (brainwavz/fischer clones), Alcantara pads for my HE-4, and tubes and opamps for my EF-5.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :evil:
  14. gmahler2u
    WOW...good luck Mr.  
    Oppo rep finally contact me, he told me that he will help us next meeting.
  15. mrscotchguy

    The old productions (like my SN:4,000 series) are suppose to be a touch brighter and more tizzy. Supposedly once you hit around SN:25,000 or so the quality got even better. It's hard to say if there's an actual difference or if it has to do with ware and tear, clamping force, etc... Too much subjectivity and placebo in this hobby. (I know, ironic coming from the freshly converted cable believer...)

    As for the bass of the HD800, it may not be as massive as our HE-4, but it sure hits as low and has that tactile punch when driven appropriately. I have yet to hear anything that open still have that quality of bass...
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