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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Mechans1
    My understanding is that the ECC 32 draws more amperage than a 6SN7, I don't recall what the ECC33 draws.  I am fortunate to have very good examples of both.  The 32s have more gain which sort cheats,  you might conclude it has a bigger slamming tube, but actually hasn't made me think so.  The ECC 32  does have a certain "gravitas"  not seen in the straight bottle tubes.  The ECC33  sound is more like a regular 6SN7, with an emphasis on clarity, midrange energy and detail retrieval.
    I have only 4 pairs of the Tung Sol GT round plate.  Which BTW are always in black glass so if you have a true  TS RP you don't need to add BG, people please.
    2 of the pairs were bottom feeder tubes I bought a decade or more ago, only one other pair proved to be a really good sounding tube.  I have bought a pair of very original TS gts from military stock which are stupendous.
    I am holding back my thoughts on these RPs because I Iwant to see what others say first,
  2. Frihed89
    This thread has gotten pretty far afield from 6SN7 tubes.
  3. leftside
    There are many amps though where the ECC3x tubes can be used as direct replacements for a 6SN7. I really like some 6SN7 tubes, but I just happen to slightly prefer the ECC3x range of tubes in my amp.
  4. jhljhl

    I agree the TS BGRP are very nice tubes. There is clarity/transparency with a touch of warnth and good frequency extension top to bottom. Same with the 6f8g version.  If you can try the ts bgrp 6sl7/6su7 they are very smooth sounding tubes good but not quite as transparent as their 6sn7.
  5. Mechans1
    Nonetheless  you might want to try a search in the Tubes Asylum of Audio Asylum.
  6. Jozurr
    From what I understand, the ECC31 is exactly similar sounding to the ECC32 which just has separate cathodes, which are not tied together like they are on the ECC31. 
    Not entirely sure what the differences between the ECC32/33/34/35 are.
  7. gibosi
  8. Jozurr
  9. leftside
    I started a 31/32/33/34/35 thread here:
  10. Scutey
    Hi guys, I was wondering if you might be able to help.
    I was thinking of trying some 6sn7 tubes in my LD MKIII via an 6sn7 to 6cg7 adapter, I have read some of the reviews and comments on Head-Fi of the best sounding tubes to go for but they all seem to be quite pricey, ie north of £30/$40 each, I have noticed however you can pic up russian versions on ebay for well under £15/$20 each, are these worth trying?. I'm after something fairly warm, detailed and with decent bass, any advice, recomendations would be very appreciated!.
  11. Jozurr
    Anyone knows how the Marconiphone B36 (12V) compare to the likes of BGRP, KenRad VT231 and ECC32?
  12. gibosi
    In my opinion, compared to the other drivers you list, the GEC/MOV B36 is a bit thinner in the upper bass and midrange with very airy highs. It is a unique sound with a lot of appeal to detail freaks. However, I find it to be very system-dependent. For example, to my ears, the B36 really shines with 5998 power tubes and a Cossor 53KU. On the other hand, again in my experience, running the B36 in a system with either, or both, the GEC/MOV 6AS7 and/or GEC/MOV U52 is just too thin and too airy. Too much "GEC Goodness" so to speak. lol. But of course, my ears and my gear. YMMV. :)
  13. TDL-speakers
    My 1943- RCA 6SN7-GT.
  14. Mechans1
    Yes the aforementioned grey glass RCAs if you can get them at that price, are often described as lush, whatever that sounds like. More commonly at that price Sylvania GTBs, green lettering if possible which I find sound full rich and mellow. Trailing but really not as bad as one might think for their price Re GE GTBs, you might wan t to give them a shot.
    I don't know anything about GEC B36s and have but a few examples of their rarified 6SN7 cousins.
  15. Scutey
    Hi, Thanks for the advice!, I missed out on a NOS pair of RCA grey glass a couple of weeks ago, think they only went for about £20/$25, 6SN7s aren't as plentiful in the UK as the USA and although a lot of sellers will post to the UK postage can be expensive plus customs, I did, however manage to win an auction a couple days ago on NOS matched pair of Philips JAN6SN7WGTA, should get them in a day or so, and I will keep my eyes open for the RCAs and the GEs.
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