1. timb5881

    Best Tube bargains still around today

    Ok so there hundreds of different tubes out there. Some sound great others, not so much. Mullard and Telefunken are getting rare and pricey. What signal, power and rectifier tubes can you say are good with a good price? Some new tubes such as Gold Lion are said to be very good, as are the...
  2. me2621a

    What NOS 6SL7 should I be buying

    Hey Guys, I currently have two GE Red Base 5691's which sound great (I have been told the 5692's are kinda lousy). I have a Tung Sol 6SU7 on its way (not black glass). I am thinking about also trying out the Sylvania 6SL7 tube which I have been told are really good. I can choose for a...
  3. FourStarDaydream

    Indeed & Bravo Amp: Tube Roller's Scorecard

    Hello, Im a total newbie, but have done my research on this site, as well as other places. Long story short, I got into this hobby a few weeks ago with a pair of AD-700's. I also have an Indeed Amp from Ebay on the way, with a Electro-Harmonex 6922 tube. And from what I have been reading...
  4. satshanti

    Vintage Philips N6330: sextett look-alike made in Austria by AKG

    I have the habit of browsing the headphones section of eBay here in Germany for those cans I might like but don’t own yet, and some months ago I stumbled upon these old Philips phones that gave me an immediate sense of déjà-vu: Attachment 9141 See what I mean? So, I made my bid, managed to...
  5. 7C8B

    Suggestions for EL-84

    Hello! I need some suggestions for EL-84s.Currently running Sylvania black plates.What would you guys suggest?Thanks!
  6. tagosaku

    Sylvanis GT Chrome Top tall bottle question

      Just got this one. (   Is this the only type of Syl GT Chrome Top tall bottle ? Or is there other versions? The internal is identical with Syl Metal Base I have but lacks a copper rod...
  7. cruizin caleb

    Philips 408A tube the same as Sylvania 408A?

    I was considering buying these 408A Phillips tubes for my Little Dot I+ - the seller claims its the 'same as Sylvania'   Can anyone confirm or deny this?   What is the difference in sound generally between the EF92 and the 408A tubes? EF95? What are the generally the prefered brands?  ...
  8. Double F

    Ordered Leben cs300xs (Arrived with photos)

    I ordered a Leben CS-300xs from Pricejapan.  The site claims the limited edition version with the Sovtek EL84 has been discontinued.  Does anyone know what tubes it ships with now?  Did it go back to the Mullards or should I just be surprised
  9. rosgr63

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

    I wonder if there are Head-Fiers who consider the 6SN7 as a great tube, if they collect them and which version and make is the best.     Please note I created this thread out of respect to adhoc's threads which are my ALL time favourites, I have learned so much reading them. I thought...