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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Mechans1
    You might see/hear the JAN WGTA as fast and clean The tube you may find that best meets your criteria is the Sylvania GTB , I would not ignore these.
    The RCAs really need to be the grey glass not graphite nor the billions of clear glass examples. There is a special 5692 red base you might like but they are usally royally expensive.
  2. JohnBal
    My favorite reasonably priced tube is the CBS 6SN7:
    With the bottom getter. There are rebranded GE with the side getter flashing, but they are not nearly as nice. 
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  3. Scutey
    Thanks for the advice mechans, I rather like both fast and clean, with some warm drivers, Mullard, EI 6HM5, and the more warm smooth sound, I've heard good reviews on the Sylvania GTB so that might be another contender. Cheers!. 
  4. Jozurr
    I always thought these were inferior to the pre-CBS Hytron Tubes (Hytron Long Bottle), which are reasonably priced as well.
  5. JohnBal
    These CBS have the same tall bottle as the Hytron. I don't have any with only the Hytron label, but I have some labeled CBS/Hytron, and they sound similar to my CBS. I'm not sure if they sound exactly like the Hytron or not at all. But the short bottle GE rebrand with the side getter are nothing like either CBS/Hytron. I suppose it's because they are really GE.
  6. Scutey
    Also have some PSVANE UK-6SN7s on the way, really looking forward to giving them a good go!.
  7. gibosi
    While some assert that the small bottle CBS/Hytron with side getters are GE rebrands, I doubt it. If this was true, then the CBS/Hytrons would have GE-style large grey flat-plates with ‘ladder’ ridges. But in fact, these later CBS/Hytron have Sylvania-style shiny angled black T-plates
    True, both the GE and later CBS/Hytron have similar sandblasted tube-numbers and dating-dots in the glass. However, on close examination, there are some differences in the way these markings were applied. And thus one could speculate that CBS had merely copied the GE practice of marking their tubes in this way.
    And it is certainly possible CBS contracted with GE to manufacture their tubes using Sylvania-style plates, but this begs the question, "Why?"
    So while these later CBS certainly sound different than the older CBS/Hytron with Sylvania-style "Bad Boy" plates, I doubt that GE made them.
  8. ericr

    FWIW, I have a 1950-52 (pre CBS) Hytron that looks like what @Johnbal posted
  9. JohnBal
    I certainly can't argue with any of that. But they question of "Why" is the kicker for me. If CBS were to change the manufacture process of their 6SN7, why would they manufacture a near clone of the GE tube, right down to the dots on the glass? I understand what you're saying, but I cannot be convinced that these are not made by GE and rebranded for CBS. We will probably never know the actual correct answer. But regardless who manufactured them, I think we cannot argue, that they are in no way the same as the clear glass tall bottle referenced above.
  10. Scutey
    Santa sent me a rather nice pressie.... a matched pair of PSVANE UK-6SN7s. looking forward to trying em out!. 20161225_162101.jpg
  11. Mechans1
    In reference to the Hytron variatIons. My experience is that the Hytron Hytron original and the CBS Hytron are about the same in sound. These are the tubes with the high mounted plates, (sorry no pic to insert). You can find examples all over.
    Indeed the CBS tubes dreived from there regardless of whichever narrative you choose sound different. I would cautio reading too much into apparent plate structure. They are good at identifying tube varieties but don't always predict sound quality.
    What surprises me no end is that the Hytron is IME the fastest of all 6SN7S also clean as the proverbial whistle. Not sure why warmth seekers would want them, they synergize wel with sluggish systems.
    BTW just to show off a bit I think I own almost all of the Hytron and the CBS Hytrons and CBS. I don't have my collection near me right now. I am convolescing .
  12. Jozurr

    Hytrons sound very solid state like in a good way. I like how fast the transients are on them.
  13. r one
    Hi all
    a new 6sn7 ?
    i've never heard nothing about this reference !
  14. leftside
    More expensive version:
  15. r one
    Ah ok ! It's the same tube but with not grey coated glass.
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