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Schiit Yggdrasil + Glenn 45 DHT + MrSpeakers Ether =

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Tyrell, I would love to see a pic also 

How are you liking the Ether....it is the next can on my list...I bought a semi - vintage RS1 and was planning to use some of that cash on the Ether.
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I'm finding myself listening with my planars more regularly as compared to my Beyers with the OTL...somehow the 5998 setting is really putting out some magic. Perhaps time to get some 5998 tubes.
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I am never going to figure out which variant of amp I'll want....
Each one brings something new to the table.
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Ermmm...what is the waiting period for this amp? :wink:

I say almost one year. If this baby monster reached me this month -that would be 11 months since asking Glenn to build it for me. :blush:
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A pair of we421a on eBay is $600, about half of a good set of 300B, wonder how that compare to 300B. The thing I like about 300B is that there are great in production tubes available.
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Ok that's too long for me lol

As they say Patience is a virtue and Good things come to those who wait.

Oh man, I can't wait to receive this thing. I will call her Darna!

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