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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. mordy
    The most likely manufacturer is Sylvania.
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  2. DecentLevi
    How ironic! Another (upcoming) Glenn amp owner also in Seattle (correct me if I'm wrong). I would be interested to see how the sound of your GOTL compares to my upcoming GOTC (custom transformer-coupled SET OTL) amp. Curious when is the general timeframe for your amp?

    I was told around Christmas time for my amp. @2359glenn that would be cool to know how the general timeframe is lookin'? (Feel free to reply by PM instead). Sooner is better but take care of yourself first.
  3. DecentLevi
    Count me in for the USB cable tour, if possible. I'm not (yet) a believer in USB cable differences, but that must have been what I said about RCA cables a long time back, LOL. Are those also made / distributed by Lampizator?

    Also a burning question I've had about the Amber 3. Which DAC chip does it use, and are there multiples in parallel? And how would one characterize the sound vs. An R2R DAC? Because that has been my ideal preference for an analogue lifelike sound - but it still needs to do rhythm / PRaT well. A little off-topic so feel free to quote me on the appropriate thread for it.
  4. Monsterzero
    No. Theyre made by Final Touch Audio, though many Lampi owners use it,and I can hear why.

    I got the text tonight unfortunately,and Fred needs his cable back,so I pulled it and re-inserted my other USB cables. Everything sounds congested in comparison. Theres so much more separation and space in between the instruments with the Callisto.

    To clarify my previous comments about the midbass being less pronounced...Its not the Callisto. The midbass is still not as powerful as prior with my old USB cables in place,so now my focus is on my new RCA cables. Fortunately for me I received a box of cables to check out from Atelier 1 down in Nashville. Three different RCAs,a power cable that costs a kidney,and a new gizmo that is intended to replace power conditioners(also comes with a kidney price tag).
    The next two weeks I will be rolling various cables and listening for improvements,or otherwise.
    Constantin is a great,gregarious guy. I even convinced him to buy some Sextetts :wink:
    Frankly I would never have spent triple digits on a damn USB cable,but getting the chance to plug it into my system and hear for myself what comes with the price has made me a believer.

    I havent heard the Amber 3 personally,even though I helped get the tour going,but my TRP vs. an R2R is no contest. Again more air,space,wider staging,better PRaT,smoother,simply better everything. My previous R2R DAC was the airiest,cleanest,brightest,best R2R DAC I've heard,but in comparison to the TRP it sounds muffled and congested. Gopher maintains the Amber can hold its own vs. the TRP,so take that for what its worth.
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  5. carlman14
    Another Seattleite waiting on a glenn amp? What are the odds. I would be curious about a comparison too. I wouldn't mind doing a mini meetup with you once we both have our glenn amps! Originally I was told fall of this year, but was recently told it will be a bit later than that. No specifics were given. Waiting is killing me but that's ok. Can't rush the master.
  6. Xcalibur255
    I hunted down a true NOS pair of Sylvania Gold Brand 5751 for my Luxman. It was a MASSIVE improvement over the stock JJs. I was going to get some Raytheon windmills too but I'm so happy with the GBs I just called it a day right then and there on the subject.

    Now if only I could try a different set of EL84s. Every time I try the amp red plates the new tubes, but when the stock JJs are in the thing runs fine.
  7. whirlwind
    I had a Sylvania 5751 triple mica black plate that was my favorite tube in my MadEar+HD

    I miss that amp, but you can't keep them all.
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  8. L0rdGwyn
    Finally got rid of those annoying XLR inputs, switched them out for some very nice RCA jacks today. I replaced the entire back panel, IEC inlet, cut new holes for the mutlivolt switch, RCA jacks, along with new tapped screw holes for the filament rectifier (was happy to redo this since I made a cosmetic mistake last time). Overall, a great success! Not a dramatic change in sound obviously, but it looks nice and I don't have to use XLR to RCA adapters! :sunglasses:

    IMAG1397.jpg IMAG1400.jpg IMAG1389.jpg IMAG1390.jpg IMAG1393.jpg
  9. Monsterzero
    Just so you know Keenan,im highly impressed! Well done!
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  10. DecentLevi
    That seems interesting. Why are you setting up to externally heat tubes with the GOTL - just to reduce transformer temperature, or to try special or larger combinations that were not otherwise possible?

    Being a long time user of your first Triad 20ah externally heated transfo. on my Euforia, I'll point out a few things. Do remember transfo. burn in takes a long time (even after you gave it to me) and the sound can improve much after... say 200 hours perhaps, otherwise it may sound thin. Also although I'm satisfied with the 6x adapter board from Ms. Xuling, I would advise going with something of higher quality materials. Its' PCB does seems to use some sort of silver conductor, however I'm pretty sure she uses brass pins and copper sockets. Someone on the Euforia thread reported noticeable improvement from quality of conductors of an adapter, and especially when you're using that many tubes and on such a resolving amp as a GOTL, quality conductors will be more advantageous / noticeable.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
  11. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks! Much appreciated :) I almost passed on this amp, so happy I didn't and I've been able to make it my own, gotta keep these idle hands busy.
  12. 2359glenn
    Nice job
  13. mordy
    Having fun combing through the eBay bargain bins for ugly little black metal tubes in the 6C5 and 6J5 families. Some of them are rusty or the black paint is flaking off here and there. If you buy them in small lots the cost usually is less than $2-3 each shipped.

    As bad as these tubes look, that's how good they sound. I would not be surprised if I end up liking these better than their straight glass and Shoulder Type glass counterparts.

    Here is an example of an unrestored Sylvania 6J5 tube. It must be quite old because it has the flashing S symbol on a green oak leaf.
    Not sure how to date it - S I probably doesn't mean Staten Island, NYC since I don't think they had a factory there. Some tubes used the word O-P-U-S to designate the quarter of the year. S would then mean the 4th quarter.
    "I" could mean 1951 - not sure of these assumptions.
    On the other hand there are clearly the letters DL printed on the tube. Cannot find any chart that has those letters - maybe this tube came from DL's (Decent Levi) collection, but how did it end up in Council Bluffs, IA, where the seller resides?
    You have to give credit to these tubes - they do not need too much packing material - the lot of six tubes was shipped together in a plastic sandwich bag packed inside a thin breakfast crackers box with some newspaper wrap.
    BTW, the seller states that he has 20,000 tubes sitting in a locker - only a few are listed so far.
    Another adventurous tube rolling day .....
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  14. mordy
    Hi LG,
    Very impressive work! - my GOTL has two sets of RCA plugs; line in and preamp out.
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  15. JazzVinyl
    I agree! Well done, indeed!!!
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