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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. L0rdGwyn
    Hosting Thanksgiving this year, put up a miniature Christmas tree, best spot happened to be next to my desk, which means...

    Holiday-themed GOTL photos :santa:

    If you ever put out a holiday shopping catalog Glenn, I can be your photographer.

    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  2. DecentLevi
    Cute Christmas tree, and you must be getting a nice mist of fresh air from it at your amp, unless it's a fake one?
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  3. L0rdGwyn
    Hey thanks!! It's a real one, pretty subtle smell but refreshing :) I guess I should be listening to Christmas music :thinking:
  4. mordy
    Hi gibosi,
    Thanks for identifying the dates. I am getting a little confused because it looks like some of my Tung Sol and Sylvania 6J5 tubes were all made by RCA.
    I have an additional 4 TS 6J5 tubes with the following codes:
    322 4 03-3 322 is the EIA code for Tung Sol; January 1944? The last digit 3 is a factory code
    1H 322KM3 ?
    K3 322DW3 ?
    V3 322MH3 ?
    and then a Ken-Rad with the code
    H7 ?

    Can't get a handle on these.....
  5. GDuss
    I'm currently listening to a pair of TS 6J5s with codes 322NR3 and 322DT3. They sound great (with TS 5998s as powers) but there is a bit of a hum that's audible when the music gets quiet. Totally workable though.
  6. mordy
    Did you try with a jumper connecting pins 1&8?
  7. GDuss
    I'm way behind on my list of experiments (that list keeps getting longer), and that jumper experiment is coming up soon. The first time I listened to those TS tubes was with 6x 6BL7 and the hum was more prominent. So what I was trying was whether it was less of a problem with 2x 5998, and it is less (presumably the lower amplification of the 5998 helps). I still have 2 pair of 6C5 tubes to try and the jumper will be part of that experiment. Science can be painfully slow sometimes :).
  8. gibosi
    > 322 4 03-3 322 is the EIA code for Tung Sol; January 1944? The last digit 3 is a factory code

    I would guess 1954. I don't think I have seen the factory code "3" on 1940's production....

    > 1H 322KM3 ?

    "1H" makes no sense as an RCA number.... KM (Tung-Sol) is April, 1961

    > K3 322DW3 ?

    "K3" corresponds to the RCA code for May/June 1958. And my best guess is DW (Tung-Sol) is 1958/1959...

    > V3 322MH3 ?

    As an RCA code, "V3" corresponds to 1945.... As a KR code, July, 1944... But MH (Tung-Sol) is Feb, 1962... I would tend to believe the Tung-Sol code as they didn't use two-letter codes in the 1940's.

    > and then a Ken-Rad with the code H7 ?

    H7 indicates October, 1938. But if KR did manufacture this tube, I would also expect to see "13" stamped into the base, indicating "6N7".
  9. mordy
    Thanks for the detective work. Where can I find a chart of the Tung Sol two letter codes?
    I do have Ken-Rad 6N7 tubes with the number 13 stamped in the metal, but this is a 6J5 tube. Will try to post a picture later.
  10. gibosi
    Oh, the KR code for the 6J5 is "36".

    To the best of my knowledge, the two-letter Tung-Sol date codes are not available on the net. And in fact, I have yet to find a complete listing in print. But I did find a few years in Tube Collector magazine, October, 2019.
  11. Monsterzero
    This what happens when too much audio gear shows up at the same time....

  12. L0rdGwyn
    I know the feeling :ksc75smile: looks like you'll be busy this holiday weekend. What's on the menu?
  13. Monsterzero
    Mainly cables. Anyone who denies the differences in cables has either never had a chance to a/b or theyre deaf.
    I have six different RCA cables here ranging in price from 40 bucks to nearly 900.00,and there is quite a bit of difference.
  14. GDuss
    Any chance the $40 cable is your favorite?
  15. L0rdGwyn
    Well let us know the results! Hopefully the $900 isn't the best. I am open to cable swapping in the future.

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