1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017
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I haven’t heard the other iems on your list but I have been very happy with the quad drivers. I have other more expensive iems, Shure SE846, just got the empire ears legend x... the quads obviously aren’t equivalent to those sets... but I have been very impressed by the sound quality they have. I am totally sold on hybrids at this point, I am a bit of a bass guy. That being said you can’t beat a dynamic driver doing the bass frequency and that’s what the quads have. I feel like they punch way above their weight class and they have been very durable. I also have had contact with 1more and they have been incredibly responsive and friendly. For the money I don’t think you can beat them. Now, I have heard very good things about the campfire comets as well. People love those and say they are crazy good for what you pay for them. I don’t think they would have the bass like the quads do, being they are a hybrid... and the comet a single vented ba, but I haven’t heard them. Campfire is said to have amazing customer service and the metal housing they are using for the comet and atlas looks very durable as well. I love my quad drivers, they have served me well and I highly recommend them. I don’t know if they are the best at that price point, they’ve been out for a little bit now and the technology moves so fast... I love mine and again I don’t think you’d be disappointed in them. They have good dynamic driver bass. That I can say for sure.
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I just read that balanced drivers have a weak shock resistance and I just accidentally dropped my 1more quad from about a 60cm height on to the floor which is a hard ceramic surface and it clacked loud and I feel terrible. Do you think there is a good chance that my quad got damaged inside somewhere? no visible damages outside though :frowning2:
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1more Quad definitely does not worth the price.
It has very colored sound. The way it represents sound is extremely fake.
It exaggerates kicks in all tracks. Overall, it has blurry and warm sound signature which falsely represents every music track.
Maybe this one's for some clueless pop music listeners.

Its exterior design is great although it doesn't have MMCX.

iBasso IT01 sounds more accurate and detailed.

The best IEM I've heard is Mee Audio P1. P1 has 1.5 times more details than 1more Quad.

My source DACs are Dragonfly USB, Onkyo DP-S1, Ruizu A50.
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Just bought these 1MORE Quad drivers in response to their $99 three-day sale ($199 list). I was looking for some every day IEMs, that I did not have to b e careful with (i.e. inexpensive) with Apple in-line remote that had better sound than my Apple In Ear Headphones, which are (or were) the Apple upgrade to the Ear Pods that they include with their iPhones.

Here are some impressions vs. the 1MORE Triple driver ($149 list), the Apple In-Ear earphones (the dual driver fully sealed ones, not the ones that come with your iPhone or iPod... $79), and the Sennheiser IE800 ($865 list on Amazon, more usually available new for $599, but now supplanted by the IE800S).

As with the Triples, the unboxing experience is wonderful, with a plastic-sealed sleeved box sliding open via a magnetic catch to show the headphones, a leather(-ette?) carrying case, a multiplicity of tips with sizes actually quantified in millimeters, and a 1/8" - to - 1/4" adapter. I have heard that 1MORE is as meticulous with their packaging and unboxing experience as Apple... I believe it!

I had gotten the 1MORE Triple drivers about a year ago in a similar sale for $99, but listened to them no longer than an hour before I determined they were not for me. The sound was too rolled off in the treble for me. I sold them within a day.

The 1MORE Quad drivers are brighter than I recall the Triple drivers as being... there is no dullness about the Quads.

Like the Sennheiser IE800, the cord has Kevlar multicolor threads, providing a subtle rainbow effect. Unlike the Sennheisers, these include a 3-button inline remote suited for the Apple iPhone and iPod (and I understand, Android devices as well).

The Apple in-ear headphones are brighter than the quads but have a greatly reduced soundstage and a bit less bass. They of course have a beautifully-functioning in-line remote, the indentation of which gives you better tactile orientation to the direction of the three buttons than does the quad.

The Sennheiser IE800 is just a bit less bright than the 1MORE Quads (i.e., 1MORE triple < Sennheiser IE800 < 1MORE Quad < Apple In Ear Headphones for brightness). Its bass is similar, and in fact the difference between the 1MORE Quad and the Sennheiser IE800 is much harder to perceive than between the Apple In Ear and the 1MORE Quad. I suspect that over time, I would prefer the IE800, as my initial impression of it was higher than of these Quads, but it is a small difference.

This was with only about 10 min of use on the 1MORE Quad, with all others being fully burned in. The Quads are bulkier in the ear than either the Apple or Sennheisers, perhaps making them a bit painful if you listen while lying on your ear (didn't try this.. just speculating, but it is a criterion for me).

I used my iPhone SE (like an iPhone 5S) as source, with Neville Mariner's Handel's Messiah, finale "Amen" as my music, listening to bass, to the bite (if any) of bow on string in the violin fugue perhaps 1 min in, and the surround effect of orchestra and chorus.

In short, these are well worth the $99, hard to distinguish from $599 IE800s (at least for this brief test), and have the advantages of three-button remote, sufficiently low replacement cost that you don't feel you have to baby them, and great looks and accessories.
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I personally do not feel the quads are lite in the bass area more they are on the heavy side if anything. Maybe it comes down to different fit for different people along with tip selection, size and seal i guess. It's kind of amazing how people can have totally opposite hearing experiances using the same product.

it's Chineese so we can except different sound from one product to another like bying 4 cheese burgers from mcdonalds you will never find the 4 with the same taste lmao
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Well, reviving this thread a bit.
Have listen to my 1More Quads for a couple of months and wow, I really love them.

Are they accurate? Well, not entirely but they know that clearly. They are warm and a dark, but every frequency have a wonderful and powerful presence and extension. Its never harsh but at the same time they are not shy, and because of this their sound is extremely engageing.

And for those that find the signature to warm or dark, I recommend the SednaEarfit regular tips. They remove big part of the “veil” and stop the bass from bleeding (because of the stock tips micro-rumble) to other frquencies by tighting them up beautifully. Highs and Mids become clearer, more free and bass becomes super tight. More organic in general. So all the good qualities from these IEM just become greater IMHO.
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2y ago installed mmcx to the triples, to save them. I like them from 2017 until now, and with ISN silver cable they became only better (subjectively). From that time i listen/tried/had/have some other iems, here is some of them, which i liked more than others: bgvp vg4, bgvp dm8, imr r2 aten, penon fan, penon fan2, andromeda 2020, etc.. But they still have a place in my heart.

It's pretty dumb to say that some iarphones are better than some others. They're very different, and depends on bunch of different factors. Eartips can change the sound signature dramaticaly, and sometimes the source can change everything dramaticaly too. I couldn't hear imr r2 atens from any sources before, but when i tried them from PC with Xduoo xd05 bal (with 2 x AD708SQ opamps) via usb and Tidal bit-perfect, it was the first time in two years, when i really opened them, and in this particular case they are one of the best for me. And this is only a particular examlle, there are a millions of different cases when some earphones can be better than any others.

When it comes to 1more triples - they perfect with bluetooth dacs because they not so much source-depending, but they can grow with good sources.


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Also bought the Quads (I skipped them before, but now it is possible to buy them less than hundred euros, so why not), so have some interesting thing to say - TRI Clarion eartips change their sound signature in a very good way. With stock eartips they have pretty much mid-bass, and with these Clarions this midbass become more balanced with sub-bass, more textured, fast and open, also midrange become little more open and airy. And it stops its mid-bass pressure, if someone finds it a bit tiresome (like me). And also they become even more convenient to wear. Absolutelly must have.


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Hi I’ve just joined and looking for recommendations for new foam tips for my quad drivers please.

I’ve had these around 3 years, pretty happy with them and no plans to upgrade but the foam tips have broke and the silicone tips have stopped sealing as well as they used to. Hardly any noise isolation on the coach to work. They’ve lasted a while though, but I only listed to them 4 times a month on the 4 hour coach trip….so no complaints! Ive been using the two largest sizes (13 & 14.5mm???) on both tip styles. I find the others too small.

I’ve just ordered some spinfit CP155’s they should be here tomorrow, but I’d like a pair of good foam tips. I’ve seen the comply tips, but are there any others to consider? (UK based)

Thanks David

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