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    V-MODA True Blood V-80
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    V-MODA True Blood V-80
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    V-MODA True Blood V-80
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    V-MODA True Blood V-80
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    V-MODA True Blood V-80
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    Oblique Radiograph of V-Moda V-80. Done at 45kVp at 5 mAs, 40" SID. Very dark, very high contrast, very beautiful!
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    AP Radiograph of V-Moda V-80. Done at 45kVp at 5 mAs, 40" SID. Uneven brightness and quantum mottle displayed. Dose creep would improve image quality. Radiolucent sponge is not radiolucent.
  8. joeylw

    The ControlTalk cables of Beats fully work on other headphones!

    I was just messing around today and I discovered after plugging my brother's Beats Solo HD cord into my Monoprice 8323 (which I love about as much as my ATM50) and the controls worked! Does it work with all headphones with a standard plug, or are the Monoprice headphones an anomally? If the...
  9. scott5526

    Headphones for college dorm

    I'm looking for something that I can use in my dorm for only listening to movies/youtube with a 300$ish budget . My priorities , in order of priority, are: 1: Isolation 2: Comfort 3: Durability 4: SQ Right now all I've found that might fit what I'm looking for are the Sennheiser hd:25ii, the...
  10. Mheat122134

    V-MODA LP2 vs M-80?

    I can't decide whether I want the M-80 or the LP2, the M-80 seem to have better specs and I've tried it before and I love it, but I still don't know much about the LP2's can anyone help me out? I mostly listen to rap and kpop, which basically consists of pop, electronic pop (including some rap)...
  11. wu36mcg

    V-Moda V-80s with headphone amp?

    Hey ppl, just joined the forum today. I'm curious, I just bought some of those V-80 headphones and was lookin into a headphone amp. Don't want a fullsize home setup, but rather something I could take with me places, but still have the power and clarity of something bigger. Does anyone own a pair...
  12. drmrwt

    Help choosing B/W ATH M50s or V-moda M80/V80 (Rap, Hip Hop, dubstep, electronic music)

    dear headfier's, I found my new hobby after listening to my friends 650's. i went on with a big mistake as a first step of mine which was Atrio M5 mg7(A decent pair dont get me wrong but i found the treble to be a bit sharp for me) i do love the bass on these tiny little things though. Now i...
  13. SDMarik86

    Beats are garbage

    I went and listened to the beats line again today and they were total crap like I remembered, just all bass and a bunch of muddy crap. I am leaning towards the Sennheiser 598's but from what I hear they leak a lot, does anyone have them and can they tell me just how bad they leak?.   I am...
  14. supernaut42

    Need Headphone Recommendations!!... and amps.....and audio formats

    As everyone can imagine, looking for headphones to get has driven me crazy so I've decided to start a new thread.. here we go...   Keep in mind my price range is 100-200 dollars!!   What I've looked at mostly: Okay, I've been looking around a lot (mostly on this website and checking...
  15. vabes

    Audio-Technica M50S vs Philips Uptown

    Hey,   So I'm kind of battling between these two, I don't know which one to pick. I need a portable and comfy pair of headphones with a good sound quality, I know there has been some talk between these two pairs, but noone has really given a clear answer.. atleast I haven't found any...
  16. sherby42

    Headphones for about $200

    I have been looking at headphones for a while and I cant decide what to get. I want some portable cans that are good for pop and rap. As from the title you know that it has to be about $200 with a comfortable fit for long peroids of time. They will be used for listining calmly and on the bus...
  17. ankitjain1983

    Headphones with bass and great sound. Help please

    Hi,   i am in market for a new pair of headphones. I dont mind either over ear or on ear. Here are my requirements:-   1. Should have great Bass/beats - Dance, electronic, trance music. Also the mid and highs should be decent. 2. I plan to use with laptop and in office. So should not...
  18. Infamous

    Good headphones for listening to music on my iPhone?

    Audio noob here. Just looking for my first pair of cans and I primarily listen to hiphop/rap. Most often I listen to music from my iPhone(4s if it matters) and my computer. My budget is $150 or less, preferably under $100     I'm considering the Sony MDR-XB700 as they have really good...
  19. Sniper1

    Kid safe headphones (suggestions for my 6 yr old daughter) ?

    Hi, My 6 year old daughter has discovered the fun of listening to my iPod touch / iPad 2 with a pair of headphones. I'm planning on giving her an iPod Nano 6th gen... in pink of course ;-)... for Xmas. But what headphones or earbuds should i buy ? At home, we have a pair of crappy Sony...
  20. DeadMan

    Why are there no decent MP3 playing cans?

    I've been searching to see if there are any cans that have a built in MP3 player and all I can find are some Skullcandys and Trevi headphones which don't get very good reviews. I feel the manu's are missing a trick here. I would certainly pay reasonable money for a decent set of cans that had...
  21. SashimiWu

    Grados SR80i's vs Grados SR225i's

    Hey there head-fiers.  I know this question has been asked to death as I've spent the past week just looking at many many comparisons between the two set of cans but I have some questions that I feel can be answered best by those who own the headphones already since I don't really have the means...
  22. xDTx

    V-Moda m-80 Shadow, true blood and white pearl which one look better?

    white pearl                                            Shadow                        v-80 trueblood   well    which one look better for a male Asian, on my 20s  because I can't try and I'm planning buying one. They also sell it on Newegg.ca for 200$ for the shadow one. Any place that you...
  23. gr4v1ty

    Some Dj Headphone with the quality

    Well yeah the title says it pretty much what I'm searching for!     I've looked around the forum and I've seen thes headphones that seemed interesting  Sony xb 700 M50 Shure 550DJ Gemini DJX-05 STEEZ 808 (Pioneer) Shure SRH750DJ Pioneer HDJ500 Behringer HPX6000  Ultrasone...
  24. NineEleven

    Are headphones safe to buy used from Amazon?

    I am going to buy a pair of  V-Moda V-80 True Blood used from Amazon .   It says : Item may come repackaged. Minor cosmetic imperfection on bottom or back of item   Is it safe and in good condition ? .
  25. NineEleven

    Headphones - V-Moda M-80 TrueBlood vs HFI 780's vs Shure SRH-840

    Im almost in conclusion.   Tell me which is the best. I posted alot of posts but now im between these three.   I need alot of opinions.     Sound Quality / Sound :    For Vocal Trance the Vocals have to be clear and nice in every single way ( In high tones and in medium tones...