universal fit
  1. Dunu Mirai

    Dunu Mirai

    After two long years of meticulous collaboration between Dunu, Precogvision and Headphones.com, Mirai is finally here In today's audio landscape, balanced tuning in in-ear monitors (IEMs) may seem ubiquitous. However, the Dunu Mirai takes a divergent approach. Synonymous with its name, Mirai is...
  2. MuseHifi The East 6

    MuseHifi The East 6

    Muse HiFi East 6 is a brand-new single dynamic driver IEM that features a specially developed 10mm Tesla dynamic driver unit enclosed in a special dual-cavity semi-open shell design alongside a high-power dual-structure magnetic architecture. The MuseHiFi East 6 has a swappable nozzle design...
  3. BGVP DM9

    BGVP DM9

    Connector:3.5/4.4mm Output source: HiFi Material: Metal (pretty sure it's wood. It also says so in countless other places) Line Length:120cm±10% Wearing Method: Earbuds Impedance:30Ω Sensitivity:≥110db SPL/mW Frequency Response Range:10-40000Hz Principle to vocalization: moving coil Mic: No...
  4. 7Hz Legato

    7Hz Legato

    Product Features 12mm Woofer Driver+6mm Tweeter/Midrange Driver for a Dual Dynamic Driver setup. Unique Crossover, with 8 Japan-made Audio-grade Tantalum Capacitors. 2-pin 0.78mm OCC+Silver-plated OCC Detachable Cable. CNC Aviation-grade Aluminum Case, a highly durable and ergonomic material...
  5. Sennheiser

    Discover a new world of sound: Make way for the IE 200

    Hello Head-Fi! Our lineup of audiophile earphones is growing thanks to our latest addition to the family: the IE 200. With a balanced and punchy sound that trickles down from our best-selling IE 300 and IE 600, our newest dynamic universal-fit in-ear puts powerhouse performance in your pocket...
  6. QoA Gimlet

    QoA Gimlet

    Driver: 1 x DD (LCP Diaphgram) Sensitivity: 108 dB Impedance: 32 Ohm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz Cable: 1,2m 4N 4-Core OFC Silver Plated Cable with 0.78mm PINs. No microphone. Connector type: Straight gold plated 3,5mm jack connector
  7. Truthear Zero

    Truthear Zero

    Configuration: 10mm+7.8mm Dynamic Driver Diaphragm material: PU + LCP composite diaphragm THD: THD@1KHz≤1% Sensitivity: 117.5dB/Vrms (@1KHz) Impedance: 10Ω±15% (@1kHz) Frequency Responce: 20Hz-39500Hz (IEC61094,Free Field) Cable: Oxygen-free silver-plated
  8. Heartfield Acoustic Deer

    Heartfield Acoustic Deer

    The Masterpiece of Heartfield-Deer Heartfield, namely the artwork from sincere heart, is currently an unfamiliar name but will be something in the HiFi industry with its exclusive aesthetics and origins. The first masterpiece from Heartfield is called Deer which symbolizes the eternity of love...
  9. Astrotec Vesna

    Astrotec Vesna

    Astrotec Vesna LCP driver There is a detachable and non-detachable variant
  10. Metal Magic Research Balmung

    Metal Magic Research Balmung

    MMR’s newest flagship product - “Balmung” is inspired by the Azure Balmung of mythological weaponry. With key product design elements drawing references from the azure sword. The Balmung is an absolute technicalities maestro, built with 12 solitary newest generations of Balanced Armature...
  11. F700

    Oriveti OV800 and O800 IEMs - The official thread

    The loan unit of the OV800 arrived today. They look fantastic. It's basically the O800 with switches for enhancing bass and treble. The graph looks great and while the OV800 retains the great sub-bass from the O400, they are smoother in the upper-register. More to come after some proper...
  12. Oriveti OV800 - TOTL 8 BA Drivers IEM with 2 switches

    Oriveti OV800 - TOTL 8 BA Drivers IEM with 2 switches

    New TOTL from Oriveti - The OV800 (8 BA with bass and treble switches)
  13. Earsonics Corsa Universal IEM

    Earsonics Corsa Universal IEM

    Earsonics Corsa Universal IEM The Earsonics CORSA is the latest Universal IEM of the company that features a 3BA Tripe Driver (3x Balanced Armature Drivers per side) configuration that are located inside a very robust Metal Shell with a 3D full Acrylic Structure that was originally designed...
  14. Kinera Skuld Hand-Painted Multi-BA IEMs

    Kinera Skuld Hand-Painted Multi-BA IEMs

    Features:- >Three Knowles premium BA drivers per side. >Two Kinera’s customized BA drivers. >Beautiful Hand-Painted ear cavities. >Ergonomic cavity design. >0.78mm 2-pin Silver-Plated Copper balanced 4.4mm cable. >Premium set of accessories including Final Audio Type E ear tips...
  15. TRN ST2

    TRN ST2

    TRN ST2 Configuration: 1DD (10mm) + 1BA Cable: SPC Sensitivity: 107dB Impedance 22ohms
  16. Moondrop Illumination Reference IEM

    Moondrop Illumination Reference IEM

    Specs Impedance: 25 Ohms Sensitivity: 124dB/mW THD+N: ⤠0.3% Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Range: 10Hz-50kHz (1/4 inch free-field mic)
  17. Shuoer EJ09

    Shuoer EJ09

    Shuoer's flagship sound signature further refined Proprietary 5-way crossover into four acoustic bores is our statement of a balanced sound across the spectrums.This array of nine drivers produce a coherent sound profile - shimmering airy highs, ample bass with great attack and prompt decay with...
  18. BGVP DM8

    BGVP DM8

    BGVP has announced it's latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors from their highly acclaimed DM series, the BGVP DM8. It is a premium pair of IEMs with rich, classy build quality and outstanding sonic performance. Exquisite Looks:- The earpieces in BGVP DM8 are made with high-precision 3D...
  19. Moondrop SSP Super Spaceship Pulse

    Moondrop SSP Super Spaceship Pulse

    The Moondrop SSR is a $40 single dynamic driver earphone with 16 ohm impedance at 112 dB sensitivity. It is a variation of the popular Moondrop SSR.
  20. Guideray t20

    Guideray t20

    Driver configuration: 2ba + 1dd Impedance: 19 ohms Dinamic driver: 9.2 polegadas. Plug: 3.5 mm
  21. justin w.

    Jerry Harvey Jimi AION - Limited Edition Universal IEM (Pre-Order now)

    Jerry Harvey Audio is releasing a universal fit version of their JIMI custom IEM, limited to 200pcs, and offering it exclusively through its dealers such as HeadAmp. The shells are are also smaller than JH's previous generation of universal fit earphones! We are open for pre-orders now: JH...
  22. justin w.

    Jerry Harvey Audio Jimi AION - Universal IEM (Limited Edition)

    Jerry Harvey Audio is releasing a universal fit version of their JIMI custom IEM, limited to 200pcs, and offering it exclusively through its dealers (we have some on the way). The shells are are also smaller than JH's previous generation of universal fit earphones! We can accept pre-orders...
  23. AudioFly AF180 MK2

    AudioFly AF180 MK2

    AF180 MK2 No stranger to the international stage, the detail oriented AF180 encompasses a perfect balance between bass, mids and highs. Housing four high-resolution balanced armature drivers in a precision-tuned electronic 3-way crossover, this IEM boasts a brightness that cuts through the...
  24. ikko Audio OH1

    ikko Audio OH1

  25. Clear Tune Monitors

    Clear Tune Monitors announces Black Friday Deal

    This year we're shaking it up a bit for our Black Friday sale. For starters we're giving 20% OFF Custom In-Ears. If you're in the market for a sonic upgrade, our Premium Cables are 20% OFF too Or if you're going the wireless route, our Bluetooth Cable is, you guessed it, 20% OFF And...