1. milanocookie

    Need a recommendation for the Best Closed Circumaural headphones for EDM/Trance/Electro/Dubstepper

    Dear fellow head-fiers:   I need a new pair of headphones that are closed and full sized. I need the utmost clarity/SQ with a very good low end; punchy and full. You can consider me a basshead as well but I prefer clarity over exessive bass.   Genres I'll be listening to are...
  2. sneaglebob

    Basshead question: which pair of cans have the strongest bass impact??

    Before I begin, I would like to say one thing:Yes I KNOW BEATS ARE HATED ON THIS FORUM but read on please   I want to know which one of these headphones have a stronger bass, the beats pro or the ultrasone pro 900.   And if you can, can you name any headphones that have a bass much...
  3. Electro

    Headphones for Liquid Dubstep/D&B/House (electronic music)

    Hey there  I'm looking for over-ear headphones, my limit is $300 USD. Basically I'm listening to all types of electronic music, I need something with deep bass and high sound quality. I mainly listen to liquid Dubstep and liquid Drum & Bass.  Any recommendations? I've been looking at the...
  4. dreamwhisper

    Your first headphones?

    My first hi-fi headphones were AKG K141's. I'm thinking , that my impressions of quality sound are most likely biased/rationalised subconciously on my experience of these headphones. Because, after all the headphones I've tried,, I still like AKG's the most, and have a preference to the...
  5. Oregonian

    Alpha pads and the Pro900...............a great match

    Yep, I grafted on a pair of Mr Speakers Alpha pads on to my Ultrasone Pro900 speed switch earpads (after cutting off the velour and foam padding) last night.  Super glued them together, let them dry, then let them rip.   The stock Pro900 to me is very comfy (after the HD650 headband mod) and...
  6. twomygame

    Pro 900 Disappointment

    I heard these were the bassiest cans but upon listening I was not impressed. Is there a good sub bass amp like the ZO2 that anyone could recommend for these? I have the Fiio E7 and it drives them nicely however all I'm looking to do is amplify the lows so maybe an amp to set a lower frequency...

    Ultrasone Pro 900 left driver not working

    I've used my pro 900 for maybe 4 years without problems, but about 2 months ago i picked em up to listen and the left side wasn't producing any sound. Tried to disconnect the cable, twist a little bit, etc to see if that was the problem. Then i tried tapping on the driver's casing (the left side...
  8. Voxata

    Ultrasone Pro 900's...dying?! Help! :(

    I've been smitten by my 900's for years.. and sadly they've started to have an issue. When I first start listening to them my left side will have no bass, no punch.. only after 'blowing' on the speaker will it start to pound. I'm guessing this is because the speaker isn't flexing properly or.. I...
  9. the rug doctor

    Denon AH-D2000 leak too much noise - alternative?!

    I absolutely love the sound of my D2k, but they just leak too much sound.. What else is there quieter from the outside and excellent with EDM??
  10. Synthax

    Best mid-price closed ones for classical music ?

    Dear Head-Fiers, Which headphones would suit classical music best? Most spacious but natural sounding and smooth.   Denon AH-D600 Mad Dog Mr.Speakers Ultrasone PRO900 AKD K550 ATH A900 DT 770    ?   I do have not well known OTL Amplifier and Lovely Cube SS Amp.
  11. lyons238

    Trade my Ultrasone pro 900 for your denon ah-d5000

    I don't see any option to post in the trade section but I have some practically brand new Ultrasone pro 900's that I bought for music production that id like to trade for some denon ah-d5000's. I love my ultrasone's but id like to try something different.
  12. Socrates138

    Are the Ultrasone Pro 900's worth the $?

    I tried asking a similar question in the help forum and I only got 1 person to actually post in it in the past 2/3 days, so I'm posting in here.   Here's a TLDR: I listen to electronic dance music like progressive house, etc, etc. I already have an amp + DAC and I have the DT 990 Pro's (also...
  13. Dkesner4

    Which portable headphone amp produces the most impact bass.

    I have the ultrasone pro 900 and am looking for a portable amp that will make its bass unmatchable. I listen to mostly dubstep, if that helps. I am thinking, maybe the digizoid zo2? So if you know of a portable headphone amp that produces the most impact bass then let me know. :)
  14. Arion

    [SOLD] FS: Ultrasone Pro 2900

    Hello,   I am wanting to sell my Ultrasone Pro 2900's as I don't really listen to them anymore and figured somebody else would get more use out of them. I am the original owner and they are in excellent condition and include everything that came with the headphones (cd, box, carrying case...
  15. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  16. Morph91

    Are the Ultrasone PRO 900 really worth over £300? and do they distort?

    I will be using them with the Asus Xonar Essence STX until i get a solid state AMP & DAC to use with my computer   Thanks in advance..
  17. Morph91

    Does the Ultrasone PRO 900 distort at high volumes?

    Thanks in advance. I will be using them with the STX sound card until i get something else.
  18. Giray

    Can i get it ?

    Aloa, I just want to get the bass what you get on your bassheavy headphones like, vmoda's , pro 900's... But on my Akg K550, i dont know but i tested al of the bassheavy headphones out there out and, the sound is awfull (IMO) I love the sound of my k550s so clean and so flat.. i just want a...
  19. hummel

    ultrasone pro 900 vs beats pro (i have v moda m100 now)

    does anyone have these two headphones? ultrasones and beats pro , or perhaps had the chance to compare the two. for me its all about the bass. i want hard kicking and thumping, rumbling bass. i miss this with my v moda m100. i know the beats pro have better bass than my v moda, but do the...
  20. nipponbiki

    Want to upgrade from Shure 535

    Hello,   I would like a full-size set of cans that would be an upgrade from my Shure 535. When I say upgrade, really the only thing I don't like about the Shure 535 is the lack of low, visceral bass.   So, I would like something that retains all the positives of the Shure, plus adds the...
  21. bass_freak

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Pads qestion , problem with low bass

    Hello   i have a problem with my current ultrasone pro 900 pads (deafult) they are too big i think , i mean too width i cant get enought lower bass freq ( 20-40 hz ?) i can hear it clearly only if i pull headphones to my head/ears , for sure its not hardware problem because even if i use EQ...
  22. beatsbydresuck3

    First Listen: Ultrasone Pro 900's

    This is another one of my blog posts and just like the Sennheiser HD 439 review, I want to post it to Head-Fi to get some input from you guys on your thoughts on the Pro 900's.  As with the HD 439 review, I am sorry for the lack of pictures.  I do not yet have the proper Head-Fi privileges to...
  23. pichu

    ATH M50 vs Sony MBR XB700 For Techno-Step

    So when it comes to dubstep, bass and drum , brostep, trance, house, dance, techno , electronic, hip hob, and rap, which headphones comes out on top for best sounding quality. i understand that the M50 is known for being the best sub $200 pair, but the sony's are exposed to be amde for this kidn...
  24. Sinik

    headphones for music with a lot of bass (Hardcore, hardstyle, tekstyle, jumpstyle)

    Hello, i've just subscribed here, i'm getting interested in high end audio, i'm still a noob here so forgive me if i say **** :) also, english is not my first language, so forgive me if i don't use the correct words all the time. First i had those monster beats studio headphones: they look great...
  25. schaaf

    looking for a closed can that's on par with the HD598

    Hey everyone   I have some HD598s that I just got for use at work, and they sound great, much better than my HD555s, but they leak too much for my office mate. I didn't think they'd bother her, but they are apparently too loud.    I listen to mainly acoustic stuff, some rock, daft punk...