1. KickDrum

    First pair of 'good' DJ headphones help?

    Hello Head-Fi, This is my first ever post, so go easy on me, I've come here looking for some advice from you audio pros! I recently started DJing. I got some direct drive turntables run off what can only be described as a cowboy set up - an old cd changer with some pretty big speakers. Anyway...
  2. OldLions


    What's up guys.    I've been looking for a new pair of cans for a while. I've owned a few good pairs, but I'm looking to get a good pair that will last me a while.   I am looking to spend around $200-300, but if the phones are a little bit more or less, it's fine.    Not extremely bass...
  3. njallday

    Undecided and a Bit Overwhelmed

    Hi all, I'm looking into getting my first pair of decent over the ear headphones.  I currently use a pair of Klipsch Image S4s for listening on the go, which sound decent to me.  Since I'm a gamer, while at home I use a pair of Steelseries Siberia V2s, which while being extremely comfortable, I...
  4. rhcpepper

    Can cold weather damage headphones?

    Two mornings ago it was like, -6 degrees Fahrenheit here which is rare so even though some of you guys might think that's nothing, it's something for me. Other than freezing my ass off waiting for the bus it wasn't much different. You know, put my headphones on (JVC HA-S400s) listened to music...
  5. JetWarrior

    Hours of Forum Surfing, And Still Can't Decide...

    All right, here's my conundrum:   My pair of ATH-M50's (white-box) have bitten the dust.  They were my (and everyone else in the world's) first set of "real headphones," and I loved them dearly.  However, there were some things about them that I felt didn't suit my needs, and in replacing...
  6. mk4gtijoe

    ultrasone question

    i understand that the pro 550 and the dj 1 pros are the same headphones in terms of sound.... what are the differences? sound? physical?
  7. steve6

    Spider PowerForce Headphone Appreciation

    Reviewed by Steve6   April 27, 2012   Pros: Bold and clear; excellent marriage of deep bass and detail   Cons: None, particularly at this price point *****   Trying out a fresh piece of audio gear might not be quite as thrilling as getting into a new car for the first time, but...
  8. AirHeadBoom

    Ultrasone Dj1 or V-Moda M100 ?

    basically i listen to hip-hop so i definitely like my head pounding bass. just let me know what are your experiences with both headphones, i mean theres a 200 dollar price difference.
  9. Aizura

    Interesting Ultrasone HFI 580 mod

    I didn't use my HFI 580 anymore so I thought I'd play with it some. I always found the highs to be too prominent and piercing. I didn't really understand the bass monster reputation these cans have, since I'm already deafened by the treble when I turn up the volume to try to hear any...
  10. jad5122

    Ultrasone DJ 1's

    I found a real nice deal for a pair on amazon. So is it worth $120 for a brand new pair? Just want to know because I have the beats pro I got for $160 the other day and they are good but I kind of want the dj 1's for the gym and portability. Also does anyone know if there is a detachable cable...
  11. jad5122

    ath pro700mk2 vs hfi 580 vs beats pro vs DJ1 BASS HEADPHONES

    It will cost me $50 more for the beats pro, so keep that into consideration. Which are the best? I want really good bass and I think all of these have a detachable cord. so does anybody know? Thanks! Just found out DJ1 is same as hfi 580
  12. undersys

    UltraSone DJ1

    Hi,   I have a set of UltraSone DJ1. Comes with original bag and original 3.5mm 6.5mm adapter. Nothing else is included. They had some use and show some wear on the pads. Nothing wrong with the sound. $50 USD  + Postage  ONO
  13. EyeDoc

    FS: Ultrasone DJ1 (HFI-580)

    Selling my Ultrasone DJ1 (HFI-580)  in 9/10 physical condition, performs perfectly.   I am the original owner.   PM if interested   Price lowered to $95 shipped CONUS.
  14. miceblue

    Ultrasone DJ1, DJ1 Pro, HFI-580, and PRO 550 Headphone Differences

    Okay, so I just wanted to create this thread for anyone who is trying to decide which of the Ultrasone headphones to buy between the ones mentioned in the title, for clarification purposes. HFI-580 vs DJ1 They are the same exact headphones except the DJ1 has a coiled cable instead of a...
  15. captian73

    FS: Ultrasone DJ1 headphones

    Ultrasone DJ1 headphones - £70 no offers!   Shipping to mainland UK only.    
  16. Gardevoir

    well after ordering some ultrasone dj1 PROs because of recommendation

    I plug them in, Immediately weird sound and I have to twist the cable just to GET sound. ummm..? :/ Edit: Now I see, the connector that screws in is a bit weird and is almost never a normal fit, but when it does it sounds like headphones should sound now.
  17. kidcharlemagne

    FS - Ultrasone DJ1 (sold), Creative Aurvana Live (sold)

    The DJ1s are in great condition, though the pads are hardening abit. I will include a pair of new Shure SRH240 pads in case you'd want to replace them. They are made of pretty much the same material as the Ultrasone pads (vinyl?) so it doesnt affect the sound.  I bought them about a month ago...
  18. indy1314

    sony a845 or cowon s9 for ultrasone dj1 pro?

    i would like to get a mp3 player for my dj1 pro. is the a845 or cowon s9 better for hip-hop / rap, more bassy mp3 player. Or any other mp3 player are better? It is iphone or any apple product wouldn't drive the dj1 pro?
  19. indy1314

    amp for ultrasone dj1 pro

    Which amp should i use for dj1 pro. Could iphone or any ipod drive dj1 pro? Also which player should i use, cowon s9,  a845, or fuze? (what's their difference.) i listen to hip-hop and rap, want to have more bass.
  20. TaskMasterSteve

    Should I get the Ultrasone Pro750s or the Ultrasone DJ1 Pros?

    Okay, I just got a good amount of money, so of course I'll get some great headphones that I could never afford before, and I found the Ultrasone Pro750s and I thought that I would get those, but I just discovered the Dj1 pros and both seemed to get good reviews. I found the dj1s at about $150...
  21. Dr.Badger

    WTB: Ultrasone DJ1

      Hey I live in New Zealand, Auckland to be specific.   We dont really have access to many headphones over here! Anyway, I am looking for reasonable prices for VERY GOOD condition ultrasones, I will pay shipping of course.   Any reasonable prices will most likely be accepted...
  22. acenima

    Ultrasone DJ1's received couple minutes ago :D

    Hey everyone I bought a pair of Ultrasone DJ1's and these are my first headphones :D I got them and the box looked soo good and when I opened it, the case was better then I expected, I thought it would be some cheap polyester. I got these for $114.95 from beachcamera eBay store. Ive had these on...
  23. BinaryReaper

    Need help Ultrasone DJ1 Bass

    Hello I think this might even be my first post here. I have a pair of Ultrasone Dj1's I bought about a year ago and want to try and get more bass out of them. (specifically in relation to my computer!)   Running them through my ipod 1st or 2nd gen ipod touch with the bass Enhancer on I get a...
  24. BinaryReaper

    Need help Ultrasone DJ1 Bass

    Hello I think this might even be my first post here. I have a pair of Ultrasone Dj1's I bought about a year ago and want to try and get more bass out of them. (specifically in relation to my computer!)   Running them through my ipod 1st or 2nd gen ipod touch with the bass Enhancer on I get a...
  25. tabeikou

    Ultrasone DJ1 Pros Vs 900 Pros

    Hello all !   I'm making my first steps in the audiophile hobby so don't judge me to harsh if you find question to be dumb. I currently own a pair of RP-21s but I'm thinking of an upgrade.What I need is closed, very comfy headphone with rich and detailed sound.It will be used mainly with a...