1. Psilocybe

    Superlux HD661

    Hey guys, I currently own a pair of Samson SR850s (OEM HD668B) and I love them. However, they're open so I can't use them in noisy environments, and they cable isn't very durable. I heard about the new Superlux HD661s from the rockgrotto forums, and they sounded like they solved both...
  2. keanex

    [Review] Superlux HD661, Superlux Did It Again!

        Pros: Excellent price to quality ratio Cons: Comfort, availability   Packaging     Having received two other Superlux headphones in the past I wasn't expecting much outside of a no frills cardboard box. While I wasn't completely blown away, Superlux definitely took...
  3. Don Workinson

    Portable HP - Sennheiser HD 25-1-II ,Superlux HD661 or AKG K420...

    Hello. I been looking for solid portable HP 4 last month or so. My budget was ~50e but now is ~150e  so the HD 25-1-II got on the list.   At first I was looking in 2 AKG K81DJ but I hear they are not that comfortable and decided to give AKG K420 a try when local music store have them in stock...
  4. Golo

    Circumaural, not leaking much, durable, portable and no amp necessary for ~ USD 100,0 $?

    EDIT: I bought the SRH440. Thank you all for the help.   Hello guys,   First of all I have to say that I've been getting soaked in knowledge from you all the past days and I love this place :)   My name's Ivan, I'm Spanish but I'm living in Poland, and I could use some advise in my...
  5. mrinspire

    Superlux hd661 vs hd668b?

    Anyone own them or experienced them? which is better? I want something with good soundstage..   Thanks
  6. tryagainplss

    Just bought my Superlux HD661........ and OMG!!!

    Hey guys, just wanted to tell you all that I finally got to purchase my first major(?) pair of headphones, the Superlux HD661.   And all I can say is..... OH MY GOD!!!!!!     I'd also like to thank you all for helping me find the right pair of headphones for me <3          ...
  7. marald


    Brand new Superlux HD661, all original accessories included (1mt cable, 3mt cable, plug adapter 6.3 -> 3.5 mm, cable clip, carrying pouch).   About 50 hours of burn-in with music and pink noise and a couple of hours of use.   The price includes international shipping with tracking number...
  8. Supertoaster

    Superlux HD661 or CAD Audio MH10s?

    I heard the CAD is just a rebranded 661 but can anyone clarify this for me? Which would be a better deal since both are the same price? I was planning to buy the CADs but just not sure.
  9. vic2vic

    Superlux HD681, HD668B or HD 661 ?

    Hi, I'd need to pick a can (and only 1) out of these 3 Superlux models, but I'm not able to come to a clear decision. Currently I have many IEMs (preferred ones: Sony MH1C & VSonic GR04) and only 2 portable headphones (Koss KSC-75 & Portapro, both sounding great to me). I meanly listen to...
  10. charlielee00

    Which Headphones is the most suitable for me ?

    Greeting guys, I'm currently looking for a headphones that suit my usage as what stated below.    - My Rig: Laptop  - Type of usage: Gaming, Music, and Movie..  - File format: Mp3, MKV  - Music genre: Neo Orchestral, Pop-Rock, Musical  - Budget:Roughly 250 +/-  - Headphone/ earphone...
  11. jkryptos

    Best Portable Superlux???

    I have read a lot of reviews about the Superlux hps.. But cant seem to understand which is the best one for portable use. Please advise one with a good base and decently comfortable.. I hope I can get different colorsin them.
  12. danyi

    Choosing portable headphones. Superlux HD661 vs. Beyerdynamic DT235

    Hi headfiers,   I'm searching for portable headphones and I would like to ask for your advice. After searching on the site and looking at the available options in my country (Argentina), I've ended up with two alternatives that are similarly priced here and are relatively affordable:   -...
  13. sagi

    I need to buy new headphones Recommendation

    hey guys, i need a close over-ear headphones recommendation, I hear mostly dubstep hip - hop and electronic music, I prefer to buy on eBay or any other site that offers to buy through paypal, My budget is 50 USD If you can find a website that sends to Israel it will be cool. Thank...
  14. rararasputin

    Best Valued Headphones Thread

    Post headphones that sound like they cost twice as much as they do! Any price range is fine, just post headphones that sound significantly better than average headphones at the same price range.   I'll start, Superlux HD668B. No, it's not the best headphone ever, but holy crap does it sound...
  15. Houou

    Headphones under 50$ (I need your help)

    Hi guys. I'm new in this headphones thing.... I'm looking for headphones under 50$, so maybe you could help me with that. Would be great if headphones would be comfortable, good sound isolating, good sound quality and maybe nice looking... P.S. What you thing about Razer Electra or Orca?
  16. biggbenn74

    Post Your Giant Killers Here!

    So, I have not seen a "Giant Killer" thread in a little bit. This is just a thread where you can post ANY headphones/ earbuds (preferably sub-50 dollar US range) But anything is acceptable! I want to hear everyone's voice here. For me, my giant killers are the Monoprice 8323. They have sound...
  17. xecure

    Cheapest velour earpads that fit Samson SR50, Superlux HD668b/HD661, AKG k240?

    I have a Samson SR850i and was wondering where you guys buy your earpads from. I've looked into the AKG k240 earpads but the were too expensive(~$40). I bought the headphones for $40 a year or so ago so I don't feel comfortable spending $40 on a pair of earpads. Anything around the $10 line? Any...
  18. ilzmastr

    Best Under $350 Studio Monitor Headphones?

    I'm looking for headphones to monitor my electronic and rock recordings that are under $350. I will also use them to listen to electronic and rock type music. Closed or Open, doesn't really matter. My two requirements: 1) is that they not require an amp, if they are better with an amp, that's...
  19. laserpenguin

    Superlux HD661 vs HD668B from mobile device

    I have been searching for high quality headphones around the $50 mark and have come across the HD661 and HD668b by Superlux. People claim that the HD668b is an excellent headphone for the cost, but i don't appreciate the looks of it. The HD661 is much more appealing to me and is more portable...
  20. wasabiroll

    Headphone reccomendations for 'bout 50-60 bucks

    I'm lookin' for something good for vocals and stuff for example Taylor Swift. My friend had suggested the Koss Pro Dj100's and the Superlux 668b, Superlux 681, and Samson SR850. Any others or a specific one of the four I should checkout/buy? Thanks!
  21. Icicle666

    Help choosing new cans

    Good day ...   It was recommended by the computer forum that I frequent that I come and post my question here as I would get a better response ... so here it goes ...     My headphones have just broke and I am in the market for a new set. The problem is that my country does not play...
  22. bukujutsu

    Has anything come out that's better than the HD668Bs for the price?

    The SR850s too, since they're rebranded, but with only one cord, no removeable cord, and the impedance is 32 ohm instead of 56.    The SR850s are 34$ on eBay, the HD668Bs are $50.    There are so many headphones out there and as the time goes by things can go unnoticed.    Some...
  23. kevinzone

    Any good 100$ headsets canadian? Good for sound and gaming

    Hi im trying to find some good headphones that sound great for music and have a big soundstage for positional audio. Also it has to be 100$ in canadian because on amazon the a700 are like 120 in usa but in canada it went up to 180. Way too much. Im fine with a bit over 100 but yea. Im a noob :)
  24. Nexodon

    Portable headphones advice with medium budget

    Hi there, I am looking for a new pair of headphones for listening Music on-the-go, but I do not know what to buy. I'd like to have a bright, clean, analytical sound, but a little bit more of bass maybe good as well, if it does not make the sound too much darker. I listen mainly to...