1. Max_Settings

    WTS [U.S] STAX Lambda Pro

    Up for sale in a STAX Lambda pro in fantastic condition. The foam that covers the driver is gone, but otherwise these are in fantastic shape and are working perfectly. I also have the the original owners manual and some brochures I will provide. Looking for $325 shipped. Pictures...
  2. R

    stax srm-727 amp

    I bought this in 2018 and used less than 10 times. $950 net to me, including shipping fees.
  3. R

    Stax sr-009

    I bought this in 2018 and used less than 10 times. $2500 to me, I will pay the Paypal fee and shipping fee.
  4. Tarttett

    [WTS] STAX Gamma Pro + SRM-1/MK-2 Pro; SR-Lambda + custom amplifier; SR-202 + SRM-252II; SR-303 + SRM-313; SR-307 + SRM-323S; SR-404 + SRM-300

    I am selling a modest selection of my STAX equipment. Everything is in perfect working condition. Cosmetic condition varies, but nothing is mint. The SRM-323S and SRM-300 are 100V with Japanese cables. I have a voltage converter plug available that can be bought with either of these sets if...
  5. bussola

    SOLDStax SR-002 + SRM-002. Baby Stax, Electrostatic

    Hello, Bought these in 2017, I am selling them for 250£. Condition is very good, sorry no original box included unfortunately! Also on Ebay. UK only please! Many thanks
  6. carlman14

    [SOLD] Stax SR-007 Mk1 (SN 71XXX)

    I purchased this very recently thinking I would enjoy the darker/smoother sound signature of the SR-007. Turns out I was wrong, and I'm more of a lambda guy. So I'd like to pass these on to someone that will appreciate them more than I did! Condition: Overall pretty good. In terms of sound...
  7. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] [US-TX] STAX SRM-1mk2 Balanced Edition (super rare)

    Hi! I got this many months ago from Birgir at Mjolnir Audio. He went through and did a full repair of the amp and also did some mods to the board. To quote him; "I did modernize the bias supply and some small tweaks here and there but nothing major." The XLR inputs on the back and everything...
  8. bwck2000


  9. antony68


  10. M

    Sold: Stax 006ts Tube Amp ( with upgraded tube)

    For sale is a perfectly functional Stax 006ts Tube Balanced Amplifier with Phillip Upgraded tubes that further revolutionize the micro and macro details. It is US version with American voltage. The retailing price is 1164 for US version. I am asking for 560 with upgraded tubes, shipping as well...
  11. Drewligarchy

    FS: Stax 009 and Accessories

    For sale is my beloved Stax 009. The headphone itself needs no introduction due to it's legendary status, and has been my personal favorite electrostatic headphone ever. I've owned the 007, and He-60 in addition to the 009. I also bought the 009S and returned it, because I preferred the 009...
  12. Teaster

    FS: StaxL700+Ifi iesl

    I am selling my Stax L700mki and Ifi iESL as a combo, and asking for 1450 dollars pp and shipping is included, and I will upload pictures later. The headphone and the amp are both in mint condition.The box of L700 is not currently available, but I can send it to you later. do have the original...
  13. Sorrodje

    Sennheiser HE60 "Baby Orpheus"

    I'm currently considering to let go my baby Orpheus. Here is what is for sale : - Sennheiser HE60 in very good condition, performing perfectly well. Currently fitted pads are in very good condition with no flakes. - Recabled by a professionnal ( with a Stax cable terminated by a...
  14. oogabooga


    SOLD. Selling a Stax SRM-1 that needs repair. I bought this last summer, and shortly after buying it one of the channels developed a problem. From what I can tell, two of the resistor banks are very hot. Maybe a dead transistor or trimpot. Both those are original to 1979 so who knows what...
  15. antony68


  16. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Stax L300 with L500 pads and L700 headband SOLD

    For sale an in excellent condition an L300 that has been enhanced with the following: L700 Headband L500 Ear pads Blu Tack mod to improve the bass response With the Stax box and documentation. It has strong bass without diminishing the famous Stax mids and highs. A very fun listen and...
  17. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Stax SRS 3100 in 120V no step down needed

    The SRS 3100 is made up of the Stax SR-L 300 ear speakers and the SRM 252s energizer. This set up is the perfect entry point into the wonderful World of Stax electrostatic headphones. I was a skeptic about estats, but after spending time with the SRS 3100 I am hooked. There are no issues...
  18. Number9

    Mjolnir Audio KGDT | Stax Headphone Amplifier

    This is a KGDT built and sold by Birgir (Spritzer) at Mjolnir Audio based on a Kevin Gilmore design. No longer made. But if you search the forums here you will find lots of information on the KGDT. I am the original owner. Serial number is 011. This is one of the rare few KGDT's made and it has...
  19. Drewligarchy

    SOLD: Mjolnir KGSSHV Carbon and Stax 009

    For sale is my Mjolnir KGSSHV Carbon and Stax 009. This has been my goto headphone and amp for a number of years driven by first a Yggdrasil, and now a Chord Dave and mscaler. I've kept both headphone and amp in flawless condition and have had many hours of enjoyment from this combination. I am...
  20. loligagger

    [WTS] KGSSHV Carbon - SOLD

    This Carbon is the same as the last one I've built. I can swap out the TKD 4CP-601 for an Alps RK50 at additional cost. Notes about the build in no particular order: -450V supply -20mA output current -TKD 4CP-601 volume pot -no servo (less in the signal path) -F&T 680uF PSU capacitors -german &...
  21. D

    What’s new coming from Stax?

  22. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] - Stax SR-L700 - Excellent

    Stax is renown amongst people who love headphones as the pinnacle of audio reproduction in this or frankly any other form factor. The lambdas have long been lauded for their superior dynamics, speed, and ability to articulate immense amounts of detail that simply goes beyond what other...
  23. arteom

    SOLD Stax SRM-252II

    Have Stax SRM-252II in very good condition. Only marks I see are on top, towards the back, some very minor blemishes if you get the light right. The front panel is in excellent shape, no marks or dings on corners. This is a US market device, with 120V power adapter. Price includes paypal and...
  24. lawshredpower

    WTB Sennheiser HE-60 > STAX adapter

    Looking for a adapter to use my HE-60 with STAX amps. New or used. If someone can build me one that’d be cool as well. I’m located in Portugal, but anywhere in the world is okay. thanks
  25. altie

    Stax SRM-T1 for sale

    This posting is for a very good used condition SRM-T1 tube electrostatic amplifier with Stax "pro" and "normal" bias outputs. Sale includes a good condition original box, serial number CO1171 matching the amp. Asking $550, Paypal preferred. I'm selling it because my beat up old rehabbed...