Konka Novalis electrostatic amp

General Information

Suitable for all Stax Pro series headphones (earspeakers). This is an OTL (Output Transformer less) tube amplifier, Class A.
Balance adjustment to compensate earspeakers ageing caused imbalance. With two simultaneos outputs for Stax Pro Bias earspeakers. Amplifier has an extra RCA-output for connecting in series with other power amplifier.

Output signal voltage: max 490V p-p
Bias voltage for earphones: 590V
Input impedance: 50k Ohm
Technology: OTL stereo amplifier
Working class: A
Inputs: 1x RCA CMC
Outputs: Stax Pro series headphone socket x2
Volume pot: Alps
Tubes: 6Н17Б; ECL82 (6Ф3П)
Overall power consumption: 100W
Dimensions: 430 x 260 x 120 mm.
Weight: 10kg


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New Head-Fier
Pros: 1. Tasty tube texture and body draws you into the music.
2. Musical but fast, not flabby.
3. Maker provides exceptionally detailed replies to inquiries.
4. Very well packed for trip from Estonia
5. Reasonable cost includes spare tube complement
Cons: 1. Aesthetics could be better.
2. Not noticeably more powerful than Stax 007A.
I'd heard about the Nezzar amp so contacted Erik Konka--this is the update, tho not sure what the changes are. (Birgir says this looks like the Senn HEV-90 circuit.) We went back and forth a bit--he had to source a US voltage transformer--and I ordered about two months ago. It took a month to ship, but in a sturdy plywood crate with styrofoam inserts. Also included was a second set of tubes. Cost was 1400 Euros--it would have been 100 more but Erik didn't have a US power cord for me.

This replaced a SRM-007A I was using with L300s. I wasn't unhappy with the amp, but wanted to try out an all-tube design. And the improvement is marked: more texture, more body to notes and a lot better differentiation of instruments, if soundstage isn't that much wider or deeper.

I prefer vinyl over digital, but the gain on my phono stage is lower than on digital. I was hoping the Novalis would have a little more power than the 007A. This turned out not to be the case, with vinyl at the top of the volume dial and digital around 3 o'clock.

The unit does have two Stax jacks, tho only single-ended inputs. I'm not crazy about the aesthetics, the stick-on nameplate and orange light-up jacks. But the wood end-pieces and the chunky volume knob are nice.

In all, a clear step up in sonics from the Stax amp. Highly recommended.
Very interesting, have you tried using transformers such as the SRD7 MK2? How does it compare with that?


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