New Flagship Electrostatic STAX SR-X9000 Now Available @HeadAmp!
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May 22, 2015

STAX's newest flagship open back electrostatic headphone the SR-X9000 is here!
Featuring their brand new developed fixed electrode "MLER-3" evolved metal-mesh diaphragm, the size of which has been increased by 20% compared to SR-009S. This breakthrough realizes the widest sound field ever. Additionally the main material of the arc assembly is upgraded to stainless steel. The arc assembly is more tolerant to torsion and the ear-speaker more stably fits your ears. Featuring a genuine leather headband and sheep skin ear pads for improved breath-ability.
Place your order now to secure your unit today!
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I've spent my fair share on high-end audio gear, including TOTL headphones, but the recent race-to-the-top pricing seems to be a bit disconcerting lol.

$6,000 appears to be the new $4,000.

That being said, certainly an intriguing offering here and excited to hear the reviews 🤣
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Waiting for an used one
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Exactly, about time flagships would go $8K at this point. Go big or go home.
2 channel audio "summit fi" went into the stratosphere long ago - bigger market, more demand = higher prices. The headphone market has always been niche, hence prices were always pretty low. It's blowing up now, so IMO it's not terribly surprising to see more flagships and higher prices to match the increased market interest.
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Now I'm really looking forward to the new lambdas, if they're ever going to release one. These MLER III mesh looks totally different from II.

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