1. andiide

    Experience with Malvalve Headamp three

    Hi,    I came across a German headphone amp at the German CanJam. It is the Malvalve Headamp three. What makes it special: it is both suitable for electrostats (Stax) and dynamic headphones. Would be a great device to clean up my gear. I am currently using a Stax SRM-007t for my Stax SR-007...
  2. Alex_O Rules

    Wooaudio GES vs. Stax SRM-007t II with SR-007mkII ???

    I am looking for impressions from folks that have compared Stax's SRM007t II and the Woo Audio GES.  How do these compare to the BH?
  3. musicman59

    SRM-727II or SRM-007t for Stax SR-009?

    I am planning to buy the SR-009 headphones. My plan in the future is to get the RSA A10 Thunderbolt for them and also use it as pre-amp in my speaker system. In the meantime I need to go with a less expensive amplifier so I am looking to buy a Stax package.   I have been told that the...
  4. Scottsmrnyc

    Problem with Stax Sigma Pros and or Stax SRM 007ta?? Help and or Advice.

     I have a relatively new Stax SRM007ta which I have been using with a pair of Stax Sigma Pros.  I have now gone through two pair of Sigma Pros with the right earspeaker dying out with now sound.  Originally, both Sigmas worked fine; but after approximately a year of use with each one the right...
  5. Scottsmrnyc

    Stax SRM007t11 as in Two. Any information? Reviews? Thoughts?

    Thanks for posting?
  6. Scottsmrnyc

    Splicing in a new Sigma Pro earspeaker into another pair of Sigma Pros. Now

    that I have determined that my SRM007ta amplifier is working properly- thanks to Spritzer and my new multimeter, I am now left with some working left side Sigma Pros. The right side Sigma Pros died- possibly as a result of old age- not the fault of the amp.  Is it possible to splice or connect...
  7. charliex

    Stax SR-007 Mk1 HELP urgently needed!

    HELP!  Thanks to my pet cat (Kayo), a sudden  jump off the couch, a snagged SR-007 Mk2 headphone cable on his way off the couch, a headphone on the floor ….. So now I get intermittent and highly annoying one or both channels cutting in and out so as to make use basically unlistenable.  I...
  8. ericfarrell85

    Anyone with a Stax setup willing to meet (Brooklyn/NYC)?

    I'm considering purchasing a Stax SR007 mk1 setup (KGSS or SRM 727), but would like to demo them first if at all possible. None of the high end NYC audio shops (In Living Stereo, Stereo Exchange, Innovative, Singer) carry Stax (or much of anything besides Grado). If anyone is interested I have...
  9. gtiboy

    Stax SR-009 - Which Stax Energiser Amp To Pair With?

    Hi all, I am looking at my first foray into the high end headphone market. I currently have a HD650 headphone, but like every audiophile, I want the best sound obtainable.   So i'm looking at purchasing the Stax SR-009. Trouble is i'm not sure what amp to pair it with. After reading through...
  10. t0tor0

    Stax SR-009: suggestions to tone down the brightness?

    hi guys,   i just got my SR009 and 007a. I run the 007a as a power amp, meaning full volume with a pre-amp before it. i think the sound quality is amazing. but it is indeed a tad on the bright side (in fact quite bright for my liking).   i wonder if anyone here has any experience on how...
  11. gomincha

    High-end headphones for mixing and mastering?

    Hi all,   I want a set of headphones as flat, realistic, accurate and detailed as possible for mixing and mastering applications. I was thinking something in the lines of HD800, T1, LCD2, SR-007 and 4070. Any suggestions?
  12. HeadFiManiac

    Stax 009 for Gaming?

    Are the 009's any good for gaming. I need something that will allow me to image very well.   I will be using a Blue Hawaii.
  13. Uncle Hank

    Stax SRM-T1 & tubes

    Hi, I want some advise about 'the best' replacement tubes of the Stax SRM-T1. Please tell me why I 'must have' the tubes you advise. Regards, Hank
  14. edstrelow


    SIGMA COMPARISONS I have had three different Sigma models, for a few years now, the original normal or low bias, the pro or high bias, and the Sigma/404 which is a Sigma rebuilt with contemporary Lambda 404 drivers and cable. However until recently I did not have an amp to allow me to...
  15. Hun7er

    Headphone and amp upgrade

    Hello everybody,   Currently my rig is based on a Stax system with a Audio GD19DSP + SRM007t + SR507.   My opinion is the same as DavidMahler on SR507. There several negative point about SR507 : -small soundstage -lack impact and body   Positive point : -liquidity -detailed...
  16. HPManiac

    Stax SRM-007T

    Energizer for Stax Lambda Pro electrostatics