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Stax SR-009 - Which Stax Energiser Amp To Pair With?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by gtiboy, Sep 10, 2012.
  1. gtiboy
    Hi all, I am looking at my first foray into the high end headphone market. I currently have a HD650 headphone, but like every audiophile, I want the best sound obtainable.
    So i'm looking at purchasing the Stax SR-009. Trouble is i'm not sure what amp to pair it with. After reading through various threads based on Woo Wes, Cavalli Audio Liquid Lightning, Blue Hawaii SE Electrostatic Amps amongst the main ones touted here, ideally I'd like something smaller and more compact. The Stax energiser amps come to mind. 
    My question is how good is the Stax SRM-727II compared to the other amps listed? Will I get the same level of detail, separation of instruments, sound stage and depth as the other amps?
    Where does the SRM-727II stack in the hierarchical structure of Stax amps? isit their top of the line amp (looking at the price)?
    And to throw a spanner in the works... where does SRM-717, SRM-007t II and the SRM-323S fit in all this? who do you differentiate which is the best Stax energiser?
    Then I saw this SRM-007t II with kimic mods.
  2. padam
    Either the SRM717 or the SRM727II should be an ideal choice.
  3. Pettnolf

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