1. N

    Do I need a soundcard or amp for Sennheiser HD 598SR?

    Noob here. I just got this combo after seeing it recommended often online: Sennheiser HD 598SR V-moda boompro microphone (with 2.5mm adapter mod) However I now wonder if my motherboard will be able to drive it. Do i need to get a soundcard as well, and if yes internal/external? Or do i need...
  2. E

    Which soundcard/dac+amp shoudl i choose

    Hello! Just bought a Sennheiser HD 58x Jubilee headphone to upgrade my Superlux hd660. Unfortunately my previous soundcard gave up (asus xonar dgx) so i have to buy an another one. Most of my free time im usually watching movies, listening music (Metallica, Manowar, Hammerfall, Mötley Crüe...
  3. iceladen

    connecting amp/dac to soundcard for PS4 Pro and PC

    Hello, my combo is amp/dac (creative g5) connected usb on pc and optical input to optical output on my ps4 pro my pc has the creative ae-5 (internal soundcard) and i want to have the pair of headphones (beyerdynamic dt770 pro) on the ae-5 so i use the line in 3.5mm jack from G5 headphones out...
  4. mindblownDt48

    Spilled beer over soundcard, should i wash it?

    Yupp, tc electronic desktop konnekt 6, immediately shut down, should i open it as soon as possible, wash with mildly warm water? Can i screw it up? It has dac, headphone amp... What are the chances it will work after drying on its own? it was like a splash, from 0.5l beer can, i was fast but...
  5. stuzzyapple

    ASUS Xonar STX for sale (UK shipping)

    Asus Xonar Essence STX for sale without box just the unit. Selling due to lack of space inside machine. Can download the latest drivers from the Asus website. *Fully functional *Send me some offers *Willing to accept PayPal offers or to trade for nice of pair cans for around the same value...
  6. E

    Need help in understanding and choosing the right headphone

    Hello! I am planning on getting a new headphone, but have a few concerns. Which headphone would be the best for mainly gaming and some movie/music(I mainly listen to pop and soul music) for highest quality/clarity for a newbie like myself in audio world? And as far as i understood it is not...
  7. registradus

    New soundcard? or DAC?

    my Xonar DG finally decided to die. what should I replace it with? my budget is $100. I'm looking at a Sound blaster z or an ASUS Strix Soar. or also open to the possibility of buying a USB DAC. my main pair of headphones are a Sony MDR-1A
  8. zeed

    SOLD Asus Essence STX soundcard

    I'm selling my Asus Essence STX soundcard. The board has several MODS under the hood, the job was professionally done here. - 20+ capacitors replaced with high-quality Elna Silmic II caps - Replaced stock polyester with Wima caps - Replaced stock clock with a High precision TXCO low-jitter...
  9. Raviere

    Audio amateur, setup advice.

    Hello, I currently own a pair Steelseries 9h headphones that I have been using as my primary headset since I am an avid gamer. I have several questions that I simply cannot find so if I can either ask for direction or new advice it would be appreciated. I recently purchased on Massdrop the...
  10. super kermit

    recommend headphones + amp (inc DAC?) + soundcard

    ONLY for PC gaming Currently onboard from Asus Rampage V extreme with Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 Just bought Schiit Modi 2 Uber and Magna 3 for Amp and DAC Budget in $US Headphones $300 Soundcard $150 Thinking Massdrop...
  11. S

    DAC/AMP for Sennheiser HD598

    Hey guys, im a complete noob when it comes to anything audio, but i'm learning! (slowly) I'm going to pick up a pair of Sennheiser HD598 and a Mod-mic and I was wondering if I should get a DAC/AMP combo or maybe even a sound card? All I currently have for Audio in my PC is my mobo's (Asus...
  12. Sound N00b

    Can I use an amp with a soundcard?

    I use my akg k712 pros 50% for gaming and 50% for music. I currently have a sound blaster z powering my headphones. I am thinking of getting a schiit magni 3 because it would be superior for music. Is it possible I could use my sound card with the amp to use the dac and software of the soundcard...
  13. astro

    Poll: What computer audio device do you use and do you get interference?

    There has been much discussion about internal soundcards having interference, as well as people with USB DACs with interference. Hopefully, a poll can shed some light on which one is more prevalent with interference!
  14. S

    What do I need for my new Senn HD600's?

    Below $100 AU preferably Okay so I scored a deal on some HD600's and they will be my first "audiophile" headphones, so I have no clue what to get for them. Should I get a sound card? An amp or dac or both? Or should I go without anything at all?! It's all very confusing and expensive. I really...
  15. Fire8Fly

    Suggestions on how to use Creative X7

    Hey guys, I posted this on the X7 review thread but I figure it would get more visibility as a discrete post. ------------------- I've been having some really odd hissing/buzzing noises with my Schiit Asgard 2 paired with a X-Fi Fatal1ty internal card. It doesn't happen when I plug the...
  16. D

    Do I need a new Soundcard ?

    After my Logitech G930 broke after like 6 months I decided that I won't waste my money anymore on these Gaming Headsets. So I decided to look for a pair of good headphones with a big soundstage. Because I have a rather small budget I bought the AKG k240 Studio and an external mic. I have only...