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Audio amateur, setup advice.

  1. Raviere

    I currently own a pair Steelseries 9h headphones that I have been using as my primary headset since I am an avid gamer. I have several questions that I simply cannot find so if I can either ask for direction or new advice it would be appreciated.

    I recently purchased on Massdrop the Sennheiser HD6XX.
    Almost identical to the HD650's

    I also just purchased a 5.1 sound card the Creative Sound blaster Zx

    I still have the opportunity to return either of these things.

    I fit into two roles with my sound usage:
    1. I love playing FPS games(I know) and enjoy accurate "surround" sound for in game noise detection.
    2. I am a student and as such listen to copious amounts of music and have for a long time been chasing better quality.

    I have heard that the HD6XX(similar to the HD650's) is no good at surround and would arguably be insulting to attempt it on them, so my plan is to use two separate headsets my 9h for gaming and the HD6XX for music and other.

    My questions are:
    1. Will the dedicated sound card make a significant difference in sound (quality and or 5.1 surround.)
    2. What do I need for the HD6XX especially if I plan to purchase a dynamic standalone mic later down the road:

    What I know so far: Microphone would need to be able to input into the sound card (might need preamp apparently?), Headphones would also need to be able to receive from the sound card. I have read that an AMP might be necessary for the headphones(but no DAC as you cant do that for output from a sound card), a preamp for the microphone as it would be too quiet also it would XLR(even though I know you can adapt it down to 1/8"). I have read the best starter solution might be an audio interface, but I can't seem to figure out a reasonably priced one that allows me to output sound from the card to my HD6XX and simultaneously receive sound from the microphone all well boosting both. (Budget under 100$).

    Help please.

    Example microphone(don't need anything studio quality): https://www.amazon.ca/Behringer-Xm8...1523763786&sr=8-3&keywords=dynamic+microphone
  2. pbui44

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