1. G

    Good time of day. HIFIMAN HE400SE clutch or clicking sound.

    My hifiman he400se headphones emit a clicking sound, although rather rattling at a certain volume level installed on my dac or in the windows mixer. In certain compositions. This did not happen before, but after one time when I set the volume above -10 db (low gain) on my dx3 pro+ topping, the...
  2. R

    Problem Tangzu Yuan Li

    Hello, I'am new in this forum. I have a problem with my new tangzu li yuan darks souls The sound from the left side sound lower than the right. It happens after a couple of minutes of listening music. The headphones lose power after several minutes and when I let them rest for a few hours they...
  3. I

    Customized wireless headphones sounds

    How are the power up and power down sounds (when connecting and disconnecting) on Bluetooth Wireless headphones installed? Is it possible to hack, change or customise for your own sounds. Please help! Thank you!
  4. Avatar86

    About Sound’s ”Attack, Tightness or Punch”

    Hi All :) I’m sure you all have experienced different sounding media players. Some music players produce a ”warm, soft, open” listening experience. Other players sound more ”analytical, hard, sharp, thight, attack, snappy”. What determines this? 1. What factors of the software kan be tweeked...
  5. jordancondi

    What would be a significant upgrade from Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro for music?

    Back in June of 2019 I bought a BD DT1990 Pro with some random audio cables for 450 euros. I am using the headphones with an internal PC sound card, Creative Sound Blaster AE7. But as of yesterday I've starting having issues with audio cutting out on right channel, maybe faulty cable from a lot...
  6. pasi123567

    DT 880 from 2017 sounded different than the one I own now

    I had the DT 880 250ohm back in 2017 right after getting the K702 after asking for recommendations here. I found that the DT880 back then was very bright in comparison to the K702 and had way less sub bass as well. I also thought it had the hardest hitting fastest bass I have heard until then...
  7. Vision Ears VE7

    Vision Ears VE7

    the Vision Ears VE7's bass is balanced and natural - with an exceptional depth for balanced armature drivers. The mids are slightly emphasized and impress with their naturalness and broad resolution. Every detail of your music is revealed here! The highs get special attention with this model...
  8. Raziel~

    Focal Clear vs Clear MG sound comparison.

    Hi everybody. Since Focal have released the Clear MG headphones in replacement of their original Clear I thought it would be useful, to help people to choose the one that best suits their preferences, to find out what are the differences heard between the two models and appreciations after A/B...
  9. O

    When I connect to an audio jack of a stereo set does it go through the internal DAC ?

    My Sony Hi Fi system does not support hi resolution Audio through the usb port. So, when I connect a hi res audio source to the audio input jack of the Sony Hi Fi system does it get further processed in the internal DAC or does it directly go to the Amplifier section ? Does the audio quality...
  10. W

    The Sound Card/DAC

    Hello. I need an advice about my first sound card/dac ( I should understand differences between them ). I will use that for music, movies, etc.
  11. S

    Which DAC?

    Hello! I am wondering which DAC to buy. Between the Fiio E10K, Audioquest dragonfly black and Fiio Q1ii which one is the best overall? Also which one is the best for smooth vocals because I currently have a problem that the vocals are a bit harsh on some songs.(fixable by EQ by lowering the...
  12. feddar

    Best Produced Classical Album

    Now that I have a great set of headphones (Focal Utopia), I have been listening to more and more classical music. I am finding that albums released after 2015 have far better sound than those prior to that. In fact, I am finding that I am listening more to the sound of the instruments than...
  13. W

    Portable Sound Card for PC/Laptop

    Hello. I bought Superlux HD-681F yesterday. I am delighted from these headphones! They are amazing, especially for their price! This is my first headphones after Ritmix RH-508 Now I see, that PC/Laptop and smartphone are not the best option for these headphones. I was listening them on Fiio X5...
  14. gaz2613

    Burson Swing DAC Review

    Hi guys Please check out my review of the Burson Swing DAC below:
  15. gaz2613

    Another D50 Review! :)

    I have decided to do a review of the Topping D50 after using it for a few months. More reviews coming soon!
  16. N

    Earphones, Custom-fit. What do YOU like ?

    Bonjour everyone, I'm looking for good advices and feedback about our product (design, techno, attraction): I'm part of a start-up located in Paris. We are creating custom-fit earphones. We have developped a new patent material which allow deformation. So we are...
  17. NS Audio NS3

    NS Audio NS3

    Multi-layer composite nano-bio-diaphragm driver 10mm multilayer nanocomposite biofilm Balanced tuning, smooth high frequency, tooth tone optimization 16 ohms 108db, easy to drive Walnut wood panel ,refuses to repeat Imported Tesla technology core Driver: Dynamic driver, multi-layer...
  18. X

    What is the most IMMERSIVE headphones?

    I am currently saving up for a LCD-X. I am not a sound engineer or a DJ. I watch movies and play games and mostly get high and listen to different types of music. I like feeling immersed in what I listen to and upgrading to V-MODA for a punchy bass and Hifiman - Sundara (for my first experience...
  19. iBo0m

    Acoustune Impressions thread

    Hello! I've heard from Acoustune that their new "reference" flagship HS1695TI along with HS1655CU are planned to be released during August. However, both models were already part of a few local audio exhibitions. Can anyone who was lucky to try the HS1695TI share some thoughts – I suppose that...
  20. S

    Real flac?

    Hello! So I found a website that sells flac but just wanted to ask if any of you are familiar with it. I mean are the flacs that it sells good bitrate? Is it gonna be better than compressed high quality music from Apple(256kbps)? Also is that a normal price for a flac song?I mean the price of a...
  21. S

    Dragonfly Headphones

    Hello! So I was wondering if I need a more neutral sounding experience with no distortion and clear highs(treble and all that stuff) should I go for fiio Q1 or Dragonfly black? Also no hissing or any distortion I'm vocals(I need perfect vocals) and clear cymbals(I don't want them to sound...
  22. S

    Sound not working?

    I was just listening to Youtube through my headphones as normal, before I paused the video and stepped away for less than a few minutes to do something. When I returned and started the video, there's no sound. I tried restarting them, and they didn't work (there was no turning off noise, nor a...
  23. M

    Best Wireless Headphones for Sound?

    Hi. I am looking for some new daily drivers, used for both for PC and phone. The most important thing to me is sound quality. I listen to many different types of music (Rock, EDM, Pop, Jazz). I like good bass, but not too overpowering. It must also be comfortable to wear for hours (like when i...
  24. S


    Hi! So are the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones isolated well? I mean if I listen to music in really high volumes(like max level or close to max) will the people standing close to me be able to hear the music? I mean like if someone is right next to me will they be able to hear it and how much...
  25. musicalychallenged

    Simple bed listening.

    Hello everyone the other day i wanted to watch videos on my phone but wanted to use my fulla 2 with my IEM but i dont have an AUX cable and couldnt do it, my desk and monitors arent so far away from my bed and i can plug my fulla to a power source near me. What i wanted to know is if i can use...