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Simple bed listening.

  1. musicalychallenged
    Hello everyone

    the other day i wanted to watch videos on my phone but wanted to use my fulla 2 with my IEM but i dont have an AUX cable and couldnt do it, my desk and monitors arent so far away from my bed and i can plug my fulla to a power source near me.
    What i wanted to know is if i can use just any AUX cable or should i go for something silver plated, im also wondering about making my own AUX cable and going for the best material i can salvage from the cables i have at home or if i would need to buy some outside.
    Also i was wondering if anything over 3 feet would actually mess up the sound or just not give me the quality sound im getting from just having it short and straight plugged to my amp/dac and so forth.
  2. Acke
    For best sound quality you want to keep it short
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018

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