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Best Produced Classical Album

Discussion in 'Music' started by feddar, Dec 1, 2019.
  1. feddar
    Now that I have a great set of headphones (Focal Utopia), I have been listening to more and more classical music. I am finding that albums released after 2015 have far better sound than those prior to that. In fact, I am finding that I am listening more to the sound of the instruments than the music itself. I guess that is why I am drifting into modern classical.

    An example of one such album is The Law of Mosaics, by A Far Cry. Their other album, Visions and Visitations, was nominated for best produced album in 2019. A more ‘normal’ genre with great recording is String Quartets, Vol 4: Schubert, by Engegård Quartet.

    Do you have any classical albums that have great sound? (Preferably available on Tidal)
  2. prionsarebad
    I am a mostly classical listener and despite having a Google play music subscription I took out the Tidal 4 months hi-fi subscription for £1.99.....and I've been blown away by the quality of the studio master recordings....even for old famous recordings like the Rostropovich/Karajan Dvorak. As you say though, the more recent recordings are often incredible.
  3. feddar
    I guess there aren't many classical listeners here...

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