1. Crystal-Earwax

    Recommendations please: IEM'S between 90 and 130 bucks

    Any recommendations of IEM'S that has detachable cables, comply foam tips, good isolation, good bass but not to much, highs that are clear and don't sound rough. $90 to $130 only please.
  2. DustinBroke

    Sony earbuds

    I did see that Sony made the MDR-EX210 earbuds but are these like the MDR-EX300? They look really almost the same just the color is different. I just wondered if the sound is the same also. If not what Sony earbuds sound like the MDR-EX300 or so?
  3. shch13

    Theory on Noise-Cancelling in-ears : better tuned versions of the original?

    This is just a small theory on my part, but I can't help but wonder about this after having an interesting experience with two similar in-ear sets. I currently have an Sony EX300 (those vertical in-ears) with 13.5mm drivers sticking outwards lol. I recently got given some noise-cancelling...
  4. augustao

    IEMs with good soundstage and clarity

    Hello,   I have a pair of Denon AH-D5000 and I really like its clarity, soundstage and instrument separation. When compared to the Koss Porta Pro, Philips SHE3580, Shure SE115, these all sound congested and muffled to me. I'd like IEMs close to the Denons. What would you recommend?   Edit...
  5. a-nnabelle

    Looking For Earbuds

    I really need a new set of earbuds. I use my iPod touch 5th generation for music and listen to rock/metal and I really need some good quality earbuds that will leak as little as possible. Can you suggest some good ones available in the UK that fit these requests? Thank you.
  6. blueae1405

    Sony MDR-EX300 earbuds

    I was wondering about this but how do you guys think the sound of the Sony MDR-EX300 sound like? Are they really good for $80? Do they sound close to the MDR-EX700 earbuds? I would also like feedback on these earbuds. Thank You
  7. chillrefill

    What to IEM's to get.

    I am looking for a good sounding well balanced set of IEM's for under $50. I am not sure what to get plz help.
  8. MGHMay

    Pair of cheap IEMs before getting Momentums?

    Ok, so, i'm currently saving up for the Momentums which I tried in Richer Sounds and was blown away by. I'm just looking for a pair of cheap IEMs to get in the mean time, like up to 40 pounds (65 dollars, 48 euros, 16 Doubloons) to pair with my SanDisk clip+ (which is purple) any ideas? I...
  9. shch13

    Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

    I've been using the UE400's the most expensive dynamic driver IEM from UE for the past 5 months. I like its clarity and detailed sound, sparkling treble, and a wonderfully spacious sound-stage. Only thing I don't like about it is the Bass, the bass is noticeable but it seems to just miss the...
  10. suburbanite

    Counterpart to the Etymotic HF5?

    I've got some HF5's and sometimes wish for more bass and a generally more "lush" sound.   Right now I'm listening to the Sony MDR-EX0300's that came with my Walkman and am finding their sound to be poorly-defined and with excessive, under-controlled bass.   Is there an earphone with a...
  11. kage

    Good Sounding IEMs for Under $150

    I have an iPod Touch and I'm want to purchase a IEM that is around $150. I want them to be comfortable, good bass but not overpowering, and a balanced sound. The type of music I listen to is Rock. Please recommend me a iem.
  12. Rane1

    Refurbished Sony MDR EX300 Earphones Fake?

    Hi,   Anyone know how to identify Chinese fakes from the real deal?  I've been nearly fooled before, and that's not a good feeling, so I'd rather it didn't happen again.  I'm in the market for a pair of IEMs, and these Sony MDR EX300's sound like they might be a good option.    Problem...
  13. n-phect

    IEMs fall out and never seal.

    I love my MTPC but i always have to mess with the seal because i moved my jaw or something dumb.  So lately i just opt for my Sony ex300 ($80 msrp) , that never fall out, and i can eat with them in.  Can someone recommend a good sounding iem that you don't have to mess with the seal at all.  I...
  14. SolidSnakeUS

    Sony MDR-EX300 vs. Sony MDR-XB40EX vs. NuForce NE-700X

    I guess it really comes down to these three right now. I know I could throw in the Klipsch S4 Image, but these are $65 and under right now and would just like an opinion on these and which ones you guys would recommend. I do like bass, but I don't want it shattering my ears and drowning out...
  15. 3602

    Earbuds/IEMs for in-line remote control use

    So I need the in-line controller to function my SL-CT710, because the main unit doesn't have a screen on it. Almost all the phones out there are for pocket use, that is, with a 1.2m (4-5ft) long cable. Clearly, having the controller pinned to my chest, I cannot really use these long cables...
  16. mr6768

    Is it Fake or not ?!

    Hey Guys, I've been researching for buying a new pair of earphone . for my budget limit I came up with these three options . 1 - Sony EX 300 2 - Senheiser CX 300 II 3 - Senheiser CX 500   but the problem is, I'm not sure where to buy it.I've seen a lot of adds on ebay and ... but I...
  17. Sir G.

    SONY MDR-EX300sl

    Hello I am looking for some decent earbuds/IEMs. I'm no extreme audiophile, but I do appreciate a nice sound. Now, I tend to use my mp3player a lot at the gym so I was considering IEMs since the owner of the gym likes music that i can't stand. I came across the SONY MDR-EX300sl. Is there...
  18. mr6768

    reliable shop to buy

    can anybody tell me where can I buy reliable earphones with good and reasonable prices ? I'm mostly looking for Senheiser CX 300 II and sony EX 300 . I know there are a lot of fakes out there ...  
  19. mackat

    Do you think I'll like the K702?

    <p>I am wondering if you think I will like the AKG K702. <br> <p><br> <p>Love the HJE-900, portapro's <p><br> <p>Like: Hd280(too tubey), sony EX300 <p><br> <p>Kinda Like: Grado SR-60 <p><br> <p>Dislike: Sony XB300, V-moda Vibe <p><br> <p><br> <p>I like female vocals, like...
  20. WakiDabeast

    Information about amps?

    Are the amps really that usefull, what will they fix and are they like a reciever? Also what would be the cheapest smallest amp i could find? I want one for my sony mdr-ex300lp's that i use with my iphone 3gs.
  21. GoldenSausage

    looking for a pair of new IEMs

    hi guys my old Sony MDR-EX32 r starting to malfunction so i am now looking for new a new IEM.  the problem is that i dont know much about IEMs.  There r so many brands to choose from.  Theres shures, denon, westone, ultimate ears, etc etc in which particular brands have particular strengths n...
  22. DjAmTraX

    Please help me! Sony MDR-EX600 or MDR-EX1000?

    I am gonna preorder one. Since it have not listened to either. Can someone help me? The price difference is huge. I am using EX300ip and I like how quick they sound. Am I gonna get that much more going to the top model?
  23. WakiDabeast

    sony ex-300lp for 31 $$ !!!

    I just ordered these headphones i just received them today and i was scared they were fake but when i got them everything was like the legit packaging and even more it did have a best buy sign on it and the cushion on the inside were colored like the legit...
  24. WakiDabeast

    Earbuds for under 40$

    i found some nice earbuds the sony ex300sl's the denon ah-c260, and the klipsch s2's  im sure there all legit except for the sony's which i found on amazon here are these fake? the cheapest ones   anyway...

    Give Me YOUR opinion on these earphones!

    Hey there Forum! So as mentioned above,I would like to hear hear your opinion about the earphones I'm considering to buy. Sony MDR-EX300SL Dr Dre iBeats Klipsch Image S2 or S4i   So tell me what you think of these earphones,or recommend some other models that you think is better and...