1. Apos Audio

    SMSL M500 MKIII Desktop DAC/Amp Now on Apos Audio

    Hi All! Here's a launch from SMSL we'd like to share with you. The third generation of the SMSL M500 MKIII Bluetooth DAC/Amp sees bleeding-edge improvements up and down the specs sheet. It includes a 3rd gen XMOS XU316 USB controller, an 8-channel ESS DAC chip, and triple the number of op-amp...
  2. smsl mandy

    New available: SMSL ES9038Pro uses 8 channels DAC

    New available: ES9038Pro uses 8 channels DAC SMSL M500 MKIII Hi Res Audio DAC & Headphone Amplifier Click for more...
  3. C

    VMV D1se I2S Connectivity Success Stories

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a DDC to use with my D1se but want to use I2S if at all possible. I've seen elsewhere on the interwebs that a couple of people have had issues with I2S connectivity to a DDC with the D1se and was wondering if there any success stories out there. Does anyone have a...
  4. SMSL HO100

    SMSL HO100

    Features ►Ultra-low distortion precision feedback circuit, distortion as low as 0.00006%! ►Ultra-low noise power supply design, so that the output noise is as low as 1.3uV (APX555B measured value, not equivalent); ►Classic Toggle Switch for Operation; ►Ultra-compact design, suitable for desktop...
  5. SMSL DO100

    SMSL DO100

  6. smsl mandy

    NEW: SMSL A100 Stereo Digital Power Amplifier 80w*2 92.99$

    NEW available: SMSL A100 Stereo Digital Power Amplifier 80w*2 only 92.99$ Click for more: SMSL A100 Stereo Digital Power Amplifier 80w*2 Class D MA12070 Bluetooth 5.0 RCA USB Supports apt-X and AAC A100 support active...
  7. smsl mandy

    SMSL M500 MKII DAC MQA ES9038PRO DAC Decoder & Headphone Amplifier

    SMSL M500 MKII DAC MQA ES9038PRO DAC Decoder & Headphone Amplifier Click for more: Descriptions: Ten years of ingenuity, with professional technology and attitude, present you with a high-quality auditory banquet. M5O0MKII...
  8. smsl mandy

    SMSL D300 Decoder ROHM BD34301EKV Bluetooth 5.0 DAC

    SMSL D300 Decoder ROHM BD34301EKV Bluetooth 5.0 DAC made by the ROHM BD34301EKV Chip. Click for more: Brand Name: S.M.S.L Model Number: D300 DAC Chip: Flagship Rohm’s Flagship BD34301EKV DAC chip Inputs: USB/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth...
  9. S.M.S.L SU-6/SH-6 DAC/amp combo

    S.M.S.L SU-6/SH-6 DAC/amp combo

    SMSL SU-6 Desktop Mini HiFi Audio DAC Features: - Mini size design, very suitable for desktop use; - CNC integrated milling process, simple and stylish; - ESS Technology high-end D/A chip ES9038Q2M; - Qualcomm latest Bluetooth chip supports LDAC 24bit/96kHz, APTX/HD, SBC, AAC; - 4x high-end dual...
  10. TaronL

    Cyber Monday

    Exclusive to and ending tonight at 11:59pm PST, save $300 on the Focal Radiance, get a FREE $100 Gift Card with a purchase of the Focal Clear (In stock and ready to ship!) and deals from more brands! Buy the Focal Clear, get a FREE $100 Gift Card Buy the Focal Radiance for...
  11. Netforce

    Huge savings on Campfire Audio, Moondrop, Sennheiser, Topping, SMSL, Burson Audio and more at!

    Shop Now :50
  12. Apos Audio

    Apos Audio's 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

    Apos' 2021 Black Friday Week Deals are up. See all deals here: (Edit: Added updated information) We want to share a preview of whats coming for the audio community from Apos starting Monday, Nov 22, 12am PT. We'll also...
  13. Apos Audio

    Apos Audio's First Sales Event of the 2021 Holiday Season

    We are excited to share our first Holiday Sales Event for 2021 with the Head-Fi community. Apos' first sales event will start on November 11, 2021 at 12am PT. Community members can see what deals will be there on this Google Doc we created. You can also head to our blog post to learn more...
  14. SMSL DO200

    SMSL DO200

    Supports MQA decoding; The top performance D/A chip ES9068AS from ESS Technology; 5 high-end dual op-amps OPA1612 and a lot of audio grade components are used; XMOS XU-216, true 32bit audio processing, supports DoP and Native DSD, and reaches 32bit/768kHz and DSD512; Ultra-low phase noise and...
  15. shenzhenaudio

    SMSL SU-9n ES9038PRO DAC is up NOW

    SMSL provides another alternate for end-users, the SMSL SU-9n, which doesn't support MQA. The SU-9n takes up the excellent base of the sister SU-9 while promising further improved performance and useful versatile functions. SU-9n is also equipped with ES9038Pro chip but combined with...
  16. SMSL HO200

    SMSL HO200

  17. B

    Help choosing next Headphones, Amp and DAC

    Hi all! I am new to the community. Looking for recommendations/suggestions for a new set up I'd like for headphone listening. I'll start with my current setup, what I want (or at least what I think I want) for the new setup, and I'll provide as much context as possible. Sorry for a long post...
  18. shenzhenaudio

    Mid-Year Sales reaches at SHENZHENAUDIO

    Mid-Year Sales approaches, and the best deal reaches SHENZHENAUDIO, you can spend a pleasant shopping carnival week from June 21st to 25th. For providing our customers a worry-free shopping experience, a 30-day price guarantee showing up, that you guys can purchase now and get a...
  19. S.M.S.L SU-8S

    S.M.S.L SU-8S

    Product highlights ESS ES9068AS DAC chip DSD512 support PCM 32bit/768kHz Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth supports aptX, aptX HD, SBC, AAC XMOS 16 core processor Full MQA support Three inputs: USB, optical, coax, Bluetooth Two outputs: RCA, XLR All audio inputs support DSD CNC aluminum alloy shell...
  20. S.M.S.L SH-8S

    S.M.S.L SH-8S

    Product highlights Precise linear feedback circuit 6W x 2 of output Gain switch High-quality relays No impact sound design Low noise power supply Specs Inputs: 1 balanced, 1 unbalanced Outputs: 1 balanced, 1 6.35mm unbalanced Output power: 6W x 2 (16Ω), 3W x 2 (32Ω) SNR: 136dB Output...
  21. shenzhenaudio

    New arrivals season for SMSL, TOPPING, and MOONDROP

    Manufacturers have traditionally targeted the mid-year for new product launches, and SMSL, TOPPING, and MOONDROP are no exception. So let's take a look in our crystal ball and preview what's coming. 1st SMSL has established a solid reputation for providing music lovers with the best value and...
  22. shenzhenaudio

    A summary of recently recommended new arrivals, and March sales at SHENZHENAUDIO!

    There is an old saying in China that gold in March and silver in April (the promising season). Recently, Chinese brands were about to release their new gears catching this end! Let's see what products they bring are worth looking forward to! SMSL DA-9 ---Power Amplifier DA-9 landed today at a...
  23. SMSL M100 MKII

    SMSL M100 MKII

  24. B

    Hifiman Arya Amp/Dac pairing >$750

    Hi All, I've just received my new Aryas about 3 days ago and I am already absolutely loving it, most definitely the endgame for me since I do not like the idea of collecting multiple headphones. Here is my situation now, I always hear that the Aryas scale well with more and better...
  25. S.M.S.L. SP400

    S.M.S.L. SP400

    THXAAA-888 Headphone Amplifier with THX AAA Technology Ultra-compact design Balanced stereo headphone output Pre-amplifier application Balanced stereo line input High precision resistors for temperature stability Pop-less design with high-quality relays High precision and low noise 256-level...