1. T

    Help with a portable DAP for Simgot EA1000, please

    Hi everyone, I registered on here because I couldn't get a clear answer/comparison on this anywhere else, so I thought I'd ask the forum I've been reading for a few months now. I recently bought the Fermat and I love the liveliness, clarity and resolution of it. It's perfect out of the box for...
  2. Simgot EA500 LM

    Simgot EA500 LM

  3. D

    Linsoul asked me to commit a crime.

    I bought a Simgot Fermat on November 16, the box arrived yesterday and there was a Moondrop Moonriver 2Ti instead of what I paid for. Of course, knowing all the hoops that Linsoul puts in place to get away with your money, I made the unboxing video they ask for in their policy, sent them all the...
  4. Simgot EA1000 "Fermat" In-Ear Monitor

    Simgot EA1000 "Fermat" In-Ear Monitor

  5. Simgot EW100 DSP

    Simgot EW100 DSP

    SIMGOT EW100 DSP GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: Brand: Simgot Unit: EW100 DSP Sensitivity: 122 dB/Vrms Impedance: 32ohms
  6. Simgot EM6-L

    Simgot EM6-L

  7. Simgot EW200

    Simgot EW200

  8. SIMGOT EA2000

    SIMGOT EA2000

    Flagship Dynamic Driver (Boson) 1DD+1PR Structure A newly developed 12mm dual magnetic circuit and dual chamber driver unit is used in the vibration version. This means that the magnetic flux density exceeds 1.9T, providing a more responsive full range of drivers and helps maintain the stability...
  9. HiFiRobot

    Simgot EA500 impressions, discussions & mods thread

    Weirdly no thread for one of the most youtubed IEMs at the moment. As its highly tunable and moddable with nozzles, filters, mesh, micropore etc, a dedicated thread could be useful to consolidate all the knowledge and impressions. At launch seemed to be Linsoul exclusive, but is now selling...
  10. Simgot EW100P | EW100

    Simgot EW100P | EW100

  11. Simgot EN1000

    Simgot EN1000

    SIMGOT EN1000: HIGH QUALITY SIMGOT EN1000 is made of CNC aluminum alloy cavity, the metal parts of the middle frame using stainless steel powder molding process, while equipped with crystal glass art panel. The headset features a single dynamic design, using a 0.78mm interchangeable cable...
  12. SIMGOT EM2R (Roltion)

    SIMGOT EM2R (Roltion)

    Upgraded Dynamic Driver & Wearing Upgrade: The dynamic driver has been improved again with the polymer titanium-coated diaphragm upgraded to super-smooth carbon nanotube diaphragm, and the unique material can provide more enhanced sound resolution and extension. Compared with EM2 generation, EM2...
  13. Wasaabi

    BUDGET BEAUTY IEMS - Simgot King Wonder EN1000

    The first time I became aware of the brand "Simgot" was around 2016, when I was attracted by one of their products (EN700-SUZAKU): metal case, nice resolution and good price for me. At the end of last year, their new product EN1000 once again attracted me with good looks and nice sound at the...
  14. TheAnalogueKid

    Looking to upgrade from Shure SE-215.

    Greetings! As the title suggests, I'm looking to finally replace my 215s, which I've used for a number of years now. Lately, however, I've had serious quality issues with my last two pairs with the plastic/adhesive flaking away over time and poor connection issues with the ridiculously...
  15. SIMGOT EM1


  16. Simgot EM2

    Simgot EM2

    Specifications- Transducer unit  10mm high magnetic compound dynamic driver & Knowles balanced armature RAF-32873 Polymer compound titanium-plated diaphragm N50 strong magnetic circuit Acoustic hanging system Brass stabilizing rings Frequency response 15Hz-40kHz Sensitivity ...
  17. BramblexD

    Simgot EN700 MKII

    Looks like 2 days ago the Simgot EN700 MKII got launched, in partnership with xiaomi. Its listed on simgot's site and on the mi home store Still has the same look, comes with 2 pin cable and seems to be a slightly different driver to the EN700 Pro.
  18. Simgot EM3 hybrid IEM

    Simgot EM3 hybrid IEM

    EM3 adopts the core dynamic driver of EN700 PRO -- final chapter of EN700 SERIES, to construct solid and excellent base of mid and bass Knowles compound dual balanced armature drivers Subtle construction system with dual plates and triple frequency divisions Modified 0.78mm 2pin detachable...
  19. cleg

    Simgot EM series IEMs

    Company Simgot, known for their EN700 (EN700Bass and EN700Pro) IEMs recently introduced 3 new models EM1 – single dynamic driver EM3 — 1 dd + 2 ba ($288) EM5 — 1 dd + 4 ba ($500) All models have really good design, package and accessories set. All features customly-tuned sound signature...
  20. Dobrescu George

    Simgot EN700 Bass Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone! I've been getting interested in the new Simgot EN700 Bass edition IEM since I've noticed a lot of positive reviews for them. I didn't see an official thread for this one so I thought we should have one! Seems that Simgot have improved over their original EN700 design by...