SIMGOT EM2R (Roltion)

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Upgraded Dynamic Driver & Wearing Upgrade: The dynamic driver has been improved again with the polymer titanium-coated diaphragm upgraded to super-smooth carbon nanotube diaphragm, and the unique material can provide more enhanced sound resolution and extension. Compared with EM2 generation, EM2 Roltion adopts new mold to display more roundness with better shell curves and fully improved durability and comfort of wearing.

  • 1DD+1BA Dynamic & Balanced Armature Driver Earbuds
  • 3rd-Generation 10mm Carbon Nanotube Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver
  • Knowles 33518 Innovative Nozzle Removal Treatment
  • Four-Axis High Precision Copper Sound Tube
  • Elastic Memory Ear Hook Design
  • Improved 2-pin Detachable Cable
  • Four-Strand Silver-Plated Cable
  • Easy to drive, suitable for all genres of music
  • High Quality Auditory Sense

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New Head-Fier
a reluctant revival
Pros: Very artistic unboxing experience
lively tonal
excellent bass
Cons: thicc nozzle
ba timbre on high frequency
thin midrange
Simgot EM2 ROLTION, a revival of the EM2
and oohh boy, this iem is beautiful both the iem itself and the box


i found that the nozzle could be a bit of a problem for the ergonomic since it’s a big and long, achieving good fit is a must to know what they could offer

soundwise simply v shaped in tonal

but it really has a good contrast and vibrant sensation that will pop out since the first listen
very well textured slamming bass

+ vibrant and forward vocal, everything sounds energetic and very clear
but lower treble could sound a bit hot sometimes and the timbre is definitely not the most natural

simply said i will reccomend them for those who find aria or titan s a bit too bland and want something more vibrant with clearer presentation but not as balanced
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Thanks for the review.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Beautifully fast and detailed
Amazing transient response times
A decent soundstage filled with well-separated imaging
A truly one-of-a-kind box opening experience
Great upper-end details, way above normal for the asking price
Super small form-factor
Easy to drive
Third generation 10mm CNT driver
Single 33518 Knowles BA driver
BA located in IEM nozzle
Cons: BA located in IEM nozzle
Thin physicality, thin sounding in general
Lacking over-all note weight
Subtle BA timbre
Missing ultimate authority
Forward found midrange
File dependent
Ear-tip dependent
Cable dependent
DAC/Amplifier dependent
Simply shows what's up, with little if any forgiveness
The Simgot EM2R


DSC_0054.jpeg done.jpeg

SIMGOT EM2R (Roltion)
Surprise, surprise….the box opening experience is really something for a $109.99 IEM. You will note the gifts are actually quite excessive………..with even a warranty card showcased in a small pop-up display. Besides the IEMs themselves you get a faux-leather case, six sets of ear-tips, a detachable 0.78mm 2-pin SPC cable……..and even an Simgot emblem inspired brooch!

>Driver: 1x 10mm CNT dynamic driver + 1x Knowles balanced armature driver
>Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
>Sensitivity: 109dB
>Impedance: 32Ω
>Cable: Detachable 0.78mm 2-pin SPC cable

Here is where things get interesting. While incredibly small the EM2R produces a fairly big stage, especially if you choose the included wide-bore ear-tips. This is primarily due to a 33518 Knowles BA driver set right exactly flush to the back of nozzle screen. And just like see-through women’s lingerie, you can witness this business staring right back at you while looking through the nozzle screen. It’s fully an example of Hybrid contrasts………that such implementation works. And….with the addition of a third generation 10mm CNT DD, our build is complete. Yep…….a two driver affair. People have issues with the cable, yet it’s kind of a necessity maybe? Being these are so small, if someone didn’t have good secure placement due to the ear-tips, I could see how the clingy and drastic ear-hooks could add fitment in some situations. But the other issue is the tangly and unwieldily personality of the cable. So not only does the cable attach with thin yet powerful force, it’s a tangler too!

Anyways, the EM2R comes in a choice of two colors with mine showing itself as “black”….the other being “clear”. How this comes-off in real-life is the clear is clear, with the black being smoke with a faceplate of gray and silver. Upon closer inspection the faceplate has the words SIMGOT HIGH RESOLUTION and the back displaying 2 WAY HYBRID IEM. Such nomenclature would maybe be important if the EM2R ever fell into the second-hand market, but here it’s almost redundant. To top it off we arrive at a wonderful medium gold nozzle which sports a nice ring to hold ear-tips on. Due to the size of the EM2R it’s safe to say this IEM is almost all nozzle! Under closer examination a hidden faceplate vent is situated atop the “egg” shape on the faceplate, it’s into the plastic right where the metal shape apexes. It’s not a complication of the metal faceplate design, still who knows what that area does, other than add to the aesthetics? A back air vent is fully noted and tops what can be seen through the back as the 10mm CNT driver, with the words “ 2 WAY HYBRID IEM” circling in silver letters. The 0.78 2 pin is a qdc style of protruding build with the cable housing going over the top to add a support structure. All and all this style of shape works, yet it’s just barely big enough to give feed-back as to placement. Such economy of size will often have you do a quick readjustment into place as such an IEM has room to move and be reconfigured. I used a multitude of cables and while each cable offered its own style of fit, fitment was found rather easy.

Single 33518 Knowles BA driver:
You can hear the quality of the 33518 Knowles, as it's fairly complete and consistent at what it does. Such an add cost the company more money to include than some no-named driver. The BA timbre is also kept as a bare minimum, which is really giving a complement to SIMGOT for its placement is fairly nude and out in the open in tone. Where I can only imagine with other BA brands issuing the same frontal focus, things may not have worked out so well.

Where the endearing quality comes from finding a full-featured sound complete with tonal embellishments, things like high pitched cymbal splashes going off creative and real yet still slightly showing the unescapable BA sheen always present, even in the very best implementation. Things like positional imaging into the stage actually are amazing for a single BA to full-off here. While it almost seems like demanding too much from a single driver, the results are truly admirable and would almost make you question the need for more drivers. There is a singularity of purpose at hand, a pureness at hand with only one driver calling the shots. Such items are noted as single transients, which are part of a whole due to be generated from a single Knowles BA driver. And while BAs are always going to have less decay than full-range single DD set-ups, you kinda start to be able to enjoy the BA personality for being being what it truly is in the end.


It has been noted that the EM2R is highly dependent of your choice of ear-tip for sound character. Yep, a different style of response was found with foams, narrow-bore, or wide-bore tips. All seemingly altering the stage as well as imaging and frequency response. Such activity forces home any questions as to the importance of such adds. And while I will get to the bottom of the actual sound signature, such changes as ear-tips were imperative (to a point) to reaching a useable sound in the end. Just the fact that the 33518 Knowles BA is sitting right at the nozzle end, helps to identify the tip-response character. As you can almost imagine how the dispersion of sonics lead to either a wide, or narrow bore tip having a dramatic end affect! While not a foam user in practice, I have found the foam ear tips to offer an alternate style of response, seemingly enhancing bass tone as well as adding a style of smoothness to the overall signature, and while this is to be found as true with the EM2R, there was an over-all character and tone that was omnipresent in nature, seemingly resistive of ear-tips, cables or amplification. Yep, the EM2R was a stubborn little bugger!

While this ends a subject of debate among enthusiasts, its not without merit in that at least 1/2 of Head-Fi believes in them and their effect on sound. So? Why not put a couple into use to see if further altering of the EM2R could be found. Put simply…….the EM2R produces a forward and vibrant sound character……….probably almost too much anyone? While offering sub-bass over mid bass and upper bass, even that is ample in tone yet not of (true) dramatic density. The upper midrange is forced and is the very encapsulation of BA traits……..the timbre, the slight metallic tone, fast imaging and spacial send-offs…………..all combine to make the EM2R the poster-child of Hybrid characters. Do we toss it in the trash? Look at the box, look at the handy-work and imaginative extras. Simgot a 7 year-old IEM company with resources and know-how should be able to provide a good example of IEM art? While this is my first rodeo with a Simgot, I have noted their previous efforts. Plus there is one……..SIMGOT EN1000 $189.99 which uses a changeable 3.5mm cable to address personal sound preferences by installing different capacitors in each of the three separate 3.5mm plug choices!


That is right the SIMGOT EN1000 has……..three 3.5mm plugs and three different sounds! Who says with embedded capacitors IEM cables can't sound different?

Anyway, back to the EM2R:


Above Penon PAC480 cable:

Above ISN S8 Cable:

Above, the included cable:

I used the Penon Audio PAC480 cable, the ISN S8 cable and the included cable to try (along with ear-tips) change the sound character and align it to my wanted sound response. $49.50 $32.50

So is this a blatant advertisement for cables? Yes, it is…..but more than that it’s a diary of desperation……’s a story of attempting to salvage a response that was (subjectively) to intense. A way to smooth-out those hot-spots to turn-down the lights! Lol And fortunately both added cables worked with the PAC480 being the very best at what it did. Somehow the PAC480 works with midrange energy to align the temperament and smooth-out the roughies. Though I must warn you, it’s not perfect or totally smooth! Lol

DSC_0055.jpeg two.jpeg

The Sound Response:
In general:

Well I’ve already pretty much spilled the beans. But obviously there is more salt to pour in the wound! In truth I halfway like the response and to be honest it actually works with some musical genres and files. It’s just that they have created a musical microscope and whatever is served-up is what you in-fact hear. I may or may not get another Simgot IEM to review, but it is what it is……with honesty having a style of freedom here. And in fact if they do make another IEM………which warrants a sparkling positive review…… the end I still hope to accept such challenges!

The treble:
While expansive and big, the wide-bores go to allow the spacial expansions capable in the Simgot EM2R response. Such features may or may not be your personal choice. It’s very clear the midrange is really where the energy of the IEM takes place. With super high-up treble sparklers coming-off vivid and enhanced, yet with average to low density. Who says the $100 and under range of IEMs don’t do treble detail……lol. This particular IEM proves such fact as false, yet imbedded in that response is the clarity that this is intrinsically pure BA with BA timbre artifacts true and true. But you know how perception goes…….If you have never heard better, you may think this response is perfect….timbre and all. Electric guitars hold that steely brightness that often includes added harmonics and soundstage separation. And while this is razor sharp and clear……there must be other ways to get this treble done? You’re wondering why I didn’t just slap on a pair of bass ear-tips and call it a day? And….in many ways you’re right, how bass ear-tips add a comfortability and accessibility to the EM2R. Yet underneath it all still lurks all of our same issues…….no easy band-aid is to be found. With that said, there is a style of climate acclimation which starts to arrive with long term listening, yet why? Why would you subject yourself to the above when there are better choices out there? It’s the fact that there is a style of (midrange) forwardness combined with a thinness that simply is a no, no combination.

The midrange:
No physicality here to be found, expressed as lack of note weight! Thin. Yep, it’s all thin and without substance or density. Such timbre and placement affords a quick and speedy style of playback. Things are just getting out of the way as fast as they are introduced. And the vocals……well as you could imagine vocals both male and female are found front and center, yet again without any physicality to make them tangible or even real-life! They seem to pass by without even an emotion, much like a table-top FM radio. OK? I was hard on the EM2R with the table-top radio line………still, you get where I’m coming from.

The bass is an interesting concoction as it’s the only thing that’s not washed in BA tone, as it’s not a BA. Yet somehow even the bass is given a subtraction of density? Yep, it’s FR has a range but it starts to lose its authority…….where it’s OK, as in a way it complements the rest of the response. But still it’s thin and lackluster in both execution and emotion…….seemingly doing just what’s demanded and nothing more. While such a show can be fast and responsive, it’s also speedy and tactile none the less. The part of the bass that’s fun is the hidden presentation that is normally found as a plus in BA bass response, where the bass comes out of no-where and goes away just as fast, I will give it that. While enough to just barely get by, the sub bass tone is doing most of what is heard, and while big sounding, it's still kept at bay by the pure (lack-of) density it contains.

Transient response:
You can probably guess where all this is going. Yep, the transients are the best part of the response. Give us a forward-in-nozzle 33518 Knowles BA driver and stuff is created and moves with precision. Add a non-authoritative style of bass replay, and the transient action is on. There is no physicality to hold it down, no realness to exist in the first place. It’s all airy and fun, yet at the same time giving you a window to view this 33518 Knowles up-front and personal. That’s right the movement out into the stage and fast imaging is the tell-tale signature of what makes the Knowles a force of nature in this style of sound. The bass being the style displayed goes along to open the window into this style of midrange action! In true BA nature, the Knowles creates, defines and removes with clockwork like precision. There are few adds of actual real-life echoes or reverberations to cloud the stage. Everything gets out of the way for the next musical image to take place. My favorite part of EM2R replay!

I’m always looking for a way in, a way to like an IEM. And while I could be guilty of often liking thicker playback, here with the EM2R we are gifted with the very opposite! That in and of itself probably needs to be addressed, as no matter what, IEM reviews are ultimately subjective. Even the most prominent and highly regarded “objective” reviews are ultimately subjective when you get down to the nitty-gritty. So it is what it is, I can’t realistically recommend this IEM. Does that mean it’s bad? No not really, I mean under certain conditions, with the right sound file, the right source and the right ear-tips it’s fun……..just not as fun as other equally priced IEMs readily available. I sincerely wished they could have taken 90% of the energy in the unboxing experience and somehow spent more work on tuning the IEM……….just putting a nozzle filter in, instead of fancy box art or a Simgot emblem inspired brooch! Am I being too critical, or am I jaded by too many IEMs? I guess not. I’m simply using my experience to justify my options. There are simply too many good IEMs in this price bracket to justify the existence of this one in someone’s collection. And the saddest part is I love the Hybrid sound, if anyone was supposed to give the EM2R a fantastic review it should have been me. I don’t normally really mind the BA timbre if it’s kept in check. I love the separation and contrast that is arrived at with the use of two or three driver methodologies. In fact I normally love the sound of a good home theater style of playback in an IEM…….look at my KZ ZS10 PRO X review! That’s the IEM you should buy instead, at 1/3 of the price of the EM2R.

Simgot EM2R
US $109.99

This promotion code of EM2R has 5%off discount.
The promotion code: 8387J4UP

This 5% off discount can also be combined with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount(at least 20%off discount.!USD!US $109.99!US $109.99!US $109.99!!!!@210318c216671717238992109e431d!12000030007761115!sh01&spm=a2g0o.store_pc_home.productList_2003377605068.pic_0&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa&_randl_shipto=US


The unboxing event:






These are one persons ideas and concepts, your results may vary.

Equipment Used:
Sony WM1Z Walkman DAP MrWalkman Firmware 4.4mm and 3.5mm
Sony WM1A Walkman DAP MrWalkman Firmware 4.4mm and 3.5mm
Sony TA-ZH1ES DAC/AMP Firmware 1.03
Electra Glide Audio Reference Glide-Reference Standard "Fatboy" Power Cord
Sony Walkman Cradle BCR-NWH10
AudioQuest Carbon USB
UA3 Dongle DAC/Amplifier 4.4mm and 3.5mm
Samsung Android smartphone 3.5mm
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I just want to say that I really appreciate your review on these, putting forward your opinion and showing that it really is an interestingly subjective field where people will always have different opinions on how things sound.
Thanks, I would like to live in a perfect world, but at times it just isn’t so. Probably my biggest issue was note-weight and and the lack of it! Gosh, I tried to like them! But....I hope someone else likes them. Peace!


Headphoneus Supremus
Simgot EM2R hybrid IEMs
Pros: Smaller side of medium tear drop shaped housing. Very comfortable to use
Modern looks with a clean design.
Forward vocal presentation
Good technical aspects, with standout clarity
Good detail retrieval.
Good balancing despite being a v shaped tuning
Highly resolving carbon nanotube dynamic+ Knowles BA
Decent average passive isolation.
Easy to drive but scales to more power
Stylish packaging. Waifu infused
Average head stage but sounds spacious.
Versatile and competitive at the price point.
Cons: A bit rigid in its presentation.
Tip dependent which can make them sound bright to bassy.
Slightly uneven for its mids presentation.
Upper mid presence might be a bit much for some.
Bass will depend on a tight-fitting tip.
Annoying stiff ear guides that stick into your ears.
Cable is much more tangle prone than I would like.
Simgot EM2R

Simgot stands for simple and elegant. An IEM manufacturer that has been around since 2015. Had some great success with their initial offerings the EN700pro, EK and EM series. Quote taken directly from my inquiry about the company from their rep. “ We trust only the finest product and perfect service, only the fusion of old school rules and fashion creativity. Don't give in to conservative and troubles, we will redefine your senses. Stop step around and start set out. Salute to art and science.” I am sure this translates better in Chinese but regardless I get their meaning there.

Disclaimers: The Simgot EM2R was provided for the purpose of a review by Simgot. The EM2R has been burned in for a period of a week's time and are now ready for evaluation using my sources. IBasso DX300, IBasso DX160, Shanling M6pro, Fiio M15, BTR7, IFI gryphon, IFI signature and Fiio K7 for amping. You can look up the Simgot EM2R on both aliexpress and amazon.


What you get/ build
The new trend for new IEMs. It is all about the waifu infused presentation. Instead of the usual Anime inspired waifu we get a more traditional hottie Chinese Waifu. Ok so this is someone's idea of a sexy waifu character. It's a nice touch and certainly living up to the newer trend for IEM packages. Its medium sized box houses the earphones. A well matching, yet annoying silver-plated copper cable in single ended. Will let you know why in the review. Two sets of silicone tips. One labeled bass tips and another set labeled crystal clear tips. A smaller sized flip lid case.

I personally prefer the clear tips as the bass tips seem to slightly neuter the overall clarity and details a bit for the sake of better bass. Clear tips are shorter and much wider vs the longer narrow bore of the bass tips. This to me sounds more balanced vs the bass tips. Your experiences may vary so I would definitely try out both. The quality of the tips are just ok. Nothing special in fact I am certain 99% of folks that get a set of the EMR2 will use much better aftermarket tips. The case that comes with the package is a smaller pleather case that fits the IEMs and cables but not so much the tips. Overall, the accessories package is just average. I was hoping for more sets of tips actually as tips in the scheme of things don’t cost much. Even though the included tips are serviceable, more is never a bad thing.

The build of the EM2R is a familiar smaller side of medium teardrop shape which houses two well matching drivers. 10mm 3rd generation carbon nanotube diaphragm handing the bass to mids and a single Knowles BA handling the trebles. The housing is plastic light, comfortable yet solid in its build. Certainly takes on a modern look with its visual design. Build wise I have nothing to complain about for the shells itself but the inclusion of one of the most annoying obnoxious cables I have ever used on an earphone takes the EM2R a step back from glory in my opinion.
Let me explain. The included cable utilizes some stiff ear guides and then the actual cable make up is a thin flimsy type of cable. Every time I take the EM2R out of its case. Using the 3-finger method to wrap up the cables works fine but don't expect it to stay the same shape as you put it in the case. I have to untangle it as the ear guides make themselves go wherever they please. This happened so many times it was more than annoying than I would like to admit. A $100 level IEM should come with better cables that don't easily tangle is my point and the ear guides are even more annoying. Unfortunately these tangle and tangles a lot.

EM2R has a surprising average passive isolation for IEMs. It's not an outstanding isolation like all resin builds but certainly usable outdoors. The EM2R is using a protruding 2 pin design which originates from stage monitor IEMs as monitor IEMs needed to have better strength for the performer, so the protruding 2 pin were developed as the answer. The matching cable sits very sturdy on the housing and should provide good use as long as you're ok untangling the EM2R every time you take them out of the case. This is where I feel Simgot could have done better. Given the tonal qualities of the EM2R. I would have preferred a pure copper type cable which would have matched better for its sonics. One with no annoying ear guides and not tangle prone. The included cable has decent transparency but seems to enhance detail aspects of the EM2R vs adding body of note. Thin cables do that. So while serviceable, not the best matching cable.

The protruding 2 pin design I am not a fan of. The idea of using a universal .78mm 2 pin design is so you can use aftermarket cables in balanced. And you still can but in order to fit correctly you have to order recessed 2 pin cables with a shroud covering the 2 pins or QDC type cables. Which eliminates my entire 2 pin cable collection from being used properly. Your standard 2 pin cables work on them, but they are going to stand tall on the housing which does not look right or feel secure. This is my point.

I get the idea of the protruding 2 pins but for consumer use, they would have done better with a standard or recessed 2 pin design. The included cable does connect securely and that was the idea behind the design so it's not a loss.

The sound
EM2R has a variation of a v shaped tuning with what seems to be enhancements at the sub bass, upper mids, and lower to mid trebles. I do recommend a good burn in for the EM2R as they sounded a touch harsh on open listen. It seemed to me they get better cohesion as they age and that is always a good thing. It was a very good choice by Simgot to let the very capable carbon nanotube dynamic handling the bass to mids presentation for the EM2R. This allows the EM2R to have very good technical aspects as well as nicely done dynamic timbre and a spacious sound for the EM2R.

The carbon nanotube dynamic was first introduced by JVC of all companies with their budget IEM the FX40 about 10 years ago. Yes I still own this set. And the one aspect that is very good about this particular driver is for its technical ability. Which clearly shows in the EM2R. Bass impact and definition, mids presence, detail and clarity. The Carbon nanotube and its siblings, Carbon, graphene dynamics have been used as a sound enhancing dynamic for IEMs since.

The advantage of using a single Knowles BA for trebles is that it can clearly portray treble frequencies with little to no struggle at all.. Added to the fact that Simgot has put the BA right in the nozzle to give you a clear shot at the trebles. The BA in the nozzle is debatable if that gets you, “better treble.” Some may argue that this causes a bit too much forwardness for trebles but to be honest. It is more about the tuning more than anything. I have heard IEMs that seem to sound a bit more forward for trebles due to the treble in the nozzle design but I also own a few IEMs that blend in perfectly well with the rest of the tuning with a similar BA in the nozzle design. So which is it for Simgot? A bit of both. Here is why. They included 2 types of tips for a reason. Some folks just like trebles a bit more than others. EM2R is not the most tip sensitive but they do have a tendency to be brighter with the right or wrong tips, pending on how you see it. The Treble tuning here is ample in design meaning there is plenty of treble for its balancing.

Trebles have good usable presence but also can come a bit hot if you got the wrong tips involved. The good news there is that you can tip experiment till you hear it the way you want to for the EM2R. The treble BA are focused well for its intended use but comes a touch metallic and a bit forced at times. Its nicely detailed and mostly clean but does seem to be emphasized a touch more in the balancing in conjunction with a healthy amount of upper mids presence. Not the most extended treble but certainly has plenty of sparkle when called upon. Its tonal character is slightly brighter over neutral and the BAs work like tweeters for the EM2R. Even without knowing what drivers are being used for the trebles, you can tell they are using BAs here due to the infamous BA timbre. BA performance for treble is clean, clear, well defined with excellent transient qualities but on the opposite hand comes a bit rigid if not a touch digital in approach. Simgot could have used their 10mm Carbon Nanotube driver to cover all parts of its tuning. But you do get a bit of the extra treble presence here and it isn’t just because of more treble presence. Definition is a standout due to the treble tuning and hence the EM2R is nicely defined in all regions for its sound presentation.

Of the EM2R are a standout. The Carbon nanotube drivers do a great job with better definition, dynamism and timbre aspect than most for the price range. This is clearly due to the drivers being used. Its technicals are done nicely with a well separated image. Shows better than average dimensional character due to the nicely done separation and layering. Vocals sound forward due to the ample lower and upper mids presence. Some might find the upper mids to be a bit much as this casts a clean and clear overall tonal character with vocals that are forward projecting on the EM2R sound presentation. I personally don’t find the vocal to be overly forward but that will depend on a person's sensibilities for the upper mid region. Apparently the EM2R was tuned for vocal presentations as vocal ranges especially female vocals stand front and center of your imaging. It is a type of coloration for more music enjoyment, depending on how you see it.

Folks that are sensitive to forward vocals and ample upper mids will be sensitive to the EMR2 tuning. Its mids are a touch uneven in emphasis vs your traditional harmon tuned IEMs. But makes up for it with some very nice technicalities for its tuning.

Imaging, sound separation, detail on a macro level, decent timbre with clean tonal qualities are all at a good healthy level with some moderate stage involved. This presentation would have been better with a larger wider and deeper stage but for what it has, its certainly not a canned sound. The resolve of the carbon nanotube dynamic is clearly on display for the EM2R. It can sound a touch analytical at times but manages to not be just about the detail. Folks that take a premium to clean sound presentations would like the EM2Rs sound presentation.

Of the EM2R is there to enhance the mid-range. The tight, speedy, fairly deep hitting bass end of the EM2R also is presented with a good amount of detail for its presentation. This is where the carbon nanotube really shows what it can do. Bass sounds effortless and always on point. Its moderate emphasized bass tuning is clear of any masking or shadowing of the sounds. The bass end has a natural tonal character and has some surprising impactful ness with a good texture that is always a pleasure to listen to. Nothing sloppy or unrefined for the bass end. It does its job without any hesitation or off tonality. The bass end is one of the better aspects of the EM2Rs tuning. Bass fanatics will want a bit more in the way of quantity but the quality of the bass end is above average for the price range. Bass seems slightly more sub bass focused than mid bass and how well your tips fit your ears makes a big difference in how much impact your going to be hearing. If you use loose fitting tips you will wonder where all the bass went but if you have a tight sealing tip, something like the Azla Crystal fit tips. You will get a much better bass experience.

In the end.
The EM2R is a capable detailed IEM with good dynamics and a clear clean sound profile. While some might take issue with just how much upper mid emphasis it has. I feel it was tuned that way to deliver a forward vocal presentation. It will definitely depend on how sensitive you are to that region. These make for excellent pod cast, audio book or any music with vocals involved due to is vocal forward tuning is overall versatile.

Its cohesion is not the best but certainly not bad at the same time. The strong aspects of the EM2R are in its technical sound presentation and in the price range has to be one of the better iems for picking off details for your music. The EMR2 is just a touch of analytical but still retains a musical sound signature.. They could have used some better balancing for the mids, better treble extension but taken as they are. These sound enjoyable at the price range nonetheless. The EM2R is a good sounding IEM but also has some negatives in the tangly included cable with an uncomfortable stiff ear guide and a protruding 2 pin design that is counter intuitive to the very reason why going with a 2 pin design in the first place. Overall the EM2R is a nicely detailed hybrid that can do with some improvements in its tuning and its accessories. Simgot did a good job in making the EM2R competitive at the price range, though the package could have been a bit better.

With the competition heating up in the $100 price range for IEMs I feel the EM2R can compete. For folks that want a lot of bass with warmth or a harmon balanced IEM you will do best to look else were. But if you're in the market to find a vocal forward monitor and like a cleanly detailed well imaged technical capable sound profile for IEMs. These might be what you're looking for. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read. Happy listening always.

As of time of reviewing the Simgot EM2R is on sale on their Amazon page here with a bit of a discount on top of the coupon being shown for a less than $100 sale price. Use promo code YPAO78PT


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