1. D

    What IEM?

    Source will be lossless on iPhone connected to Audioquest Dragonfly Red. I previously have used Etymotic ER4P (20 years ago), and from about 10 years ago the Shure 535. I liked the attenuation and neutrality of the ER4P, I thought overall sound was a bit better on the Shure 535. I just broke the...
  2. J

    Recommendation for SE535 upgrade

    I need some advice. I am currently using Shure SE535 and Apple Airpods Max. I would like to have something better to replace SE535. I like the sound of Airpods Max in general. The bass and clarity are good, but the vocal sound could be better. Since it is too big to carry around, I cannot...
  3. rattywolf

    How to spot fake Shure SE535 by their box?

    I've seen Shure SE535 for the price of their cable in a store website. I checked it offline as it's near me, and there's no mistake, it's their real price. Unfortunately, they didn't want to open the box for me as they would have to make a discount if I don't buy the earphones and leave the box...
  4. C

    SE535 for Classical?

    I need an IEM for classical music (large symphonic works), and I wanted to know how the 535s would work in this situation? These will be for on the go listening with my A&K Kann, which is loaded with 24/192 FLAC and DSD files. I'm not interested in the ER4s, because as a low brass player, I like...
  5. locke9342

    SE 535 cable upgrade

    My stock cables for my 535s are starting to die out, and I'm looking for an upgrade under $150. I read a lot about the baldur mk2 and mk3, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Any recommendations?
  6. F

    Shure se535 iem for sale $225

    I have a nice pair of shure se535s to sell. I bought them new a few years ago, and shortly thereafter upgraded to the 846s, so these have had very little use. Condition is excellent. $225 covers shipping and paypal fee. Pictures available on request. The color is bronze. Sale will include...
  7. N

    bose qc30 vs shure se535

    i already own a bose qc30. using it for a year now.its wireless. so i need a earphone which dont need any charging. recently i am hearing a lot about shure earbuds. for my budget i can afford se535. even though its not wireless, its 150+ aud more expensive then qc30. so does it has any better...
  8. R

    A smartphone with low noise floor?

    I'm looking for a new phone that would, hopefully, pair well with my Shure SE535s. To me that means no audible hiss first, low distortion second, and detail, soundstage, etc. third. Needless to say, the one thing that gets most on my nerves is the hissing. I know the bar is high, because these...
  9. Soham Sengupta

    Recommendation on iems under $500 or Rs. 30000

    Hello, I need some recommendation on iems under $500 or Rs.30000 as I live in india. I have found 3 iems that falls in this range - Noble audio trident, JH audio Michelle and shure se535. Which of them is better? Also, if you know of some iem that is similar or better than these 3 in the same...
  10. Pindi

    Noble Audio Dulce Bass

    Hi, My Shure SE535 recently gave up on me so I'm in the market for a new pair of earphones. I was thinking of custom Noble Dulce Bass but by the time I get them back from Noble, after VAT and import charges (I'm in the UK), I could be looking at around £1200 whereas the universal ones will run...
  11. O

    Seeking advice on iPhone + Shure SE535

    To play FLACs on the go, I'm considering one of the following setups. 1. FLAC --> iPhone SE --> Dragonfly Black --> Shure SE535 2. FLAC --> iPhone SE --> FiiO i1 --> Shure SE535 Which one will sound better and be more comfortable? Is there an obvious weakness in either? I heard that...