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Seeking advice on iPhone + Shure SE535

  1. overgang
    To play FLACs on the go, I'm considering one of the following setups.

    1. FLAC --> iPhone SE --> Dragonfly Black --> Shure SE535
    2. FLAC --> iPhone SE --> FiiO i1 --> Shure SE535

    Which one will sound better and be more comfortable? Is there an obvious weakness in either? I heard that the Dragonfly can be too powerful for the SE535.
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    sorry I haven't tried any of those sources, but the very obvious concern here with a se535 is sensitivity. it's even to this day one of the most sensitive stuff in the world. which means that obviously you need to be able to get a pretty low gain, but even more important, the amp section you're using must have really low noise or you'll get some audible hiss. you'll want to ask owners of those gears if they have very sensitive IEMs and if they have noticed audible background noise.

    dragonfly has been having a few hiss issues in the past, so you really want to make sure the Black is fine.
  3. overgang
    And what about plugging the SE535 directly into the iPhone? Is this a blasphemy? I mean, will the iPhone's internals do justice to the earphone's quality?

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