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Noble Audio Dulce Bass

  1. Pindi

    My Shure SE535 recently gave up on me so I'm in the market for a new pair of earphones.

    I was thinking of custom Noble Dulce Bass but by the time I get them back from Noble, after VAT and import charges (I'm in the UK), I could be looking at around £1200 whereas the universal ones will run me £599.

    The sound signature of the Dulce Bass seem to match what I'm after but would anyone recommend anything else for around £500-£1000?

    Also, I was thinking of picking up a Pioneer XDP-300R because my Drangonfly Red doesn't play well with Android but the alternative would be to just run the Dulce Bass straight from my Pixel 2 XL. Has anyone got any experience with the Dulce Bass?

  2. Dulalala
    You could stick with Shure and go for the SE846,
  3. Pindi
    I was thinking about the se846. Any idea on what the bass is like compared to the dulce bass? After years of the se535, I'm after something that really hits hard while maintaining the clarity of a high end iem and the dulce bass seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

    I've heard bad things about the fit though on noble universal iems and my main use of these would be in the gym. The se535 stayed in my ears perfectly and I'd assume the se846 would too. Anyone have any input on noble fit?
  4. Dulalala
    Well I've never heard the Dulce Bass but the SE846 hits hard in the sub bass. I have tried other Noble Audio and to be honest, the fit isn't that bad if you're justing sitting down, but for gym... I wouldn't use em.

    The SE846 is slightly bulkier than the SE535, it does have an extra driver and a physical low pass filter inside after all. If the SE535 fits you fine, I'm willing to bet the SE846 will too.

    Just so you're aware, if you use these in the gym make sure to clean the MMCX connector every once in a while because all that sweat causes the connectors to oxidize. The built up oxide can cause signal cut outs.
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  5. Pindi

    I've no worries about the se846 fitting well, I'm just wondering how heavy the bass is. From what I've read, the Dulce Bass sound signature is damn near perfect for what I'm after so I might have to try and demo a pair somewhere. Failing that, I guess it's the SE846. I think Amazon do returns even on in-ears so if the SE846 aren't what I'm after, they can always go back. It's a shame Noble don't sell on Amazon here

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