1. ddcpitt

    [Mint] Schiit Asgard 2 *Fourth Price Drop*

    Hello there,   I have been living happily with my V200 as my primary headphone amplifier for a few months now and the Asgard 2 has been relegated to pre-amp duty for my Airmotiv 5 monitors. I have decided I no longer require a pre-amp so I am letting it go.   This amplifier is in excellent...
  2. moriez

    Schiit Modi [ EU only ]

    Still looking for the Schiit Modi (230V). As long as it's technically 100% and within reason I don't mind a scratch and scuff or two. Appreciated if you'd PM me. Thanks in advance.
  3. JD1993

    DT 990s and the Schiit Asgard 2?

    Due to the recent price drop of the DT-990 250 ohm Pros, I am seriously considering picking up a pair. However, I have no way of knowing how good it will sound on my setup, as I have only ever listened to them at a meet. Can anyone tell me a bit about how it sounds with the Schiit Asgard 2? Thanks!
  4. HiFan

    [4 month old] Schiit Asgard 2

    Hi,   I recently decided to sell my Schiit Asgard 2 since I realize I need something better for my K701.   The unit is like new. SQ is definitely better than my old A1. The soundstage is wider, bass more vivid, and higher power output, just like the reviews said.    I had a Hifi-tuning...
  5. TheChosen0ne

    Can you dudes recommend me audiophile speakers?

    I haven't used speakers in a decade and a half and at that time I didn't even know the word audiophile existed so I didn't know how amazing music can sound.  Right now I have the Asgard 2 and Uber Bifrost with the HE 500 and been using that combination for months now but feel like going back to...
  6. JD1993

    ~$200-$300 DACs to go along with the Schiit Asgard 2

    I've been looking at the Schiit Asgard 2 for my Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads, and I need a nice DAC that can plug into my computer via USB. I looked at the Bifrost, but apparently it didn't come with USB, and is a bit too expensive. Are there any other DACs that I could use in the place of the Bifrost...
  7. Extra

    Wrong Forum.

    Wrong Forum.
  8. eac3

    $1k Budget for DAC & Amp for Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs (& Alpha Dogs)

    This is a followup post to the "$500 budget for Mag Dogs" thread someone else posted. They settled on a Schiit Bitfrost and Asgard 2.   I currently have the Mad Dog's with the Schiit stack and probably will get the Alpha Dog's once reviews start coming in (and possible offered in another...
  9. Grado77

    WA2 vs Valhalla 2 vs Crack Speedball

    I am really itching for a WA2 but have a Valhalla 2 and will be building a Crack with Speedball this week.   I've had a WA2 in the cart but can't quite seem to push the buy button.   I'll be using T1 and HD800 mainly.   I love the multiple inputs of the WA2 but if there isn't a huge leap...
  10. brian1115

    Need Help Connecting Speakers to Computer

    Hi guys I am a noob to audio stuff.  I have these two Kenwood speakers in my basement that have not had much use.  I am planning on building a new computer and was going to get new speakers, but since I have these I might as well put them to use and save some cash.  The model #s of the speakers...
  11. Za Warudo

    Need help picking an amp

    Hi, I'm looking for an amp to pair with my HE-400, Fidelio X1, and Q701. I am currently using a X3 to drive them, but I want a real desktop rig. My budget for the amp is $200 but I would be willing to go over a bit if the performance is worth it. I've heard that the M-Stage pairs well with these...
  12. Velsu

    Time for an upgrade - which headphone amp?

    Heya,   At the moment im using Titanium HD + Beyerdynamic DT 990 250 ohm (premium's) setup. I must say its great and im amazed that this sound card can drive them so well without any help. But 1 year passed and i feel i want more, i want to make another step forward and its time for...
  13. JD1993

    Desktop DAC/AMP Combos for the Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads?

    I've been using the FiiO E09K/E17 with my Mad Dogs w/ Alpha Pads and it sounds good, but I know that I can do better if I am willing to spend a bit more. For now, let's say my budget is $500 or less. What can you recommend for an amplifier and a DAC? Also, size is a bit of a constraint seeing as...
  14. GodIsAnAstronau

    What headphones should I get? I need help

    They do not need to be portable they will be used in my room that's all. I listen to mostly ambient, acoustic, post-rock, experimental music, Some bands would be Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut, Pelican, Explosions in the Sky, Isis, Neurosis, Album leaf, Russian circles, etc. I also listen to some...
  15. grizzlybeast

    Schiit Bifrost and Asgard 2 Combo VS. Audio Gd Compass 2 9018(version) or any other?

    BIFROST+ASGARD VS. AUDIO-GD COMPASS 2? Hi anyone who is willing to give advice or discuss I would appreciate it. Specially If you have heard or know about any of these two amps. I don't mind regurgitation as long as it is accurate.   under 750 total key needs: mids, bass, detail...
  16. Climber

    FS: Schiit Asgard and Matrix M-Stage

    Need to clear some room and at least one of these has to go:   Matrix M-Stage, late 2012 edition with the better transformer.  I bought this to mod but haven't gotten around to it and doesn't look like I will anytime soon.   Schiit Asgard.  Serial #420 (quit giggling, potheads), so it's the...
  17. Schiit Asgard 2

    Schiit Asgard 2

    Asgard 2 is the next generation of one of the most popular headphone amps in the world, boasting higher performance and convenience features such as switchable gain and preamp outputs. It’s a versatile control center for your desktop system, ideal for most headphones from IEMs to orthos, and...