Schiit Bifrost and Asgard 2 Combo VS. Audio Gd Compass 2 9018(version) or any other?
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My name is grizzlybeast and I'm an audioholic.
Dec 26, 2012


Hi anyone who is willing to give advice or discuss I would appreciate it. Specially If you have heard or know about any of these two amps. I don't mind regurgitation as long as it is accurate.
under 750 total
key needs:
mids, bass, detail, instrument seperation, loud!(though I don't always listen loud it is nice to have sometimes.)
- Cant take up an extra amount of real estate on my desk because I have 8 inch studio monitors.
- Needs to be able to power orthos with good headroom i.e. he-400, alpha dog, he - 500, lcd 2 (excluding the extremes like he-6 and he 5le)  I don't need 6 watts either, though that would work.
- Can't be overly bright and without weight in sound. Lack of bass is a no go but it doesnt need to be a bass head amp either.
- 32 bits and detailed. 
- Don't want to do speaker taps this time (had emotiva and sold it. Not because I didn't like it but purchased some other things and I dont want the desk real estate issue again)
- slight warmth is welcome as long as it remains detailed and has good instrument separation. ( 
I narrowed it down to these two options because they are in my price range and seem to be the best so far I can find and I couldn't find a direct comparison. 
I previously owned an aune t1 and an emotiva mini x-a 100. I liked it but since I sold it to purchase something that has nothing to do with headphones, I am ready to try what I have been missing. I'm not really into the sterile sound. I am undecided about trying too many tubes because I know that the sound is based on distortion somewhat. But it could be a misconception I have and a mental thing thinking that tube amps will equal not true to source listening. The other part of me is interested in exploring more tube options. 
Thank you very much in advance. 
I'm trying to bang my buck pretty hard. 
one last note. if it is an integrated DAC + Amp unit 500 is my limit because I can't drop 750 all at once Unless it's realllllly worth it.
 THIS RIG IS FOR: 1st Alpha dog( I know neutral is good for this one but I dont mind a little color, just a little. I know noone has heard it yet) , 2nd He-400, LCD 2 (eventually/possibly), 

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