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Asgard 2 is the next generation of one of the most popular headphone amps in the world, boasting higher performance and convenience features such as switchable gain and preamp outputs. It’s a versatile control center for your desktop system, ideal for most headphones from IEMs to orthos, and with pre outs for powered desktop speakers.

Significantly Improved Performance
We used what we learned in Mjolnir to significantly improve Asgard 2’s performance. A high-voltage, cascoded JFET gain stage feeds a high-current Class A MOSFET output section. The 80V rails on the gain stage allow us to reduce distortion, while retaining Asgard’s no-overall-feedback design in high-gain mode.

Additional Versatility: From IEMs to Orthos to Active Monitors
Asgard 2 offers two gain settings. The low-gain mode is perfect for high-sensitivity IEMs, while the high-gain mode is ideal for most other headphones, up to and including many orthodynamics. In addition, the preamp outputs can easily be connected to powered speakers, for a complete desktop system.

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Member of the Trade: Acorn Audio
Pros: Warm sound goes very well with brighter or even neutral headphones. Provides plenty of power.
Cons: Might be stuffy sounding on warm-tuned headphones. Gets really hot.
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Thanks for the detailed review, I wanted an amp to mellow down my Beyer T1 2nd gen, this review helps me to confirm Asgard 2 amp


New Head-Fier
Pros: Transparent, Warm and inviting, Relatively flat, Smooth yet detailed
Cons: It gets so hot you can fry an egg. I'm not kidding....
I own 3 High-end headphones ( HD 600, HD-650s, and HE 500s) and this amplifier does everything I want it to do. The headphones have been driven with authority, speed and transparency. The sound is relatively flat and the voices are smooth yet detailed. This is some truly remarkable schiit regardless of what some people have said here. I have an ODAC + o2 and I quickly noticed the difference In all areas of the sound. This includes separation, dynamics, and warmness with a remarkable mid-range presentation. The o2+oDAC combo now sounds somewhat "Dry" in comparison but I still recommend it to those on a tight budget.
The service provided by schiit was truly remarkable. Legendary, actually. I had contacted them about some minor problems I had with static when touching the knobs and sides and they helped me out with everything until the problems ceased to exist. After over 40 messages and hours of trouble-shooting, we came to the conclusion that what was causing the static  between the Asgard+Bifrost was my computer's PC power cord. Never In my life have I experienced such professionalism from such a small company. Outstanding service.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: Great build quality, ample output, selectable gain, easy to use and setup
Cons: Volume knob gets hot when the rest of the case does, but not unusable
It's day one with the new Bifrost and Asgard 2 setup, and I'm blown away.  These two have completely changed the way my PC audio sounds, and yet given me a path to even better equipment in the future.
Noise is non-existent, even in high gain mode.  Any noise I heard before on the same rig is now gone.  My headphones, a pair of V-Moda M100's, sound best on low gain, so that's where I'm leaving it.  This does not surprise me, as they have been capable of output on any 1/8th in. jack I've plugged them into.
You may have heard that these get hot.  They do, but not dangerously so, and not unreasonable for a class A amp.  My background in audio is mostly in home theater, and this is on par with one of the home theater class A amps in both sound and heat.  The knob also gets hot at the same time.  It is not untouchable, but you will notice if you're using it a lot.  I don't, personally.  I set it and forget it for most listening.  Further, since I'm using it as a computer DAC, I also have the option of OS volume control if it really bothers me.
Sound output on this amp is great.  If you want to deafen yourself, you can absolutely do that with this amp.  I don't recommend it, obviously.  The knob goes from 7 o'clock to 5 o'clock for zero to max.  I keep it around the 10 o'clock position and it's already well above theater reference with more than 180 degrees of knob to go.  Headroom, therefore, is ample. 
Sound is clean and uncolored from what I can tell.  They didn't do a great job of pointing it out, but this little headphone only amp has more capacitance than most home theater receivers by far, and more than some dedicated multi-channel amps.  Just when I think I'm getting used to the amount of clean bass output it has to offer, another song comes on that one-ups the previous ones and surprises me again.
At the risk of using buzz words too often, I now understand what people mean when they say ear fatigue.  I used to have that problem with these headphones, and I thought it was the headphones doing it.  Once I started using the Schiit combo, I've been able to listen for hours without my ears feeling tired, ringing, or experiencing tinnitus-like symptoms when I take the headphones off.
In summary, I cannot recommend this amp any higher.  I now have sound that competes with, and in some cases, surpasses, what I have accomplished in a dedicated room with home theater equipment and multiple subs, even while at work.  Amazing.  Grab it before Schiit realizes they can get way more money for this amazing little unit.
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I love my schiit (lyr and bifrost), but they have been replaced in my main listening room. They are in my office now and I am starting to turn some of my co workers into head fiers?
I love my Asgard 2 with my Pro900's for electronic/metal music. It is also the first amp I've tried with my Beyer T70's that have a completely silent background (they're extremely sensitive), sounds amazing with the new VNV nation orchestral album, Resonance. Also sounds great with my HD650's
Couldn't recommend this amp more to someone looking for sub $500 solid state amp.
Willy 2 Streams
Willy 2 Streams
Schitt has these on close out now for $119, which has to be the deal of the decade! I got one, and am impressed enough with it that I might snag another before they are all gone.


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