1. MrVasarovsky

    X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion VS Realtek AC 1150

    Hello, Can you suggest, will getting Fatal1ty increase the sound performance over Realtek when using SPDIF to my Fiio E09K+E17 Combo?
  2. Falcon10275

    Can someone receommend $100 or less headphones for PC and Portable listening

    Hi Guys,   My budget is $100.   I only want a pair of headphones.  I do not want to get into DAC's or Amplifiers or any add-ons.   I will be listening to High bit rate MP3's or WAV's from CD's.  I will be listening on a computer with a Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium fatality sound card     or...
  3. bronco862

    Getting the Most out of my ATH-AD700 & X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro

    Hey,     after a bit of research i decided to purchase the AD700 and an X-Fi titanium fatal1ty Pro.   most of what i do is gaming, and i can't tell if i'm setting up my settings in the proper way.    the sound quality is greatly improved, although i feel like i was expecting more...
  4. DecimalCoyote

    X-Fi Titanium HD v X-Fi Titanium FATAL1TY Champion PCIe

    I'm looking at getting one of these sound cards for my PC and was wondering which is better or if there is any difference at all in the 2.   I really like the bracket thing of the FATALITY, can the HD come with one also?   Thanks in advance for the help   EDIT forgot to mention it...
  5. MSnyder85

    Which Fiio to go along with PC350 and Creative Titanium X-FI Fatal1ty PCI-e

    Hello all! As far as the title goes, I am wondering which amp do I need to properly push the PC350's? I know they have an impedance of 150. I was looking at the Fiio E6 which is nice and cheap but I don't want to be robbing my cans too short. Is it any good? I was also looking at the E7, E10 and...
  6. Ahereon

    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion PCIe supports DTS and Dolby?

    Hi audiophiles,    I'm new at the forum, my name is John, I'm from Argentina, and recently found out about this forum, I got a lot of relevant and useful information from it. I'm in the process of putting together a gaming and entertainment rig, I want to watch HD Movies and be able to...
  7. jugate

    XFi and windows 8 64x

    hi actualy i am using xfi fatalyty PCI on win 8 64x and it sems to be stable. My doubt is if there is a audio driver non beta or i must wait? thanks, sory for my spanglish :P
  8. gopanthersgo1

    Best soundcard

    I am wanting to buy a sound card, which will then go into a DAC, then an amp for my headphones.  It will also be used to send the PC audio to my home theater, any suggestions? (I have a pair of k702's, and am going to get a 5.1 channel Polk setup (don't know the receiver yet) (I'm also using...
  9. Solarium

    Best amp paired with X-fi Titanium Fatal1ty (non-HD version) + HD 598

    As above, I have a PCI-E version of the Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty (non-HD) sound card, the one without the built in headphone amp.   I have been using the Klipsch iFi speakers with it and it's an absolute blast, until my neighbors started complaining me playing Skrillex at 4AM.   I did...

    Wait, soundcard to external DAC?

    I have been doing this, but don't understand why, let alone why anyone else is. Why are we buying a soundcard with a DAC inside, only to use coax or optical and hook it to an external DAC? Why don't we just use the analog outs to an amp?   also   Are they both decoding, or what?    
  11. TyTB

    My CreAtive X-Fi Titanium Fatality Champion Series sound card produces a deafening high-pitched sound with headphones. Help?

    Hey all,   For Christmas, I got the Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Champion series sound blaster for my computer: http://us.store.creative.com/Creative-Sound-Blaster-XFi-Titanium-Fatal1ty/M/B001BDPLJA.htm   While the speaker sound quality has increased, headphones are basically...
  12. bringtherain

    Do I really need a sound card with this motherboard and headphones (Asrock Fatal1ty Professional & HD668B)

    Hi guys,   Lurked around this community every time I see headphones on sale from slickdeals to try to get some good input and finally had a question that   wasn't already answered.    I'm currently running a P67 Asrock fatal1ty Professional series motherboard. As far as the brand goes this...
  13. c4llum

    Technica ATH M50 vs Sennheiser 598

    Im looking for some new headphones and have narrowed it down to these two but i'm pretty split on which one to get, from what i have heard the 598's are absolutely incredible but there also quite a bit more that the M50's. So my question is this, are the 598's worth the extra cash.   Also...
  14. MaxxSauce

    For Gaming: Open or Closed Ear?

    I am looking into a Hi-fi setup for my PC, driven by a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty sound card. I am new to Hi-fi so I'm pretty sure anything will sound amazing to me. I like to get the best possible though.   The main factor that the headphones need to have is excellent...
  15. Autre31415

    Looking for Good Headphones for music and gaming (Got A900's!)

    I've always been obssessed with audio quality when it comes to games and especially music. I've been looking for a decent pair of headphones that are very good for Metal music and Gaming online in games like Starcraft 2, Bad Company 2, Crysis, etc. I have an X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion PCIe...
  16. Sn1p3R

    Teach a noob how it works...

      Hey guys first post :)   Been looking about the site for a few months now, and finally decided I wanted to purchase some new cans and an amp and or dac...   My main question is with the items I wish to buy what would be the best way to set it up, or even get something different.  ...
  17. jadawgis732

    Just Got First Pair of Decent Headphones and Have a Few Questions

    So I embarked on a week long quest to find good headphones for a good price last week and using this forum, and reviews from a retailer's site, I decided on the Audio Technica AD-ATH700 and got them Monday. From the beginning I didn't really like them. They were too loose even though I wear a...
  18. dzonylan

    Sennheiser HD 650 for PC = Overkill?

    Hi,   I'm planning on buing headphones for use with my PC. As I have quite nice budget I was planning to buy HD 650. On my stationary PC I have: Creative Labs SB0886 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series Sound Card to pair with my Logitech Z-5500.  ...
  19. janlux

    Best gaming/music equipment?

    Hello All!   Im pretty new around here, but not new on reading reviews and all that stuff that you guys have here! congratulations for the great website!   So here is my question:   There were some discusions in other forums that i've read and my questions goes here;   Would be...
  20. soapdefe

    advice on my first set of "real headphones"

    Well i decided it was time to get a real set of headphones instead of all these cheap ones i had been going through.  But I am looking for some advice on what i should be getting.  I will mostly be using these for gaming but also watching a blu-ray every now and then as well.   Budget...
  21. I3eyond

    Set of headphones with amazing tonal accuracy and incredible soundstage?

    Have: Fatalty Sound Card > PA2V2 > MS-1   Tried: DT770 Pros (didn't like at all)   Wanting a better sound, but am considering a desktop DAC and amp to run optical out on my sound card.   Don't know if I want new phones first or that.   Thoughts?
  22. devolution

    Just ordered Beyer dt 990's (250) - Need help with gear choice/setup

    Hey all,   Long time lurker and first time poster. Thanks to everyone here who contributes, this place is an awesome source of information!   I just ordered a pair of Beyerdynamic dt 990's (250 ohms) and I'm looking for recommendations on where to go from here. First, a little about my...
  23. Mrcontent

    Xfi Xtreme Fatal1ty Champion w/ HD555

    Dear Headfi Community: How are you all doing tonight? First of all, I would like to thank you the community on a whole to help pick my first audiophile headphone.  A little story about me on this journey..... I bought my Extreme Fatal1ty Sound Card last year and a Bose OE Headphone, thinking...
  24. Aynjell

    X-Fi Titanium vs X-Fi Forte (For optical)

    Hello everybody. Right now I'm considering an audio system upgrade. What I'm trying to figure  out is: is there any point in upgrading to the Forte if my intention is to plug it into a little dot dac I? I realize that by moving to the forte I gain the extra digital output, but that may result in...
  25. sainthoodx

    X-fi Titanium --> DAC question

    I have an X-fi Titanium sound card and a V-DAC. I pass the sound card's DAC function over to my V-DAC via toslink (optical, spdif). Here are my questions: 1. I am wondering if the sound card's xram and other processes are completely negated or passed on to the V-DAC? 2. I still get 3D...