1. theiratepirate

    Looking for an IEM/Headphones with more forward drum presentation

    Hi all, I'm new to this hobby, having yet to acquire the technical language to meaningfully talk about preference, but will instead describe what I'm hoping to find in terms of an IEM or pair of headphones. Live, the sound of the toms on a drum set reverberate and produce sound such that each...
  2. fragamemnon

    Heavy Metal cans recommendation

    Greetings, Head-fiers, First of all, a little bit of introduction is due. I've been lurking this forum for a long time and it has grown into my first-stop resource for most of my audio-related questions. I would like to express my gratitude for all the useful information you (the whole...
  3. eLnacho

    Best open over ear Headphones under USD$300 for rock/metal

    Hello I'm looking for alternatives of open Over ear Headphones under USD$300 for rock/metal. It can be new or used. My main source is an Audio GD r2r 11. I also have a Little Dot MK II with several 6j1 tubes alternatives to add more power or some colour in the case that is needed. In terms...

    Church of The Electrostatic~

    Hello, forum newb here! (Well actually I've been here for a few months but am just now getting around to making my newb thread.) Figured I'd try and get this new member tag removed from my back. For my first topic I'd like to discuss the one and only: Stax. I've owned various hifi-headphones...
  5. T

    Best cheap headphones for ASMR and Metal

    Hi guys, i am very confused in these days so what is the best cheap headphones (around 60-70$) to listen ASMR and Metal ?
  6. kyriezolo

    IEM for LG V30

    I'm going to buy the LG V30 soon, and I need IEMs to listen to Rock/Metal. I've read less-than-good reviews regarding the ones that ship with the phone (B&O H3 I believe), so I want some opinions in case I do not like them. Audio source: LG V30, mostly CD-quality FLAC(hopefully with good DR!)...
  7. vlenbo

    [Review] The Ath-Msr7, A Headphone with A Stylish Personality!

    ATH-MSR7 Review Introduction/Personal Matters Hello fellow headfiers! This is vlenbo, a headfier who had reviewed quite a lot of FOTM headphone/earphones that gained traction to become well known products loved by audiophiles and music lovers everywhere. I reviewed the ath-ckr9 along the...
  8. M

    Help getting started?

    I'm a complete audiophile newbie who is looking to get a good set of headphones and was hoping you guys could help :) I've got a budget of about £200-250, i'm looking for something over ear which that can block out noise whilst not leaking too much. I'd like to use them in public on my way to...
  9. Monsterzero

    The Other Metal Thread: No Blastbeat Metal Zone!

    Creating this thread for fans of Traditional heavy metal bands: Post and share your favorite: *NWOBHM *NWOTHM *Speed *Thrash *Melodeath *Power *Viking *Pagan *Doom *Folk *Prog Etc........ Kindly refrain from Black Metal/Metal lacking some sort of melody/Brvtal Bro stuff as there is...
  10. levap

    Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

    This is the summary post on my metal music listening experience with a couple of headphones )) Primary targets: - to find the best of the best - to find hidden synergy treasures for headphones traditionaly not reccomended for metal - to have fun in a process ) Marks in a table below were taken...
  11. StratocasterMan

    Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread

    Alright, folks, here is the purpose of this thread:   It is for sharing links to FREE FLAC music files.   The rules are very simple. Please share your links to legal downloads of FREE FLAC music files.   1. Any type of music is fine, but it must be in FLAC format. 2. The downloads...