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What is the Best type of sound signature for heavy metal/rock

  1. Kanev24
    ive been searching for my first good iem. I think I’ve decided on the Ibasso IT03’s. But would they provide a good sound signiture for metal? Or am I going to be missing out? What would be the best type of signiture/what are some iem suggestions for these genres?
  2. Monsterzero
  3. Mhog55
    It's subjective. Some prefer dark, some warm, some balanced, some V shape. For me, I prefer a more balanced sound. Need those mids. I'm okay with a little extra weight and punch in the low end, and also with slightly rolled off treble. But the mids need to be there. It's the meat and potatoes of rock imo.
  4. serman005
    I prefer more toward neutralish signature for these genres myself.
  5. Ramzal
    Maybe Campfire Andromeda?

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