1. xxx1313

    SOLD: MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface XMOS AES EBU Coax Toslink i2S HDMI

    Selling a MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 USB Interface. It converts USB signals into AES / EBU, Coax, SPDIF (Toslink) and i2S. Good used condition (pictures attached), with USB cable (unused) and in original packaging. I am the first owner and it comes with invoice from a German dealer from August 2019 and...
  2. Matrix Audio Element M

    Matrix Audio Element M

    element M is a new member of element family, it continues the design language of concise and steady. We look for a balance between performance, functionality and price on element M, hoping to provide a desktop two-channel stereo simplification solution for mid-range active speaker and headphone...
  3. ostewart

    Matrix Audio Element Series Thread

    I'm surprised no one has made a thread for these yet. All three models are Roon Ready and support AirPlay, DLNA, and MQA audio. The Element X is their flagship model with the ESS9038PRO DAC chip: Element P has an integrated class D amp for...
  4. twiceboss

    Matrix X Sabre DAC

    Im selling my beloved X Sabre DAC. Nothing wrong with this but Im going to change all of my dac/amp to a 240V. Im going back to my country soon and I need it to be 240V. This X Sabre is perfectly working fine and it is 110V. Let me know if you need more pictures!!!
  5. iamalex

    **SOLD** Matrix X-SPDIF 2

    Want to get rid of my actual streaming gear. Bought 28 October 2018. Pics follow tomorrow. Very good condition. PayPal is on me, you cover half of the shipping costs. Please take a look at my other listings, I'd love to make a great deal for more than one item.
  6. brocrusher

    WTB Matrix Sabre-pro

    im looking to buy a matrix sabre pro. Preferably one that has the mqa option as well. Will pay via paypal and shipping would be to Decatur Ga.
  7. Thenewguy007

    SOLD: Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amplifier.

    **SOLD** Selling my Matrix M-Stage. Some cosmetic wear, but works perfectly. One of the most versatile head amps ever made, Can handle any headphone thrown at it. With the adjustable gain, it can even drive difficult planars. Great review of it here...
  8. Roger5

    SOLD: Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro

    Black Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro DAC. Original owner, excellent condition. Smoke-free and pet-free household. Includes original packaging, manual, and remote. Price includes PP fees and shipping to the continental US.
  9. llamaluv

    [SOLD] Matrix X-SPDIF 2 DDC (mint, no extra fees)

    [FS] Matrix X-SPDIF 2 DDC Mint cosmetic and mechanical condition, bought new direct from Matrix in February 2018. Comes with all original packaging and accessories. Has worked flawlessly with my Holo Spring KTE via I2S. Will throw in 1-foot Kitsune Audio HDMI cable (for connecting via I2S) on...
  10. project86

    Combo Review: Euphony PTS - Matrix X-SPDIF 2 - Keces P8

    Here's something new to me - a cumulative review of several components together. I've done plenty of shootouts and comparisons, but never a collection of products from different brands all working as one. This stuff just pairs so well together that I figured it made sense to write it up the way...
  11. ahmadfaizadnan

    SOLD: Matrix X-Sabre

    Hi all! I have matrix x-sabre up for sale. I am selling this because I've upgraded to Holo Spring Dac and having two dacs at a time might be redundant. I have auditioned chord hugo 2 side by side with this DAC and they are pretty close in terms of sound quality. I like this dac a slight more...
  12. ahmadfaizadnan

    WTB/WTT: Matrix X Sabre Pro

    Hi all, looking for anyone who willing to sell their Matrix X-Sabre Pro or trade with my original Matrix X-Sabre + cash
  13. ahmadfaizadnan

    FS: Matrix m-stage HPA1 *SOLD*

    Hi! up for sale is my m-stage that haven't used as much as I started to go balanced. Bought this from a headfier november last year. Working perfectly and sounds great. More on a warmer side and I personally love it. There are two inlet and you can just flip the switch if you want to change the...
  14. Apata10

    Amping for AKG Q701 Quincy Jones (PC)

  15. cactus_farmer

    Powerful, underated amp: NJC Monitor II

    Has anyone heard this;   It looks a great product and probably deserves more exposure than it's gotten so far.   Look at the specs, 2.2W per channel into 50ohm!!   Not bad for a mid-priced solid state model, I wonder if this is a...
  16. Shmulkey

    Inexpensive headphone pouch for full-size cans?

    I've got a few full-size headphones that didn't come with a pouch or case.  Does anyone have suggestions for inexpensive pouches or cases for these?
  17. grmnasasin0227

    DAC/amp to drive K701 suggestions

    Hey all, just joined today, been hearing great stuff about this forum for several months. I'm looking for suggestions for a DAC/amp combo to drive my AKG K701s. Currently they're only running off of an Auzentech Forte sound card (which DOES have an amp built in, but definitely doesn't do the...
  18. WoahReQQuiem

    Earning up for my first system - DAC + Amp for Sennheiser HD650?

    I am currently making out plans for my first real set up (in which I will save up for a whole year), and I wanted to know what DAC / Amps are best for the HD650.     Here are my preferences:     1. Deeper, more controlled and faster bass     2. Slightly more forward mids, not too forward to...
  19. project86

    Matrix Quattro amp: unboxing and initial impressions

      This post marks a departure from my general reviewing style. Normally I get a new piece of gear, burn it in, listen to it, dismantle it for pictures, listen to it again, compare it to competitors, listen some more, etc. until I have a complete understanding of how it performs. Then I write...
  20. boirefish

    Quick question about connecting laptop --> matrix mini DAC --> amp --> LCD-2

    It's more focused on the laptop --> matrix   so, according to specs, my toshiba satellite laptop has "spdif out shared with headphone jack. And the back of my matrix mini looks like this:  ...
  21. spandexspartan

    Need an Amp/DAC for AKG K701 - Yulong, Audio-gd, or Matrix?

    I know this subject has probably already been discussed to death, but I'm considering getting the AKG K701 and I want to find a suitable amp/dac combo first.  Fairly new here and I've been searching through the archives but I'm hoping someone can indulge me with some advice.     The...
  22. o07

    Denon AH-D7000

    Hi, I would like a suggestion to an amp for these headphones. Whats the best/ideal amp until 200$ maximum?   Thnx in advance
  23. Earbuds

    Matrix mini-i + AKG K701

    Â*2010 Matrix mini-i 24/192 Balanced DAC Headphone AMP - eBay (item 160425040678 end time May-18-10 08:32:35 PDT) Do you think it's powerful enough to drive the AKG K701s? I'm thinking about buying those once I get a little extra money.
  24. clams

    DHL import Duty to United States HELP!

    I ordered the Matrix M-stage amp off of coolfungadget who happens to be in Shanghai to the United States. He is using DHL to ship and says that I am responsible for paying duties.   Does anyone know where I would pay this duty?
  25. loonacy

    Matrix m-stage

    I just ordered my Matrix m-stage and cant wait for it to get here.  I believe it will push my new Denon 5000's just perfectlly (I hope).    Has anyone used the Matrix m-stage with the 5000's.