1. cjeff2006

    Black Cube Linear USB

    Any lucky person has had a chance to audition one of these yet?? Website seems to say that they're available in stores this september, anywhere to buy in the US? Impressions? News? anybody?
  2. drdiem

    Matrix m-Stage (or Lehmann Black Cube Linear ;o) - gain setting for HD800?

    Hi all,   I've a Matrix m-Stage desktop amp that I've used for a year or so with a pair of HD650s and have found the 18dB gain setting to be the one that prevents me hitting the stop on the volume pot.   I'll soon have a pair of HD800s, which seem to be moderately easier to drive than the...
  3. Tomanband

    good amp for beyer T1 playing mainly vinyl records

    Hello,   I am looking for an amp that matches well with a Beyerdynamic T1 and  especially vinyl records. I am mainly (95%) listening to vinyl records, while the majority of my records are in great to excellent shape, I have some which have typical pops and clicks as some are over half a...
  4. Jademalo

    Need advice on HD800s + Amps

    I'm in a situation currently where I can potentially get myself a pair of HD800s. I had a listening test with a pair of them and some HD700s yesterday, and I absolutely love the sound of them.   I also would be in a position to get a Lehmann Black Cube Linear Headphone Amp, and from what...
  5. BritneySpears

    Lehmann Black Cube Linear + AKG K702 + iPod Touch -> Plausible combination?

    I have recently changed jobs and to my great delight we are allowed to listen to music in our office (a big no no with my old company). So I feel ready to join your sect ;) and purchase some decent gear. After reading quite a bit of forum and blog posts, I have my mind on the following combo...
  6. austinren


    i'm new here. i wanna buy a LEHMANN BLACK CUBE LINEAR Headphone Amps. Could someone tell me a link to buy it online? Thx
  7. mironathetin

    LCD-2 amps: Earmax Silver and Lehmann Black Cube Linear

    More than one year ago I reviewed the Audeze LCD-2 against my Sennheiser HD 650. I was very astonished to learn, how good the HD 650 came out of this competition. If you are interested, read my review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/564127/this-weekend-i-compared-lcd2-and-hd650     All I have...
  8. Meddle

    Black Cube Linear for He-500?

    So I found an extremely good deal on the Lehmann BCL and I am now seriously considering this amp. I plan on purchasing the HE-500's next year and I am wondering if this will be a good combination. My source is a Rega RP1 with an Ortofon OM5e cartridge running through a Cambridge Audio Azure...
  9. Asr

    The Black Cube Linear - wow!!!

    I wasn't sure what to expect going into this amp, I largely got it on a whim that told me I had to experience all the AC-powered home-based solid-states out there! (Curse this addiction to solid-states!) Frankly, I'm blown away. Well ok first things first. It doesn't dethrone the GS-X as my...
  10. Asr

    Six-Way Review: Square Wave, GS-1, CanAmp, EC/SS, Gilmore Lite, Black Cube Linear

    A Six-Way Solid-State Epic Throwdown! This review originally began as a simple three-way between the HeadAmp Gilmore Lite, Eddie Current EC/SS, and Heed Audio CanAmp, when I owned them at the same time at the end of June '07. However, I recently realized that I also owned another similar amp...
  11. nanchangbob

    My lehman copy build

    I've been needing a good quality headphone amp to drive my HD-600's.  My Creek OBH-11 has been a bit disappointing.  Trolling through the posts I came upon the Lehman Linear and later the Lovely Cube.  I'm working and living in China so I starting looking at the Chinese Ebay/Taobao.  I found the...
  12. Tuberoller1

    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA and Audeze LCD2s

    I currently have a musical fidelity M1 HPA driving a pair of Denon AH-D7000s.  After reading all the buzz I'm thinking of getting a pair of LCD2s and trying them out.  Will this amp adequately drive the LCD2s?  MF claims it can drive headphones of any impedance "The HPA enjoys the lowest 1ohm...
  13. gelocks

    So... Lehman BCL, Lake People Amps?

    Hello.   I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the listed amps? I can get a Lehman BCL for $500 or less but I'm also interested in the Lake People G-103S or G109S... My current headphones are: Fostex T50RPs (Mad Dogs), Denon D5000, Ultrasone Signature Pros, Sennheiser HD600s and...
  14. FlacAddict

    DAC+AMP Suggestion for HD800 (via PC)

    Hi, I've been reading with interest for a short time on various opinions on DACs and AMPs and still can't decide plus my head hurts from trying to make sense of it all. Please don't get too complicated as I'm a novice to DACs and AMPs. I may need prodding in the right direction to help get me...
  15. Sven

    MalValve Headamp Three + PS Paudio PWD + Audeze LCD3 -- I'm so amazed!

    Hi all   After my recent adventure with the Red Wine Audio Audeze Edition DAC/KHV witch was not the "right one" for me, i have to praise Mr. Rossi from Red Wine Audio. He was really polite and understanding and offered me another unit in exchange without any costs...after i respectfully...
  16. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  17. Mdude186

    Amp for Denon AH-D5000

    Hey guys I know this has been talked about a lot, but I couldn't find much about the particular amp I had in mind, in relation to these headphones.  What do you guys think of the Headstage Arrow 12HE 4G for the Denon 5000?  Any other amps you would suggest in that price range?  (Wouldn't wanna...
  18. mentt

    Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear /LEHMANN AUDIO - LINEAR PRO SI vs V200 vs Woo Audio 2 for Sennheiser HD 800?

    Hello, I'm using headphone out from AudioLab M-DAC. Will I hear improvement, when I upgrade to one from these AMPs(compare to M-DAC )? Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear LEHMANN AUDIO - LINEAR PRO SI V200 Woo Audio 2   If so, which from these AMPs is better for HD 800 cans?
  19. Baasha

    Need Help Choosing Headphones/Amp/DAC/Cables

    Hello Head-Fi! I just joined this forum and hope to learn and contribute as much as possible.   I have decided to take the plunge and get some 'audiophile' level equipment for my headphone "system". I am running B&W speakers and an SVS sub through a Denon A/V receiver via TOS Link from...
  20. PedroH

    Alternative to Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB

    I'm using the Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB connected to a MacBookPro and Grado RS1i to listen to music at the office.   Now I am planning to buy a similar system for home. I could buy exactly the same system but I would like to try something different (and better).   What's the...
  21. Tribbs

    Which Amps to Consider for Grado SR-325i ?

    I have worshipped my 325i goldies without an amp for several years.  I have always read that Grados need an amp to coax the best from them.  After reading dozens of threads here and elsewhere I have found choosing the proper amp to be a daunting task.   So many amps.  So little time.  So, here I...
  22. cactus_farmer

    What Hifi 5 star review: Fidelity Audio HPA-100?

    http://www.whathifi.com/review/fidelity-audio-hpa-100   Has anyone heard this amp?   If so, how does it compare in sonic signature to tried and true favourites such as the Lehmann Black Cube, the Graham Slee Solo...etc...   The review seemed to suggest that the HPA-100 is slightly on...
  23. BingCrosby1903

    Lehmann Audio Linear SE

    Anbody else hear about this or have more information?   http://www.openpr.com/news/190024/IFA-2011-Market-launch-of-the-Linear-SE-Sennheiser-trusting-in-headphone-amplifiers-from-Bergisch-Gladbach.html
  24. Jonclarke

    What Amp/Dac Combo for orthos ?

    Hi, I am looking for an amp/dac to use with my fostex T50rp headphones, they are quite power hungry   I did have a Black cube linear but had to sell it to buy something cheaper, and now i miss not having that great life like sound.   I have a cambrige audio Dacmagic but will probally be...
  25. meowis

    Full size amp for Sony XB-1000 ?

    Hi guys, im new to the audiophile scene. Bought a new pair of headphones recently (Sony XB-1000) for 2 major reasons:   1 - Comfortable as hell (even though you look like princess leia, but hey its for home use) 2 - Heavy and kickass bass   They gave me a portable amp that has many...