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    Office setup with iDAC2 iTube and LovelyCube
  2. cjeff2006

    Black Cube Linear USB

    Any lucky person has had a chance to audition one of these yet?? Website seems to say that they're available in stores this september, anywhere to buy in the US? Impressions? News? anybody?
  3. drdiem

    Matrix m-Stage (or Lehmann Black Cube Linear ;o) - gain setting for HD800?

    Hi all,   I've a Matrix m-Stage desktop amp that I've used for a year or so with a pair of HD650s and have found the 18dB gain setting to be the one that prevents me hitting the stop on the volume pot.   I'll soon have a pair of HD800s, which seem to be moderately easier to drive than the...
  4. Tomanband

    good amp for beyer T1 playing mainly vinyl records

    Hello,   I am looking for an amp that matches well with a Beyerdynamic T1 and  especially vinyl records. I am mainly (95%) listening to vinyl records, while the majority of my records are in great to excellent shape, I have some which have typical pops and clicks as some are over half a...
  5. treebug


    Interested in purchasing the Black Cube Linear SE. Must be in pristine condition.
  6. AManAnd88Keys

    Lehmann Black Cube Linear

    Up for sale is this neutral sounding and very well built headphone amp! There are plenty of reviews and impression on the web. The Black Cube is in very good condition, as can be seen in the pictures. I have bought this amp from fellow head-fier perfect-pitch 3-4 months ago and was very...
  7. Jademalo

    Need advice on HD800s + Amps

    I'm in a situation currently where I can potentially get myself a pair of HD800s. I had a listening test with a pair of them and some HD700s yesterday, and I absolutely love the sound of them.   I also would be in a position to get a Lehmann Black Cube Linear Headphone Amp, and from what...
  8. eugenius

    COMBO: Lehmann Black Cube Linear BCL black + Assemblage DAC 20 heavily modded [SOLD]

    For sale is my single ended dac/amp system, comprised of: 1. Assemblage DAC 2.0 - Burrbrown PCM1702 multibit R2R DAC's / PMD100 HDCD filter. This has the Parts Connexion upgrade kit consisting of: - Caddock MK-132 Metal Foil resistors - MultiCap analog filter capacitors - Telefunken Soft...
  9. Comfortable

    Lehmann Black Cube Linear

    Perfectly working and feedback within or outside head-fi, please. Thank you for reading, I'm in Canada.
  10. Comfortable

    WTB: Lehmann Black Cube Linear or Meier Concerto.

    I'm offering $500 shipped to Canada for perfectly working condition. Great feedback is always better.
  11. MarkyMark

    WTB: Lehmann Black Cube linear, UK/EU, pref silver.

    Please PM me if you have one for sale. Looking for a unit in mint - near mint condition, will consider offers up to circa £300. Thanks.
  12. Comfortable

    Lovely Cube with many op-amps(inspired by popular european Lehmann Black Cube Linear)

    + OPA2111AM($35 value), 2 OPA2228($20), 2 OPA627BP($70), OPA627AU($10), LM4562($11), brown dog dual to single op-amp adapter, best transformer option, modified with gold plated neutrik output. All Lovely Cubes are op-amp replacable.   Stock unit compares really well with Meier Concerto...
  13. LayneStaley37

    Lovely Cube Amp (Lehmann Black Cube Linear clone)

    Lehmann Black Cube amp clone $175.00  Class A Bias dual OPA 627. In great condition. Purchased 6 months ago. Have since acquired a tube amp. Includes shipping and paypal fees.
  14. BritneySpears

    Lehmann Black Cube Linear + AKG K702 + iPod Touch -> Plausible combination?

    I have recently changed jobs and to my great delight we are allowed to listen to music in our office (a big no no with my old company). So I feel ready to join your sect ;) and purchase some decent gear. After reading quite a bit of forum and blog posts, I have my mind on the following combo...
  15. indydieselnut

    FS: Lehmann Black Cube Linear (BCL), as-new, black faceplate

    Greetings!  Thank you for looking at my ad.  I purchased this Lehmann Black Cube Linear headphone amplifier earlier this year from an authorized dealer.  It has seen minimal use in my pet and smoke-free listening area.  It is in functionally and cosmetically "as-new" condition and comes with all...
  16. alanbeeb

    Wanted! Lehmann Black Cube Linear Headphone amp - GB/Europe

    Hello,   I sold the Lehmann BCL I used to own - and now I want it back! I shouldn't have sold it.   So if you have one for sale in UK or Europe please let me know and lets see if we can do a deal.  Would prefer the non-USB version.    Must be in excellent condition with box and...
  17. vermellfort


    Again, on behalf of azelais, for sale this amplifier.   Nothing new to say about it since it's largely reviewed. A perfect match for HD800 as well as many other headphones. Versatility and neutrality with a light touch of warmth are its main strengths.   RCA inputs, 230 V, and a little...
  18. austinren


    i'm new here. i wanna buy a LEHMANN BLACK CUBE LINEAR Headphone Amps. Could someone tell me a link to buy it online? Thx
  19. T

    Lovely Cube Amp (Lehmann Black Cube Linear clone)

    For sale is a Lehmann Black Cube amp clone. Class A Bias dual OPA 627. ~1 year old. Comes with power cable. Selling because I'm upgrading everything. I will cover shipping and fees.   Item located in Boston, MA, USA if you want to purchase locally.
  20. Yogui

    [SOLD] FS - Lehmann Black Cube USB DAC Headphone Amplifier [PRICE DROP!]

      Hi,   I’ve upgraded DAC and Amp so my hardly used Lehmann Audio Black Cube USB DAC Amplifier is for sale. I am the 1st owner, it's been very well look after, still with original box also in great condition.   Including all accessories, like it is new.   Used for less than 100 hours and in...
  21. c3p0

    lehmann black cube linear - uk only - £500

    This is mint conditon. 18 months old used sparingly. In perfect working order, no scratched or scuffs or anything.   Cost £750 new.   Would prefer local pickup, but will post to UK only.   Pm me if interested genuinely. No time wasters please. Price drop to £500.
  22. singh

    Lehmann Black cube linear BCL

    Selling My Lenmann to fund my stax purchase   Its a  US unit so works at 117 V , i will bundle a 230 to 117 volt converter with it ( those who need it ) Condition : 9/10 ( Looks new, feels new, sounds new, just not NIB, FYI my 10/10 is for new , or 2-3 days old ONLY). am second owner...
  23. serious7

    Lehmann Black Cube Linear

    I'm just testing the waters to see if there is any interest for this amplifier. I'm the original owner (bought it new in a hi-fi shop in Canada for $800+). It's my first ever desktop amp that I ever purchased. Bought it 2 years ago and I've love it greatly. Unfortunately, I need to sell it...
  24. serious7


    Woops posted this on the wrong forums.