1. ec07281

    Hi-fi \ home cinema Headphones til 50$

    Hello . I am new to this forum and i have a little question for you guys. I want a pair of headphones, with not more than 50$, to play mostly movies and series, connection to my  5.1 amplifyer. size is not a probem. What is the best options? i found  koss ur-40 for 25$ , porta pro for 30$ and...
  2. Foie

    Confessions of a failing audiophile

    Warning: personal experience and long/possibly boring narrative ahead.  Proceed at your own risk   I'll start by saying that I like to think of myself as an audiophile, but I am certainly not one.   I've been coming to these forums for a few years, mostly lurking.  My desire for better...
  3. Mad Lust Envy

    Let's make a list of bassy OPEN backed headphones!

    People that usually look for bass are typically recommended closed back headphones like the Sony XB series, older M50s, DT770 Pro 80, Denon D2000, etc. How about those of us that want our slamming bass presence from open backed headphones? The benefit of open backed headphones is known for us...
  4. eervig

    Cheapest Full-Size Cans

    Just a simple question:   What are the cheapest (full-size) headphones you actually enjoy listening to music with? I'm thinking knockaround pairs.   [not asking for advice -- see below]
  5. thesouthazn

    Take KSC75 drivers and put them into a nonfunctioning UR40?

    So the right earcup driver in my Koss UR40 suddenly stopped working, and I was just about to throw it out, but I wonder:   Can I take the drivers out of a Koss KSC75 and put them into the my UR40's housing without having to recable / soldier any wires?  I don't have a KSC75 yet, but I was...
  6. Zombie_X

    Mini Review: PHENIX G3

    Hi all, I got my PHENIX G3 today and I must say it sounds very good! It has an incredibly warm sound compared to my X-CanV8P. In comparison the X-CanV8P is rather sterile! As expected it did not fare well with my Grado's. Onward to the impressions!! Gear Used: 1)X-Can V8P (Line Out...
  7. thesouthazn

    Love the Koss, but looking for something better for around $60 (or less). Please recommend.

    Hello,   So I've owned the KOSS UR-40 (same as KSC-75) for just about a year now, and I still love them.  Love the comfort, love the sound, love the soundstage, everything.    Just wondering though, if I have around $60 to spend, are there any definite upgrades out there?  I mean, I...
  8. salannelson

    The Koss UR40 appreciation thread

    Just picked up a pair of these today. Wow these are comfortable and sound great for a sub 50 headphone. Anyone else like these things? I never really hear about them on here. I immediately took the foam out of the cups and used that to angle the drivers. They sound really fun and bright and...
  9. jasonb

    (update) don't laugh, but Koss UR40 compared to Sennheiser HD650?

    UPDATE ON PAGE 3: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/523104/update-don-t-laugh-but-koss-ur40-compared-to-sennheiser-hd650/30#post_7081186   i know i know, these headphones are in waaaaaay different leagues, but i must ask anyway.   i have a pair of Koss UR40 that i am actually enjoying...
  10. Symmetry

    Koss UR40 isolation improvement?

    I've got a pair of Koss UR40s, and I've done the mods in this post.  However, I was wondering if there was any way to lower the sound leakage, as I use these on the bus to school and between classes (I've got a couple hours between some classes this term), and still retain more clarity and...
  11. Jozurr

    Considering options

    So i was looking at headphones which don't need an amp and for use with my laptop and willing to spend about $60-70 tops. I went through jokers portable shooutout thread and found the CALs to be of my liking but I can't seem to find them at that price. They have to be fully circum-aural and not...
  12. ChaosBlooderfly

    Best Koss KSC/PortaPro series headphone?

    I borrowed my roomate's Koss PortaPro's, and they sound pretty decent. A little muddy in the base, but pretty decent for the $30 price tag.   I'm getting an Altec Lansing UHP 606 (rebranded Super.fi 4, with some lower build quality standards, but 4x cheaper). But I want something a little...
  13. Jozurr

    Fully Circumaural - Confused between Koss/Sennheiser/Rest

    I am wanting to buy headphones which are FULLY circumaural and DON'T need an amp to use. I will be using them directly out of my laptop. I was wanting to buy the creative aurvana live but i dont think they're available for $60 anywhere anymore.   My budget is max $70.   Im confused...
  14. MegaMushroom

    Bit of help

    After searching around for sometime I've come to the decision that I do in fact need new headphones quite badly.  The unfortunate thing is that I'm rather poor at the moment meaning that I won't be able to afford an amp.  I've been looking to upgrade from my Koss UR-40 for sometime now and was...
  15. ironstar

    Superlux HD572

    I just bought this yesterday and since I do not have a Superlux headphone in my collection and I don't want the bulky HD668B.   It's my first time to write about a headphone impression so please feel free to criticize it.   Selling price here in the Philippines is 800 PHP or converted to...
  16. abhisheak08

    Headphones under 60$ buying query

    budget: 50-60$ (Rs3500 max) country: India   i want to buy headphones usage:music and movies i want to buy good headphones which have good bass but bass should not overpower audio quality too much there should be a right mixture of audio quality and bass i will be using then...
  17. Koss UR40 Collapsible Over-Ear Headphones

    Koss UR40 Collapsible Over-Ear Headphones

    A portable headphone is a headphone that is used on-the-go. Portable headphones tend to be smaller, more lightweight, and may have features that lend themselves to listening on-the-go, like carrying cases or collapsible headbands.