1. bhagu

    In ear headphone for my lg nexus 4

    Hi friends,   I fed up with searching for an in ear headphone for my new lg nexus 4.my requirements are  requirements are:- 1)in ear type 2)good bass and clarity 3)with in max $45 4)it should have in built mic for calling and volume control.     please suggest me one in ear...
  2. GOTFrog

    iems with inline mic

    I'm looking to buy iems withvan inline mic, I have a Samsung Note 2, music control is not a must budjet is 150. Those I'm looking at now are Westone TS1 Klipsch s4a ii android Beyerdynamic MMX 101 ei Shure Se215 with inline mic cord I like a well balanced sound no big bass no shrill highs.
  3. rohitshukla123

    New assistance in purchaising in ear phones

    I would like to buy a new pair of ear phones for my android phone. My budget is around 100 pounds, I read a lot of reviews about Beats Mie2, Klipsch Image S4A (II), Shure SE 215 and Etymotic hf2. I have used Beats which I got with my HTC phone but was not satisfied with its performance. I like...
  4. sydsick

    i would greatly apreciate the opinions of a few experts...

    so i am looking to buy some entry level IEM's and it seems the more i read the more lost i get.   this is my first foray into, what i would consider "expensive," headphones as so far in my 26 years i have only purchased Sony brand headphones in the sub $40 range.   i think I've narrowed...
  5. OSULeprechaun

    Klipsch Image S4 II slide adjuster problems

    Hey guys,   Just a quick question.  I have a pair of Klipsch Image S4 II's and I've had them for about 4 months now.  Recently the slide adjuster (if that's the right terminology)  just wants to move on its own when I walk with my earphones in.  Anyone know of an easy way to make it a little...
  6. newmaker0

    Which Headphone under $200

    Hello guys , just joined the forum. I've got a a pair of Klipsch Image S4 II and i'm not very happy with the sound quality and noise isolation so I will upgrade to an Over the ear Headphone, i just don't know which, i did a research and find out that audio-technica M50 are rlly good and cost...
  7. andtheedgoesmoo

    Possible fake Klipsch s4 ii?

    I recently bought some Klipsch s4 ii off eBay for only $40 (new but open box) and I thought it was a steal so I jumped on it right when I saw it. I had heard so much good things about these earphones and I had some pretty high expectations. However, when I first listened to it, it just sounded...
  8. asimov1

    Recommendations for in-ear headphone with in-line remote for Android phone

    Hello,    I was wondering if anyone could throw a few recommendations my way for a pair of in-ear headphone with in-line remote for use with an Android phone? Looking spend around $100 and so far have come across the Brainwaivz M4 and M5 with remote and the Klipsch S4A 1 and 2 (more...
  9. ctbear

    Low mic volume on Klipsch S4A-II

    I bought a pair of S4A-II for my Nexus 5 and during phone calls the other end reports extremely quiet and muffled mic volume. If I speak directly into the mic (like an inch away) then it sounds fine. Is it a common problem?   Also, can anyone suggest another pair that has decent mic...
  10. Bla4444

    Old vs New

    Hi Headfiers! I start this topic because I am curious how older models perform compare to newere ones. There are some model like the sennheiser cx 95 or cx550, denon ah c 551, klipsch image s4, shure se 215,   which were very popular a few years ago. Is there anybody who try to compare them to...
  11. d0ntan01

    Beyer Dynamic MMX 101iE, Shure se215, KLIPSCH IMAGE S4A MK2

    Cheers everybody! This is my second post here on Head-fi! This one is gonna be a re-post because i did´t get the opinions and recommendations i was looking for. So, i have been looking for a good IE a long time now at  the price range: $60-130.  I owned a pare of Klipsch Image S4 last...
  12. Trolol

    COMPLY T-100 size for KLIPSCH S4

    Hey guys, just wondering if the MEDIUM size for the Comply T-100 Isolation would fit well if I normally like the LARGE stock tips from the Klipsch S4. Would the mediums be just fine since they have a better fit?
  13. shaby

    klipsch s4a ii: Blue & Green boxes - differences

    Hi! Going to buy the klipsch s4a ii for my Nexus 4. I saw that ther is 2 boxes (blue / green) for this specific model. What are the difference? Thanks a lot!
  14. Jlm86

    Needed: IEM ~$100 w/ mic....use with android phone

    I travel alot in car, and have my Klipsch S4 but now really need a set of IEM with Good (!) microphone and controls for android S4 phone...   Can someone recommend a nice product for me? Love the forum... thanks    
  15. archaicspartan

    Looking for In-Ear headphones for less than $100 (Android?)

    Hello Everyone,   So I am currently shopping for some in ear headphones that will not break the bank, but will provide me the best sound possible.   My preferences: I listen to a huge range of music from techno, rock, indie, hip-hop, rap, etc.  I really want headphones that give a clear and...
  16. albertocastillo

    Bought Klipsch Image S4A II. Disappointed

    Hello   I had a pair of AKG K370 (any one had these? what were your impression?) earphones which have been the best In ear earphones I ever had. They broke recently (they broke twice but I had them replaced the first time) and now they are out of warranty. I kept checking reviews and found...
  17. mancpg

    Dynamic driver earphones for classical music?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a dynamic driver earphone that would be suitable for classical music (and jazz)? The question is I guess asking about a dynamic driver earphone that would have good response in the high frequencies, as well as the mids (along with the bass). I...
  18. d0ntan01

    Best In-ear in the price range $60-130.

    Cheers everybody! This is my second post here on Head-fi! This one is gonna be a re-post because i did´t get the opinions and recommendations i was looking for. So, i have been looking for a good IE a long time now at  the price range: $60-130.  I owned a pare of Klipsch Image S4 last...
  19. DirtyMagnetWiz

    Starter head-fier

    What do you guys recommend??? I want to give my little sister a decent pair of headphones for Christmas. I want to spend around $100 or so. Her device is an iPod touch 4th gen I believe. She had a pair of Klipsch s4 I gave her, but they were stolen at school. Now she mainly uses cheap buds.
  20. kiraaaa

    Earphones with microphone controls for Android devices recommendations?

    Hi all, I just ordered an android phone and it should be arriving later this month so I'm looking for a good pair of earphones that I can use with them to control the music player.   I currently own the Klipsch S4i's that work for Apple products, but I don't like the fact that the 3.5mm plug...
  21. TriBeard

    Marshal Monitors

    So I'm new here, and pretty new to higher quality audio in general. However, after a regrettable purchase of some of the original Beats studios freshman year of college (hey man, they were cool), I have started to collect some other, more respected headphones. I have some Shure SE215 IEM's (that...
  22. matez6

    A few questions about Shure SE215 over Klipsch S4

    These are all things I haven't found from searching for many hours on many forums. My pair of Klipsch S4 got stolen so I'm tossing up between S4 II (apparently very similar in sound to original) and Shure se215. Open to alternative suggestions, though only around this price range.   I...
  23. starlite00012

    Need help in buying new IEM

    hi guys im new to this forum and i've shortlisted 5 IEM's . please tell me which one will be better. Bose IE2 Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Klipsch S4A II Sennheiser CX-400 II Denon AH-560 R So which one will be better for me .I'm a total basshead.My max budget is Rs 5.3k :)
  24. Thunder240

    Kliptch S4/S4a/S4i maligned?

    I've read on several different threads on  head-fi containing opinions of the S4, and the consensus seems to be that the S4 is a pretty decent $20 in-ear headphone, but way out of its league at the $100 price point.   Over the last 5 days I compared the S4 to the Shure SE-215, which happens...
  25. Razzlesnaps

    Best AWEI brand earphones?

    So recently I had some klipsch s4aii because my awei s90vi earphones went dead, and ive got to say the awei s90vi earphones were WAY better then the klipsch, at least when it came to sound. They had way heavier, harder hitting bass then the klipsch, however with the klipsch i could change tracks...