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Need help in buying new IEM

  1. starlite00012
    hi guys im new to this forum and i've shortlisted 5 IEM's . please tell me which one will be better.

    1. Bose IE2
    2. Beats by Dr. Dre Tour
    3. Klipsch S4A II
    4. Sennheiser CX-400 II
    5. Denon AH-560 R

    So which one will be better for me .I'm a total basshead.My max budget is Rs 5.3k :)
  2. TwinQY
  3. starlite00012
    nope all of them are available here.
  4. starlite00012
    but prices are lil. high
  5. starlite00012
    My preferences are sound and
  6. Seekky
    TBH, none of them are good.
  7. Seekky
    How about Shure SE215? or Sony XB90EX

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