1. purplestallion

    Looking for something very specific....and not finding it.

    I'm looking for something very specific and can't seem to find it.  The microphone/button on my Klipsch s2m went out and I'm looking for a replacement, but I'm kind of picky.  Unlike most on here, I'm not necessarily looking for the absolute best sound.  The Klipsch certainly didn't give it to...
  2. fleasbaby

    Klipsch S4 or Klipsch S2?

    Hi All,   I am looking to get a pair of in-ears, and am thinking of either of the above...any recommendations/reasons to avoid either? Reviewers seem to think the S2 is the most comfortable thing ever, but of course, the S4 is a couple of steps up and is said to have better sound.  ...
  3. poikkeus

    IEM or earbuds, comtortable, but under $30 - best options?

    Sometimes, I have issues sleeping - so I listen to podcasts or audiobooks on a iPod Touch. The sound is clear and concise, but those ear buds are irritating, impossible to use while sleeping, and constantly fall out of my ears.   I'm looking for an earbud/IEM that's (1) relatively cheap...
  4. siddhanthgupta

    Need new earphones for my iPod Touch: Sennheiser CX-300 II or the Klipsch S2?

    OK. Currently, I use the Sennheiser MX-760 earphones. I haven't owned high end earphones, these ones are the most expensive ones I have. The bass is tight, and the treble is pretty clear, painful at times. Now, I need some in-ear headphones because the 760 are regular earbuds (like the ones that...
  5. jinglish

    Good cell headset value?

    I've had a pair of KSC-75's for the last few months now, and for $15 from Amazon, they're great. Last month, though, I finally upgraded from my old crap phone to an LG Optimus running Android, and I've been carrying them around with the phone instead of my netbook. Music from the phone sounds...
  6. Vlooienuker

    Which earphones should I get for under $200?

    Hey head-fiers,   Which earphone should I by under $200 and are better than my Klipsch S2's, I listen to mainly Rock/Metal/Post HC and sometimes Rave music, also should I use White,Pink or just my rock music for burn in?   I was sorta looking at the Nuforce NE700x, Westone 1/UM1 and the...
  7. Xtn85

    !! Need to buy NOW at a local store/ IEM with good sound isolation !!

    I wish I had the time right now to read and research, but I don't. I have my final exam in a few days with tons of material to cover and my neighbors are driving me F***ing nuts and I'm getting really pissed off and I can't study.   Please suggest in ear headphones that are decent that I can...
  8. quane

    Difference between Klipsch X1 and S2?

    This is a bit of a stupid thread but I couldn't find any information anywhere. Are they the same model or what? They look exactly the same but are sold as 2 different products.   Both cost £17.99 @ Amazon, which is why I'm going to grab a pair. Just not sure which one to go for.  ...
  9. FoolFighter

    I hate Christmas shopping

    Every year my friend and I exchange presents for Christmas (i'm sure a lot of you also share this dilemna). This year we agreed on a $30 price limit and since he's into music i have decided to get him a new pair of iems. I've narrowed it down to head direct re2s and soundmagic pl30s, both of...
  10. JamesL

    Cheaper IEMs with good fit, comfort, and isolation?

    When SQ is somewhat of a lower priority, is there anything under $50 that excel in these areas?   I have smaller ear canals so I have a hard time finding iem's that I can get a decent fit and seal on.  
  11. ads1107

    Fake Klipsch s2 around?

    Hi all looking to buy a pair of Klipsch s2, or s2m to be more precise! I was gonna go the s4/s4i, but since i want a mic and the s4i arent compatible with my soon to be sony ericsson x10, here i am looking at the s2m. anyway, are there any fakes floating about? im looking at buying from...
  12. Cyberdemon

    Replacement for Sennheiser MM 50 iP

    Hi, I came to head-fi for advice on a pair of headphones, I already decided to buy the ATH M50 but a few days ago my earphones died...   So, I'm looking for a replace and this is what I need.   1.- They must have a mic (I use them with my iPod for Skype, Whatsapp and other apps that...
  13. wINDy

    Which entry level-IEM?

    Hi there, I'm looking for an entry-level IEM in the market for about $50USD++ or more? I have been in the head-fi scene for quite some time last time, but disappeared for months. It seems that there is so many options out there for me to choose. I've played with a number of IEMs, and the...
  14. necoicould

    Klipsch S2 or Bose In Ear?

    Hey guys, which one is better (With a better bass and good sound) without looking to the price?
  15. Matthew.C

    Gift: Klipsch S2 or the Apple in-ears?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to get my friend a IEM for his Birthday, this will be his first IEM and I really want it to impress him. I've been searching the net and came down with three choices, Klipsch S2, S4 and the Apple In-ears. The Klipsch S2 seems to be a really good deal, but I was...
  16. Yoyi

    Found Klipsch Image S2M cheap, are they worth it for the gym?

    I found some of those on a local store for $19.99 and was thinking of buying them as I am in need of a pair of in-ear for the gym.   Does anyone have any experience with these?   I don't care about the microphone at all, just that they sound decently, but the price seems almost too low...
  17. Gage

    Klipsch Image S2 vs Klipsch Image S4

    Hey guys, I have to ask, because I'm on a relatively strict budget. How much better is the S4 compared to the S2? Right now I use Skullcandy titans, are the S2 going to be worth the upgrade? or should I really spend the extra on the S4 when I have enough money. At london drugs the S2 are...
  18. Klipsch Image S2m Noise-Isolating Headset with Microphone and Single-Button Control

    Klipsch Image S2m Noise-Isolating Headset with Microphone and Single-Button Control

    sound-isolating earbud design * inline microphone with answer/end button * compatible with most music phones and MP3 players with a stereo minijack * dynamic moving coil micro speaker in each earbud * frequency response: 12-18,000 Hz * stylish piano black finish with silver accents * includes an...