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Fake Klipsch s2 around?

  1. ads1107
    Hi all
    looking to buy a pair of Klipsch s2, or s2m to be more precise! I was gonna go the s4/s4i, but since i want a mic and the s4i arent compatible with my soon to be sony ericsson x10, here i am looking at the s2m.

    anyway, are there any fakes floating about?

    im looking at buying from ebay, since Klipsch have put a stop to American stores shipping outside the US!

    which of these listings would be the most reliable?

    klipsch s2m, Electronics, Headphones, Earbuds items at low prices on eBay.com.au

    thanks in advanced [​IMG]
  2. timmyGCSE
  3. ads1107
    thanks for the link.... Amazon UK is cheaper anyway. i could get a friend to order them for me from there and them over....

    id prefer the s2m as i said though, the microphone being the deciding factor as id be using them on my phone...

    which seller would be best to buy from in the ebay link in my first post
  4. ads1107
    bumpety... no one?? [​IMG]
  5. timmyGCSE
    post in the Klipsch reseller section may yeild more results..don't know [​IMG] haven't seen any fakies going around though mate
  6. calipilot227
    I'm ordering a pair from Amazon tomorrow (gotta ditch my vibe duo for good!). They're under $30 at the moment. Good to know there aren't any *known* fakes going around. Experienced this once (I was skeptical, rightly so, about a $5 pair of E2c's... [​IMG]).

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