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    Prototype iFi Attenuators
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    iFi IDSD Micro + Modified AudioTechnica HA22Tube Hybrid
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    Workplace desktop: HP EliteBook- JRMC19- Pangea PC-USB- iFi iPurifier- Resonessence Labs Herus- Furutech F63(G)- Sennheiser PX 100 (Mont Blanc Meisterstück LeGrand Ballpoint Pen).
  4. kbuzz

    Ipad/iphone friendly semi-portable DAC/AMP -with HD600s

    hello all    I wonder if i could get some recommendations.  I am looking for a portable or semi portable amp/dac that will better the CCK output on my iphone 6 and i pad.  I intend to use the amp in bed and around the house with my HD600s- but would eventually like to upgrade to a planer...
  5. mrinspire

    iFi products Discussion Thread iTUBE will be out soon!!

          iFi iCAN reached Earmass! iFi Audio stunned me from the very first time that I saw local distributor E1-AKG posted info regarding their products line-up in our local forum. Why? Because the line-up is really special,and for me they are really innovative and offer line-up that is...