1. J

    [Buying Advice] Desktop BT DAC/AMP for AA The Composer (max. USD 1.000)

    Hi, I will need a USB Desktop DAC/AMP to pair with a Austrian Audio The Composer soon. For now I got a Grado RS2e running on my Asus Xonar Essence STX II. The problem however is that my GPU induces hiss under load which I cannot get rid of (both cards are two PCIe slots apart). My plan is to...
  2. iFi NEO iDSD 2

    iFi NEO iDSD 2

  3. P

    I have playback problems with my iFi micro iDSD Signature

    I recently got my hands on this dac and it plays flawlessly when paired with the USB Player Pro app but when I wanna listen to music on the Youtube app or on Spotify/YT inside the Chrome browser, 95% of the times I get this weird buzz that loops (at the rhythm of the song???) and it's hella...
  4. MoonAudio

    iFi iDSD Diablo 2

    iFi iDSD Diablo 2 $1,299.00 Learn More Featuring a striking new futuristic design, the Diablo II portable DAC/Amp sets a new standard for the amount of sheer power you can take with you. The New Diablo II has an all-metal body, which is upgraded from previous generations, and returns to the...
  5. ifi Hip-Dac 3

    ifi Hip-Dac 3

    The legacy continues. Meet the hip-dac 3 — a portable hi-res DAC/headphone amp, now in Titanium Shadow with more versatility. Pair with a hip-case for stylish protection on-the-go Titanium shadow. Trendsetting innovations. Now, our battery-powered portable hi-res DAC/headphone amp is adorned...
  6. MoonAudio

    iFi Hip Dac 3

    Hip DAC 3 $199.00 Learn More The legacy continues. Meet the hip-dac 3 — a portable hi-res DAC/headphone amp, now in Titanium Shadow with more versatility. Now, our battery-powered portable hi-res DAC/headphone amp is adorned in the Titanium Shadow hue, exuding timeless elegance with a touch of...
  7. S

    New Amp, iFi iDSD?

    I currently have Shanling M3 Ultra and Letshuoer S12 Pro headphones. For me, the sound is ok. However, I wanted to listen to the over-ear headphones, (I'm just going to buy). I prefer balanced output. The choice fell on: 1/ IFI Audio IDSD Diablo 2/ IFI IDSD signature (The Xbass function is...
  8. Audio46

    The iFi iCAN Phantom Flagship Amplifier is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iFi We've never really seen anything quite like this... 3 amps in one? One valve/tube-based, solid state, and can drive electrostatic headphones? The new iCAN Phantom is truly, as iFi puts it, "The Rolls Royce of Flagships." What's better? It's finally in...
  9. emba4

    [TIFU] I Killed my Gryphon!

    the latest tale in my usual run of HiFi bad luck, a few weeks ago my LCD-2 closed backs died, i thought the membrane had popped, on further inspection what happened was evidently they got a knock somewhere that had dislodged one of the magnets at the front which had then snapped to the one below...
  10. iFi audio

    iFi audio SupaQuasar - Active power at its finest!

    Welcome the SupaQuasar Geometrically balanced endgame active power cable. Endgame The SupaQuasar is an endgame power cable for your audio setup. It has no shielding to minimise capacitance, extremely low resistance to maximum current delivery, and is specifically designed for large amplifiers...
  11. bassdad8

    Letshuoer s12 pro & Ifi hip-Dac2!

    So since I’ve paired these up, I thought I’d pontificate a little bit on the sound and performance. Just in case anyone out there is considering this pairing or something similar. I’ll discuss my impressions of each and then describe how they seem to interact. Disclaimer #1- I don’t do...
  12. iFi Audio NEO Stream

    iFi Audio NEO Stream

    Roon Ready – Roon Ready certification means the NEO Stream slots straight into a Roon audio environment and works seamlessly with Roon software. DNLA/UPnP – Use your choice of any DLNA/UPnP compatible app – BubbleUpnP, connect, Audirvana and so on – to control the NEO Stream and access audio...
  13. iFi audio

    iFi audio iCAN Phantom - Vanish into the music!

    A new reference: introducing the iCAN Phantom iFi’s new flagship analogue headphone amplifier delivers reference-quality sound with everything from hyper-sensitive in-ear monitors to the most power-hungry electrostatic headphones Southport, England – Since its formation in 2012, iFi has...
  14. MoonAudio

    iFi Hip DAC 2 - Now Available and in Stock

    Hip DAC 2 iFi $189.00 Colourful. Capable. Crisper. The much loved, original hip-dac has had a makeover! The portable, hi-res DAC/headphone amp looks ultra cool in its new vibrant Sunset Orange. Not only has the hip-dac2‘s super sleek aluminium case had an update, but its insides have also been...
  15. P

    Need help to disassembly an iFi Micro iDSD V1

    So here we go. Before sending the device to my regional ifi certified technician to charge me around 400eur for a brand new battery which goes beyond scam, I wanna play my cards and see if this TP4056 module can miraculously revive it which btw was recommended to me by a guy in another forum...
  16. Apos Audio

    10% Discount Off iFi Zen Signature Set HFM on Apos

    Hi all, We wanted to start the new year right so we’re thrilled to share with the community that we have taken 10% off the popular iFi Zen Signature Set HFM. This DAC/Amp combo was finely tuned with a specific EQ curve that suits your HIFIMAN planar magnetic headphones. Of course, this special...
  17. P

    Is an iFi Micro iDSD (non Sig, non BL) worth buying nowadays?

    I have the opportunity to get a very well-conserved iFi Micro iDSD on the second-hand market for around 150-200eur. Is it worth it or should I rather go for a Signature or Black Label? I plan on using it with a pair of HD650 and MSR7b. How does it perform with the latest iOS and Android software...
  18. MLGrado

    Topping E70 Velvet DAC Review, Measurements and Comparisons

    2/13/23 UPDATE.... See post 2 for FULL review of the Topping E70 VELVET DAC. Also, see here for what to expect next after the Topping comparo. https://www.euphonicreview.com/blog/rohm-comes-to-town The Topping is on its way here for a full review and lab testing at Euphonicreview.com...
  19. Patraputt

    Deleted post

    Post revoked due to irresponsive forum.
  20. iFi audio Uno

    iFi audio Uno

    The new sonic supercharger from iFi Bigger. Bolder. Better Sound. Pre-order now. Ships early December. Compare The One you need Not sure what a DAC is but know you want better sound quality for your music, movies, games, podcasts and YouTube guilty pleasures? Then, the new iFi Uno is for you...
  21. gaming

    iFi Zen DAC V2 Amp or iFi Zen Air CAN + iFi Zen Air DAC ?

    Hello, I need some advice and recommendations for improving computer music with Focal Elegia headphones I have 4 choices I can get a iFi Zen DAC V2 Amp, which has a Dac and an Amp Or I can get a iFi Zen Air CAN amplifier and a iFi Zen Air DAC, and connect both together or I can get the...
  22. Apos Audio

    11/11 Sale on Apos Audio

    Hi all, 11/11 is almost here so we would like to give you a headstart with awesome deals on brands that are getting the most love. Sale starts on Nov 11, 2022 at 12am PT and ends on Nov 12, 2022 at 11:59pm PT. Some of the sales are already active. Check out the discount on the brand below: 15%...
  23. MoonAudio

    Best Audiophile Gaming Headsets & Audio Gear of 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Audiophile Gaming Headsets & Audio Gear of 2022 | Moon Audio
  24. MoonAudio

    iFi Neo iDSD Headphone Amp, DAC Unboxing | Moon Audio

    iFi Neo iDSD Headphone Amp, DAC Unboxing | Moon Audio
  25. Audio46

    The iFi NEO Stream is Shipping Now from Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iFi "The NEO Stream is built to deliver optimal versatility and sonic performance. It combines the latest version of our network streaming engine with iFi's award-winning DAC stage to deliver a level of audio previously unattainable without spending much...