1. lithiumnk

    IFI mercury cable 3.0 (0.5m)

    Selling IFI Mercury cable 3.0. (0.5m) Perfect cable for all the ifi dac/amp/ micro iusb3.0 users. Mint condition. Original box and accessories available. Selling because i have moved to i2s. Price includes shipping. Buyer pays PayPal. PM for any other queries.
  2. Gazny

    [FS US] $110 IFI ZEN BLUE

    Selling my 2nd IFI ZEN BLUE, Great Bluetooth transport, enjoy the spidif out to my dac. This is an unopened unused unit with all included accessories.
  3. H

    Topping NX4 DSD or iFi Hip-dac ?

    I need a portable DAC/AMP to use with my Hifi-man 400i, Sennheiser 598 and Senn 650 (soon to buy). I was advised to buy iFi Hip-dac Portable DAC Headphone Amp, but a few users say sound is warm and it doesn’t go well with headphones that have already warm sound signature like Senn...
  4. thymen002


    Hi, Hereby selling my IFI XDSD (with USB-C). Not inclusive of box. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Works perfectly and shows no/minimal sign of wear. Thanks, Thymen
  5. 4nradio

    **SOLD** iFi Nano iDSD Black Label - Nearly New with All Accessories and Box

    I'm selling a like new condition iDSD Nano Black Label. I purchased it new last week; it works and sounds great, including for MQA decoding on Tidal. I was going to partner the iDSD BL with my computer but decided to stick with a portable audio player. All original accessories, cables, and...
  6. iFi Audio iSilencer+

    iFi Audio iSilencer+

    (description taken from product packaging) USB is bi-directional and transfers both power and data. It is plagued by noise/RMI/EFI problems that negatively impact on sound quality. Noise issues MUST be addressed as early as possible, preferably at the source such as the computer. The...
  7. ricthaman

    Ifi iCan headphone amplifier

    Hi all, I'm selling my Ifi iCan headphone amplifier. A well-known amplifier and brand around here, so I'll refrain from a 'marketing' story. The iCan will come with original box and accessories, including a very nice iPower by Ifi for ultra clean power (also with box and accessories). Has to...
  8. nxxo

    SOLD ⭐️ifi xDSD USB C version⭐️

    I am selling today an ifi xDSD USB C version, in perfect condition "newer than this, you bought it directly from the ifi factory. 10 on 10". It's really a great portable DAC, but unfortunately for me I bought it on a whim and finally I won't need it for the application I want to do. I'm giving...
  9. elChefe

    ***SOLD*** iFi iDSD Black Label

    I’m selling my iFi idsd Black Label. Comes with original box and (I believe) all the stock accessories. Photos show everything it comes with. The only thing Iv used from the accessories was the USB cable but it’s still in perfect condition. Unit has very low hours, in full working condition. No...
  10. leaky74

    F.S. ifi xCAN - New

    For sale is a new ifi xCAN. Opened and tested for 10 mins only.
  11. Tompo88

    WTB iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

    Looking to purchase an iFi Micro iDSD Black Label. PM me if you want to sell yours. Thank you.
  12. TommyFro

    Traded:Gustard U16

    Traded Selling this unit as I have quit the hobby and have no gear to run with it. I used it with a Soekris DAC 1321 and the previous owner a Dangerous Convert 2 to great results.Person I had this sold to stated he had problems ruining more than 48k, but I am unable to replicate this. Sold as is...
  13. Whisky Warrior

    *Sold* [FS] iFi IDSD Micro Black Label

    I am looking to sell my iFi iDSD Micro BL as I simply do not use it as much as it deserves. I have probably used it around 100 hours, give or take. I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition and will come with all the accessories and original packaging. Looking to get $375 OBO. I...
  14. iFi audio hip-dac

    iFi audio hip-dac

    iFi hip-dac warms the soul with intoxicating sound With a sound as flavoursome and richly detailed as a delicious single malt, the hip-dac portable USB DAC/headphone amp delivers the perfect pick-me-up for any music lover on-the-go Southport, England – iFi adds to its award-winning range of...
  15. I

    iFi Hip-DAC Impressions Thread

    A new $149 portable DAC from iFi! It comes in every colour you like, so long as it's blue! Tech Specs: Formats supported DSD256/128/64, Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed DSD DXD(384/352.8kHz), PCM(384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz) MQA Digital Inputs USB 3.0 type ’A’ High-Speed...
  16. iamoneagain

    [SOLD] ifi micro iDSD - original silver

    For Sale: Orignal silver ifi micro iDSD. I am the original owner. Includes box and accessories. Original usb cable replaced with Amazon cable. Price $150 includes shipping and PayPal fees.
  17. RuFrost

    [WTB] iFi Hip DAC 2020

    Hello there, Wish to buy this dac/amp - ifi hip dac. If you have one for sale,let me know)
  18. Audio46

    Pre-Order the iFi hip-dac at Audio46

    Audio46 is an authorized dealer of iFi. According to iFi: "The hip-dac replaces the inferior DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Convertor) and amp circuitry in smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs to vastly improve headphone sound. Its design and performance set it apart from other DAC/headphone amps in...
  19. mightytison

    Ifi Micro IDSD Black Label **SOLD**

    Like new condition Ifi Micro IDSD Black Label with all accessories and original box. I'm second owner and I've put about 50 hours on it, but just don't need the portability any longer. Works flawlessly and has the most recent firmware loaded. Price includes PP fees and shipping to CONUS.
  20. A

    ifi idac2 vs ifi micro isds bl

    So I am thinking about a bit more desktop setup that could also sometime travel with me when I stay somewhere for a longer period of time. Since idac2 is still available just like ican micro se and ifi said that idac2 is closer to Pro than idsd bl (and it is also better one despite some...
  21. Dan Lee


    SOLD SOLD SOLD Just bought this amp 3 months ago and it certainly lives up to the hype. I was a little nervous it would be bright sounding, but it was basically a perfect sound. Its the best headphone amp I've thus far owned. I would keep it, but decided to go integrated cause I wanna get...
  22. songmic

    FS: iFi Pro iCAN + iRack

    Hi, I'm selling my Pro iCAN + iRACK. This amp is universal voltage and therefore can be used in any country in the world. I'm the first owner, purchased in late September 2019 so a little over 3 months old. They are in excellent, if not mint condition. Original boxes with everything included...
  23. TommyFro

    All gone

    Looking to sell a few things that I no longer have a need for. Items will all be shipped in padded envelopes using USPS first class. Discounts available for bundles. All prices are shipped and PP in the CONUS https://imgur.com/a/9wrT3T6 Alo Audio Litz: SOLD$40 - balanced 2.5mm to mmcx with...
  24. Schwibbles


  25. C

    Selling a bunch of stuff

    - zmf auteur cocobolo with zmf salire and michanikos cable 1800€ (Mint, barely used) *SOLD* - chord qutest 900€ (mint) *SOLD* - JDS LABS atom 70€ (mint) *SOLD* - aune x1s 2019 anniversary edition 180€ (Mint barely used) - topping dx3 pro 200€ (mint, bluetooth doesnt work or at least i couldnt...