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iFi Nano iDSD or Xduoo XD-05 or Ibasso D-Zero Mk2

  1. IvanChewy
    Hello Headfi! I'm new here and I hope y'all having a great day :)

    I'm just wondering what should I choose between the three?

    iFi Nano iDSD
    Xduoo XD-05
    Ibasso D-Zero Mk2

    I plan to use them on my iMac 2010 and on my iPhone SE

    Compared to the iMac, would the quality be any different? would there be a significant change in the quality?
  2. cossix
    I've heard more good things about the IDSD than any of the others you mentioned, and it will definitely be an improvement over the Mac depending on what headphones you plan on using. I'm guessing you have something a bit more substantial than a pair of Apple earbuds or a Beats Solo
  3. IvanChewy
    I think Pioneer SE-CH9T is substantial enough?

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